Our #community at Lingopie

Lingopie is on a mission to make language learning fun for everyone.

Join us today and become part of a vivid community that loves languages and media.

  • We discuss shows and movies in our Free webinars and group lessons;
  • We have ongoing conversation on our Discord Channel.

Upcoming Webinars

Webinar recordings and archives

As they say, "practice makes perfect," and our webinars are the ideal place to do so.

If you're interested in improving your grammar and vocabulary with a native-speaking teacher, join the webinar! 

You can take part in fun language exercises and games and conversations with our teachers. It's also an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with other Lingopie users worldwide. Make new friends, share language learning tips, and share show recommendations.

We offer open classes in Spanish, French, and German.

Become a Lingopie ambassador

Join our ambassador program and participate in exciting Lingopie missions.

You can contribute reviews, share your thoughts on social media, and take part in fun challenges.

Collect points from all the missions you do and use them to redeem gifts such as free classes, gift cards, and more. 

The program is also an excellent opportunity to connect with the Lingopie team and share your feedback and opinions about the platform.

Join Our Lively Discord Community for Language Learners!

Connect with fellow language learners, practice your skills, and engage in conversations about Lingopie shows, music, cultures, and more.

Access valuable resources and receive support from our team of language experts as you embark on your language learning journey. Join us today! Click the link below to create an account and get started.

Connect with us on our Facebook community group.

You'll find many interesting cultural questions, user feedback, recommendations from shows, and much more in the group. Moreover, you will be able to ask any question you want.

It is a great way to interact with the Lingopie team and other users.

Follow us on TikTok and start having fun!

Follow us on TikTok and start having fun! On our TikTok, you can find many funny videos about language learning, cultural facts, dialects, etc.

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