Learn Spanish Curse and Slang Words with Narcos [Free Guide]

We may not want to admit it, but we've all been taught some dirty words by a foreign friend. Let's face it, curse words tend to be the first words anyone learns in a foreign language!

Well, Spanish-speaking people are no exception to that. In fact, the Spanish language is very rich when it comes to its variety of swear words and if you're interested in learning Spanish this is one of the most fun subjects to study.

Curse words are commonly used in the Spanish-speaking world and they're a significant part of the culture in both Spain and Latin America. They can be casual and fun if used among Spanish-speaking friends. Nonetheless, using bad words in some situations may be offensive, so it's best not to go around swearing at everyone you meet!

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In this post, we'll start by giving you a list of Spanish curse words that appear in the popular Netflix series, Narcos. We'll also provide literal translation in English and some sample quotes to see how they're used in context. So, if you're offended by rude language, we suggest you stop reading!

Before we start, if you're really interested in learning Spanish beyond just some funny words we recommend our awesome guide to Spanish learning. There you'll find all the best tips and advice for language learning.

Now let's get started!

Why is Narcos a useful tool to learn Spanish swear words?

Narcos follows the story of Pablo Escobar, the most famous drug trafficker in Latin America. His drug-related activities became global news in the 1980s and inspired the hit Netflix show.

Given its subject matter, this thrilling show is packed with Spanish insults and explicit language, specifically Colombian curse words.

Knowing Spanish curse words is an important layer of your language learning journey. It'll help you understand natives when they speak casually among themselves.

Now, let's look at the most common Spanish curse words in Narcos and their corresponding English translations!

1. Mierda = shit

As in the English language, this is one of the most versatile Spanish swear words there is and it doesn't matter if you're in Spain or Latin America, you'll hear it often.

It can be used in a wide range of situations, including to refer to feces, or just as an add-on to a sentence to express anger or annoyance.

  • "Pablo dice que los gringos van a quedar encantados con esa mierda." = "Pablo says the Americans are going to love this shit."

In the sentence above, this popular Spanish curse word is being used to refer to cocaine.

  • "Por qué mierda ustedes se culean las mejores minas?" = "Why the fuck do you get the best chicks?"
  • "Esos oligarcas de mierda" = "Those fucking oligarchs"
  • "A vos quién te está metiendo mierda en la cabeza, Pablo?" = "Who's putting shit in your head, Pablo?"

2. Culo = ass

This Spanish curse word literally means ass but it can be used literally or figuratively, depending on context.

Examples include:

  • "Me vale un culo" = "I don't give a shit"
  • "Si ese hijo de puta sigue llevando su mierda a Los Ángeles, yo personalmente le voy a meter una pistola por el culo y apretar el gatillo, se lo juro." = "If that motherfucker keeps taking his shit to Los Angeles, I will personally put a gun up his ass and pull the trigger, I swear."
  • "Vos sos el que siempre me ha dicho que a los políticos la gente le importa un culo, cierto?" = "You always told me that politicians don't give a shit about the people, right?"

3. Puta = whore / bitch

This Spanish swear word is very common and its literal meaning is whore. Even though it can be used to mean whore or bitch it most commonly shows up as fucking, as you can see in the examples below.

Examples include:

  • "Usted callese la puta jeta!" = "Shut your fucking mouth!"
  • "Y yo aquí pudriéndome en la puta selva? = "While I'm rotting here in the fucking jungle?"
  • "Devuélvase inmediatamente con es puta boca suya." = "Come back immediately with that fucking dirty mouth of yours."

4. Huevón = asshole / dumbass

This Spanish curse word is mostly used in Latin America and it literally means large testicle or large egg.

It generally won't be used by Spanish people, but it's quite common in other Spanish-speaking countries and it can vary in the intensity with which it's employed.

Examples include:

  • "Comen como reyes, huevón" = "You eat like kings, mate"
  • "Vos sos huevón, Pablo" = "You're an idiot, Pablo"
  • "A dónde está la hembra, huevón?" "Where is the female, asshole?"

5. Huevonada = ridiculousness / lame / cowardly

A derivative of huevón, huevonada is used to describe a cowardly or pathetic action rather than a person and it's mostly used in Latin America.

  • "Qué era tanta huevonada?" = "What was all that cowardice?"

6. Joda = shit / fuck

This Spanish curse word literally means fuck and it's used in both Spain and Latin America.

An example of this in context includes:

  • "Ahí vi esta joda, es puro veneno." = "I saw this shit there, it's pure poison."

In the context above, this curse word is being used to refer to cocaine.

