How to Learn German With Kids Cartoons

Watching cartoons to learn a language, especially one as complicated as German, can often seem impossible.

We are here to show you that this is actually a great way to start learning the German language (or any other foreign language for that matter).

Sure, learning German can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. But with the right approach, it can become a fun experience and an effective approach.

In this article, we will show you how to learn German with cartoons, as well as where to find them. We'll also introduce you to fantastic German animated series that are perfect for language learners at any level.


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Why watch German Cartoons to learn the German Language?

Learning German through cartoons is an excellent method, particularly for beginners in the German language.

Cartoons contain clear imagery, simple storylines, and a slower vocal pace, which is perfect for language learning newbies.

Of course, sometimes even cartoons can be challenging, but don't be discouraged. By watching cartoons on the Lingopie platform, you can slow the content. Doing so allows you to familiarize yourself with the German language, which is particularly important during your first few weeks of learning.

After this point, you will be able to watch content at the normal speed, irrespective of whether you're a very young child or an older learner. After all, cartoons offer self-contained stories that are both educational and entertaining for all ages.

That said, watching cartoons and movies should not be your only resource, and there are a few other methods you can adopt to make the learning process quicker.

Be sure to trial German courses, download language learning apps, and listen to German music and German podcasts. A combination of these resources will enable you to immerse yourself fully in this new language.

Using Other Resources

By starting with German cartoons, tailored for very young children, you will benefit from an excellent foundation. The simplicity, clear enunciation, and engaging narratives present in cartoon series make it easier for beginners to grasp the language basics.

As learners progress, they can gradually transition from cartoons to normal movies, ensuring a smoother German learning experience.

Watching German movies on platforms like Lingopie and Netflix can be a fantastic choice particularly for intermediate and advanced language learners. These platforms provide the option to include dual-language subtitles, which can aid in understanding the dialogue and learning new vocabulary.


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For beginners, German movies may pose a challenge as they tend to feature faster speech and more complex sentence structures.

This rationale also applies to learning German with books. Start with simple German children’s books; when you are feeling confident you can transition to using books for adults.

Using the Lingopie Catalog for Language Learning

To kickstart your journey of learning German, you can rely on Lingopie, an online platform dedicated to language learning with the help of authentic materials, including cartoons.

Lingopie offers a vast library of German cartoon series that cater to learners of all levels. Within its catalog, you can browse a wide range of shows that will help you with your language learning journey.

We'll show you some of these below.

German Cartoons for Beginners

The following German cartoons are suitable for beginners. Typically, they feature simple language, clear pronunciation, and visual context, which aids comprehension.

Furthermore, they often use repetition to reinforce learning, offer engaging storylines to maintain interest, and sometimes include cultural insights about Germany.

Accompanying materials like subtitles further support beginners in understanding and learning the language.

Kick it

"Kick it" is a delightful cartoon series that follows the adventures of young friends as they engage in fun activities, including playing soccer.

Beginners can enjoy simple, everyday conversations and grasp essential German vocabulary for various activities.

Pat the Dog

In "Pat the Dog," viewers join the misadventures of Pat, an adorable dog, and his friends. This beginner-friendly show offers basic vocabulary related to pets, friendship, and daily life.

Smarta and Her Magic Bag

Join Smarta and her magical bag in their adventures. For beginners, this show introduces everyday items, actions, and simple dialogues, providing a solid foundation for German language skills.

Coconut the Little Dragon

Coconut, the lovable dragon, takes beginners on a journey filled with delightful stories. In this cartoon, viewers can learn basic German phrases, simple storytelling, and expressions in a gentle, kid-friendly setting.

German Cartoons for Intermediate Learners

The following German cartoons are suitable for intermediate learners. The dialogue may be more complex, and you will come across a greater variety of vocabulary.


"Wolf" is an animated series featuring the clever and mischievous Wolf. Intermediate learners can dive into more complex storylines and dialogues while exploring humor and problem-solving in a fun, engaging way.

