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Our Team and the
Lingopie Story
How we started on this journey

Our Team

We’re a group of people who wear many hats including entrepreneur, linguist, filmmaker, foodie, and PHD, with a passion for language learning, film, tech and innovation. Our stories are diverse, our cultures are unique, and we speak many different languages, but are committed to provide the world’s most binge-worthy language learning platform.

The Struggle that
Launched Lingopie

Lingopie was born out of the simple idea that when learning is fun and engaging, it feels effortless and it is most effective. As language learners ourselves, we tried various methods but most were just simply tedious and ineffective.

On the flip side, we love watching TV and movies because its super entertaining. Also as language learners, it just seemed like such a great idea to start watching local TV shows in the language we wanted to learn.

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A Proven Method is Born

When we used local TV shows to help us learn a language, our skills improved dramatically. For each additional episode watched, we were getting an additional 30 minutes of language study. For each season completed we were gaining 8 hours of additional spoken comprehension and vocabulary.

Progress was easy to track and chart. Initially, it would take 90 minutes to watch a 30 minute episode because we would manually look up words we didn't know and write them down. But by the end of the season, it would only take us 50 minutes to watch a 30 minute episode because we had learned so much. Most importantly, we were learning the language and local culture, having fun and binging tons of TV.

We decided to bundle all our language learning techniques and tools into one application. That's how Lingopie was born. It combines great foreign TV shows, the latest smart natural language processing technology & interactive behavioral learning concepts. Now you can easily learn a new language while you enjoy great foreign TV shows and films.