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The benefits of learning a new language with songs
Do you ever wish there was a more efficient way to learn a new language? Music lovers can now learn a new language with Lingopie Music! It's fun and easy because you'll learn vocabulary and grammar while listening to your favorite songs 💃🏻
Getting Started
With everything from hits to classic songs, Lingopie Music has something for everyone. Enjoy your favorite songs while learning a new language. Click any word to learn its translation and grammar instantly. Listen and sing along to the lyrics with the full transcript. Take language learning to the next level by learning in context with slang, key phrases, and grammar - it’s all here.
What is the next step?
With Lingopie, you can keep learning a new language with TV shows and movies. Learn a new language while you binge-watch great TV shows and Movies. With Lingopie, you can learn new vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension while watching top video content from all over the world. Lingopie makes learning a new language easier than ever!
Lingopie is changing the
language learning game
Jump into the culture and learn a new language straight from TV, movies, and more.