Learn Real Mandarin Chinese through TV and movies

Watch authentic Chinese TV and learn to speak Mandarin the way it’s really spoken.

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Learn Mandarin with thousands of hours of Chinese TV that will teach you how to really speak the language like a local.

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Learn Chinese with dual subtitles. Click the words to get instant translations and learn about grammar and pronunciation.

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Review and learn

Collect words and review all you’ve learned with interactive flashcards, games or in a private lesson.

Learn Chinese with Countless Great Shows

We've got countless titles from China and various Chinese-speaking regions, and we're always adding more. Master your Chinese with award-winning TV series and films, variety shows, travel and cooking programs, comedies, dramas, and more.

Why should you choose Lingopie as your go-to platform for mastering chinese?

At Lingopie, we offer a diverse range of methods to help you speak Chinese like a local and gain a deeper understanding of a different way of life. Our unique approach involves immersing you in Chinese pop culture, elevating your language learning experience and providing you with an authentic taste of the Chinese-speaking world.

Television Shows

Whether you're a fan of telenovelas or reality TV, we offer original programs from popular Chinese-speaking regions.


Select your preferred genre and embark on a cozy night in while learning Mandarin. Immerse yourself in authentic accents and dialogues as you escape to a different world!


Sing your way to fluency with our carefully curated Chinese-language music. There's no better method to enhance your memory than by singing along with Chinese-speaking singers and artists.

Audiobooks & Podcasts

Listening to audiobooks and podcasts during your commute or while doing chores allows Mandarin words to embed themselves in your mind, enhancing your language comprehension through spontaneous conversations.

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Lingopie is for Everyone

Whether you’re a beginner at chinese or an advanced learner, we have content for everyone.

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Dramatically increase your vocabulary

Learning Chinese with television instead of simply repeating words drastically increases your level of comprehension. The Lingopie method is a far more efficient way of language absorption. No other language learning system helps you learn this efficiently

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Watch and learn on the go

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Stream on your desktop, mirror on your Smart TV or download the Lingopie language learning app to watch on the go. With the interactive video player and dual subtitles, you’ll learn at your own pace.

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Benefits of Learning Chinese

Mandarin Chinese, spoken across China and various Chinese-speaking regions, boasts a staggering number of speakers, with over a billion people worldwide. In the United States alone, there are millions of Chinese speakers, making it a language spoken by a significant portion of the population. This positions Chinese as one of the most widely spoken languages globally, ranking among the top four. Whether you plan to explore the rich cultural tapestry of China or engage with Chinese communities in different parts of the world, mastering Chinese opens up a world of opportunities. Beyond its cultural and travel advantages, learning Chinese also provides a distinct edge in your professional endeavors, as proficiency in additional languages sets you apart from your peers. Moreover, Chinese is an exciting and rewarding language to learn, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you can start having basic conversations with native speakers!


Join thousands of users who are choosing Lingopie to learn Chinese.

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Users love us

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Mike P.

Learning Chinese

It's like they've cracked the code for learning a new language while enjoying your favorite shows in Chinese. Lingopie is pure genius.

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Brenda R.

Learning Chinese

Lingopie offers an awesome catalog of Chinese movies and series, including Netflix shows, with clear dialogues and clickable subtitles. My progress in Chinese is incredible!

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Arthur S.

Learning Chinese

In just one short series, I made more progress in my Chinese learning journey than months of using other methods. Lingopie is a game-changer!

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Martha A.

Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese with Lingopie is like having a language tutor right in your living room. Their series collection and learning features are top-notch and incredibly effective.

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You are not alone

Join our community of chinese learners and participate in webinars, read helpful articles from our blog and deepen your language skills with private lessons.

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How to learn Mandarin Chinese in 8 easy steps:

Learning Chinese Mandarin via television can be an effective and enjoyable method to enhance your language proficiency. To help you in this endeavor, here are eight straightforward steps:

Familiarize Yourself with the Chinese Script: Start by acquainting yourself with the Chinese script used in Mandarin. Begin with basic characters and their corresponding pinyin (pronunciation in romanized form) to get a grasp of the essentials.

Discover Engaging TV Shows:
 Seek out Mandarin Chinese TV shows or dramas that captivate your interest. Opt for content that you find enjoyable, as it will make the learning process more pleasurable.

Leverage Language Learning Tools: Get acquainted with language learning tools that can enhance your Mandarin learning journey. Many online platforms and apps offer features such as repetition, pausing, and flashcards, which facilitate practice and skill reinforcement.

Verbally Repeat Dialogues:
While watching TV shows, practice repeating the dialogues and sentences you hear aloud. If the speech pace is challenging, use tools that allow you to slow down the playback speed. Active engagement is essential for effective learning.

Take Notes:
 Record any Mandarin vocabulary, phrases, or characters that you deem important or useful. Maintaining a vocabulary journal aids in retaining and reinforcing what you've learned.

Summarize the Plot: Following an episode or segment, try summarizing the plot or recounting what you've witnessed in Mandarin. You can articulate your thoughts aloud to yourself or even record them. Expressing yourself in Mandarin is crucial for advancing fluency.

Transition to Mandarin Subtitles:
 As your Mandarin proficiency grows, and you gain confidence, contemplate turning off English subtitles (if you were using them) and relying exclusively on Mandarin subtitles. This will challenge your comprehension skills and compel you to depend on your grasp of the language. If you encounter unfamiliar words, you can still use the subtitles to look up their meanings.

Bear in mind that language acquisition is a gradual process that demands patience and perseverance. Consistent practice and exposure to the language through TV shows and other media will gradually enhance your Mandarin abilities. Relish the journey, and don't be discouraged by initial hurdles.

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