Power Sisters

The "Power Sisters" embark on exciting quests and face challenges, making it suitable for intermediate learners. This series offers more advanced vocabulary and longer conversations while keeping the content engaging.

Rusty Knight

"Rusty Knight" is an animated adventure series suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.

It offers a rich storyline with more complex dialogues and advanced vocabulary, allowing learners to hone their language skills while enjoying an epic tale of knights and dragons.

Building Language Skills One Episode at a Time

As you dive into the amazing world of German cartoons, pay attention to the dialogue and try to identify new words and phrases.

Additionally, after watching an episode, take some time to review the content, practice what you've learned, and engage in conversations to reinforce your language skills.

Learning German through cartoons is not just for children; it's a good method for learners of all ages. After all, these cartoons can help you become familiar with German grammar rules, idioms, and even the distinct accents of native speakers.

Never be embarrassed by the cartoon series you select if they are genuinely helping you. For German people looking to start learning English, we often recommend Peppa Pig!

A Key Tip for German Learners

For beginners just starting to learn German through cartoons, here's a valuable tip: watch the same episode multiple times.

Repetition is a powerful tool for language acquisition. By revisiting the same episode, you'll become increasingly familiar with the phrases, dialogues, and vocabulary used in that specific content.

This familiarity will enable you to grasp the language more quickly and confidently, as you'll not only understand but also be able to repeat the phrases accurately.

It's a simple yet effective technique to boost your language skills and build a strong foundation for your German learning journey. So, don't hesitate to hit that replay button and watch your proficiency grow.

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FAQs: Learn German With Kids Cartoons

This section is designed to address common queries, whether you're a beginner eager to explore the world of German cartoons or an experienced learner looking for more guidance.

We're here to provide answers, tips, and insights that will make your language learning adventure smoother and more enjoyable.

What cartoons do German kids watch?

German kids enjoy a wide variety of cartoons, including popular international ones like "Paw Patrol," "Peppa Pig," and "SpongeBob SquarePants," as well as local productions like "Benjamin Blümchen" and "Die Sendung mit der Maus."

What is the German cartoon channel?

Germany has several channels for cartoons and children's programming. Among them, "KIKA" (Der Kinderkanal) is a dedicated children's channel that features a range of German and international cartoons.

What is the German elephant kids show?

"Benjamin Blümchen" is a beloved German children's show featuring a friendly talking elephant named Benjamin. The show is a classic in Germany and continues to entertain and educate young audiences.

What is the German word for cartoon?

The German word for cartoon is "Zeichentrickfilm." It is used to refer to animated films, whether they are for children or adults.

Is German easy to learn?

The ease of learning German depends on your native language and your dedication. While it can be challenging for some due to its grammatical complexity, it's entirely possible to learn with commitment and practice.

How can I learn German by myself?

Learning German independently is achievable with the right resources. Start with online courses, language apps, and textbooks. Practice regularly, watch German content, and engage in conversations to improve your skills.

Can you learn German quickly?

Learning German quickly depends on various factors, including your prior language learning experience, the time you can dedicate, and your learning method. While some may achieve basic proficiency in a few months, fluency often takes years of consistent effort.

Summing up: Learn German With Kids Cartoons

In summary, learning German with kids' cartoons is an effective approach to mastering a new language. Watching these animated series not only enhances language skills but also keeps the spirit young and engaged.

Beyond popular platforms like Netflix and Lingopie, you can find a treasure trove of German cartoons on various channels of German television. The most popular ones are KIKA, Nickelodeon Germany, Disney Channel Germany and ARD (Das Erste).

These children's cartoons provide a fantastic way for beginners to familiarize themselves with German idioms, vocabulary, and grammar rules in a fun and engaging manner.

Once you master this you will be able to find something more mature than a children's cartoon to learn German.

So, whether you're a very young child or an advanced language learner, embark on this language-learning journey through the colorful and entertaining world of German cartoons and witness your skills flourish.

Sign up to a free trial with Lingopie today, and discover just how quickly your vocabulary and grammatical knowledge can progress by watching cartoons and TV series in German.

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