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Discover the easiest way to learn Korean and start binging the best of Korean TV on Lingopie.

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Real TV in Korean. Fun, effective, and 100% entertaining.

Speak like a local and get a taste of the real culture by learning in context. This is how you learn Korean with Lingopie:

Pick a show or film

You can learn Korean from thousands of hours of quality and super binge-able shows

Watch and click

Learn Korean fast by simply clicking on the dual subtitles for instant translations. You can understand words in real-time, within the context of the story, and even hear how words are pronounced. 

Play and test yourself

Make use of features like flashcards, games, and other language learning tools. It’s the easiest way to learn Korean fast.

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So Many Great Korean Shows to Learn From 

With over a thousand hours of the best Korean TV, you’ll master Korean by simply watching TV.

Anyone Can Learn Korean 

With so much great local TV, Lingopie makes learning Korean super fast, easy, and most of all, exciting. 


Dramatically increase your vocabulary

Learning Korean with television instead of simply repeating words drastically increases your level of comprehension. The Lingopie method is a far more efficient way of language absorption. No other language learning system helps you learn this efficiently.

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Watch and learn on the go

Stream your favorite Korean shows on the device of your choice. Watch on your desktop, mirror on your Smart TV or download the language learning app to watch on the go. With the interactive video player and dual subtitles, you can learn Spanish at your own pace

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Korean You Can Learn with Ease

With quality Korean TV and easy to follow, clickable subtitles, so many people are using Lingopie to learn the language.

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Jay R.

Learning Spanish

I learned more Spanish in one short cartoon than I did with months of Duolingo, and I just started! I can't wait to learn more.

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Debbie R.

Learning Italian

This is genius. What you always wanted to do while watching a show in a different language to learn it. They figured it out.

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Gautnier D.

Learning French

I’ve always wanted to learn French. It's safe to say that I never really got around to it  but thanks to Lingopie I've never had a more fun time learning another language.

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Heather A.

Learning Portuguese

The speaking is clear and easy to understand. The subtitles are very easy on the eyes. Great production value.

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You are not alone

With quality Korean TV and easy to follow, clickable subtitles, so many people are using Lingopie to learn the language.

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