8 Twitter Accounts You Must Follow if You Are Learning Spanish

Even though we often associate Twitter with that horrible feeling of spending hours mindlessly scrolling our timeline and feeling like we wasted precious time, the good news is you can absolutely make better use of it and turn it into a learning tool!

With its ability to connect users worldwide, Twitter has become a great platform for learners to practice speaking and writing in their target language. Through its hashtag feature, users can join conversations and engage with native speakers and other language learners, in order to further develop their language skills.

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In this article we’ll show you not only 8 great accounts for you to learn Spanish with but also how Twitter can help you with this task.

Why is Twitter Good for Language Learning?

Twitter can be a great resource for language learning. It gives you the opportunity to practice the language you are learning in a real-time and interactive environment. Twitter also allows you to connect with native speakers who can provide valuable feedback and help you learn and develop your language skills.

One way to use Twitter for language learning is to follow and interact with native speakers who tweet in the language you are learning. This will give you access to native language content, which can help you to understand more about the language and its culture. It will also give you the opportunity to practice your language skills and get feedback from native speakers.

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Twitter also allows you to find language learning resources, such as language learning websites, language learning apps, and other useful language learning resources. This can help you to find the best language learning material, which can make your language learning journey easier and more efficient.

Another way to use Twitter for language learning is to join language learning communities. These communities allow users to ask questions, share tips, and discuss language learning topics. This can be an incredibly useful way to learn as it gives you the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other language learners. Furthermore, it can provide a supportive environment where you can get feedback and advice on how to improve your language learning skills.

Finally, Twitter can also be a great tool for staying motivated during your language learning journey. By following people who are also learning a language, you can gain inspiration and motivation to continue with your language learning goals.

Top 8 Twitter Accounts to Follow

  1. Lingopie @Lingopietv

Although Lingopie’s account isn’t focused solely on Spanish, it does provide great information and amusing memes that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

2. CNN en Español @CNNEE

If you want to stay in tune with the latest news from Latin America and the World while building vocabulary and practicing a more advanced vocabulary then you must check out CNN in Spanish.

3. Culturizando @Culturizando

Culturizando is a great account which is guaranteed to entertain you. They specialize in posting fun and interesting fun facts and general culture. You will read and learn not only Spanish but also about the world!

4. Álex Riveiro @alex_riveiro

Álex Riveiro is a Spanish science communicator who talks about Astronomy. If you like science and space his account is a great way to practice your Spanish and learn all the most interesting facts about the galaxy.

5. SpanishDict @SpanishDict

Spanish Dict is a Spanish learning platform and on their Twitter account they consistently post useful vocabulary. They provide a new word every day with helpful explanations. If you want to improve vocabulary fast this is a great account for you.

6. RAE @RAEinforma

The Royal Spanish Academy (Real Academia Española, RAE) is the official regulatory body for the Spanish language. It is responsible for for standardizing language usage throughout the Spanish-speaking world. It was founded in 1713 and is based in Madrid, Spain. If you want to stay in touch with all the news on Spanish language and learn more about its history give RAEinforma a follow.

7. People En Español @peopleenespanol

Did you know People Magazine has a Spanish version? So if you like pop culture, gossip and knowing what’s happening in the world of the hottest celebrities and still practice your Spanish this is the right account for you.

8. Hablar @HablarSpanish

This amazing account provides one new phrase in Spanish every day (with translation). If learning one word a day is great, imagine how far your skills can be advanced by learning a whole new phrase every day!


Overall, Twitter can be a great resource for language learning. It gives you access to native speakers and language learning resources, allows you to join language learning communities, and helps to keep you motivated. With all of these benefits, Twitter can be a great way to improve your language learning skills.

If you want to learn Spanish in a fun and engaging way by watching authentic content in your target language sign up to Lingopie’s free trial and discover the power of movies, TV and music when it comes to language learning.

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