7. Putear = to screw with / fuck with

This curse word derives from the same family of words as puta but appears here as a verb.

Let's look at the example below:

  • "Les va a putear el cerebro, eso es seguro." = "It's gonna screw up their brains, that's for sure."

8. Hijo de puta = motherfucker / son of a bitch

In Spanish-speaking countries, this is a common swear word used among men. In Narcos, you'll hear characters use these Spanish words against each other a lot.

Some examples of these Spanish curse words in context include:

  • "Mire, si usted quiere yo puedo poner a trabajar toda mi gente, que averigüen quien mató al hijo de puta gato, pero eso les va a costar más." = "Look, if you want I can get all my people to work to find out who killed the fucking cat, but that's going to cost you more."
  • "Ese hijo de puta policía me chuzó el teléfono." = "That son of a bitch policeman tapped my phone!"
  • "Estás bajo arresto, hijo de puta!" = "You're under arrest, son of a bitch!"

9. Piroba = whore / prostitute

In colloquial terms, this curse word means prostitute, particularly in Latin America.

An example of this curse word in context can be seen below:

  • "Le voy a cascar a esta piroba." = "I'm going to fuck up this whore."

10. Malparido = motherfucker / son of a bitch

Out of all curse words, this is perhaps the most common Spanish insult used in Colombia.

It's common for men to use this curse word in all kinds of situations where they're looking to offend someone.

Its literal translation is miscarried.

See some example of these Spanish curse words in context below:

  • "Tengo más plata que cualquier malparido." = "I have more money than any other son of a bitch."
  • "Maten a cualquier malparido que me pueda conectar con este puto avión." = "Kill any son of a bitch that can connect me to that fucking airplane."
  • "Voy a matar a ese malparido maricón." = "I'm going to kill that homo bastard."

11. Puto = fucking

This Spanish curse word is very commonly used in Latin America and it's used exactly as fucking is used in English.

See the examples of these curse words in context below:

  • "Mire, yo no tengo la gente suficiente para poner a revisar cientos de horas de chuzadas sobre un puto gato." = "Look, I don't have enough people to go over hundreds of hours of footage over a fucking cat."
  • "Maten a cualquier malparido que me pueda conectar con este puto avión." = "Kill any son of a bitch that can connect me to that fucking airplane."

12. No jodas / no me jodas = don't fuck with me

These Spanish curse words are used across all Spanish-speaking countries both in Latin America and in Europe.

An example of these curse words in context can be seen below:

  • "A mí no me jodas" = "That's bullshit"

13. Bobos cagados = silly fools

The English translation for these Spanish swear words is exactly as described above. Mild in nature, they're low-level insults.

An example is as below:

  • "Estos bobos cagados?" = "These silly fools?"

14. Cagarse = to take a shit / not give a fuck

Spanish speakers will sometimes use this expression much in the same way as English speakers do, i.e. literally.

However, it can also be used to describe not giving a fuck about something.

For example:

  • "Qué se siente, cagarse en su proprio imperio?" = "What does it feel like to take a shit on your own empire?

15. Puta gana = whatever the fuck you want

This curse word uses two Spanish words, puta and gana. Gana means 'desire' or 'want' and in the Spanish language, it's used in many expressions. Of course, not all of them are curse words.

For example:

  • "Al final, vos creés lo que se te da la puta gana, hijo de puta" = "At the end of the day, you'll believe whatever the fuck you want, motherfucker"

16. Pendejo = idiot

This is a mild Spanish curse word that literally translates to an idiot, and it's used similarly to the English language insult idiot.

It's more commonly used in Latin America than in Spain, particularly in Mexico.

An example is below:

  • "No seas pendejo, van a matarlo!" = "Don't be an idiot, they're going to kill him!"

Summing Up: Learning Spanish Curse Words with Narcos

In this post, we've listed the most common Spanish swear words that appear in the popular Netflix TV series Narcos.

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If you thought that the English language had many options to choose from, now you know that Spanish swear words are as creative, if not more!

If you want to speak Spanish like a native, you'll have to know a few Spanish curse words to use with your Spanish friends. Both Spanish people and people across Latin America are known for using colorful language since swearing in Spanish is a relevant part of cultural expression.

Another great way to learn curse words and slang is to listen to music in your target language. The good news is Lingopie has a whole page dedicated to learning Spanish with songs, make sure to check it out!

To complement your studies we have a broader guide to learning Spanish with Narcos so you can make the most out of this amazing TV show.

Sign up for a free trial with Lingopie to learn the Spanish language and engage with quality content and exciting features that will (also) help you take your Spanish curse words to the next level!

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