100 Most Common German Words and Phrases

Welcome to all language lovers out there! Are you dreaming of exploring the bustling streets of Berlin, getting lost in the scenic beauty of Bavaria, or setting a personal goal to Learn German? Well, you've picked a fascinating language, filled with rich history and uniquely crafted words. If you're on the quest to learn German efficiently, having a grasp of commonly used words and phrases can be a great advantage. It's like having a mini-guidebook that prepares you for the surprises ahead. Want to chat confidently with a local, or perhaps order that mouthwatering dish from a traditional German restaurant? Look no further. In the paragraphs below, we've gathered essential words and phrases to kickstart your German journey.

Ready to jump in? Let's immerse ourselves in the delightful world of German together! 🇩🇪📚

Table of Contents

  1. Learn German Words and Phrases With Lingopie
  2. Words
    2.1 Articles and Demonstratives
    2.2  Conjunctions and Prepositions
    2.3 Verbs
    2.4 Pronouns
    2.5 Question Words
    2.6 Adjectives and Adverbs
    2.7 Affirmation and Negation
    2.8 Locations
    2.9  Nouns
  3. Phrases
    3.1 Greetings and Farewells
    3.2 Thank yous and Apologies
    3.3 Questions
    3.4 Statements About Oneself
    3.5 Requests and Needs
    3.6 Wishes and Celebrations
    3.7 Directions and Weather
  4. Summing Up

Learn German Words and Phrases With Lingopie


Ready to delve deep into the intricate world of German linguistics? Lingopie has got you covered! With our cutting-edge platform, you'll learn German words and phrases by indulging in immersive content like German TV shows and films. Experience firsthand the nuances of dialogues, regional accents, and real-world scenarios. Lingopie offers a fresh, dynamic twist to traditional learning, making your journey feel more like an exhilarating movie binge than a classroom lesson. Whether you're preparing for a trip to Germany, broadening your business language skills, or just diving into a new passion, Lingopie's vast resources and intuitive platform are your trusty allies. Dive in and discover the authentic German language, with the added fun and flair that only Lingopie can offer. Your German adventure awaits! 🇩🇪🍿📺


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1. Articles and Demonstratives

  • der, die, das - the (different genders)
  • ein - a/an

2. Conjunctions and Prepositions

  • und - and
  • weil - because
  • aber - but
  • oder - or
  • zu - to, too

3. Verbs

  • sein - to be
  • haben - to have
  • das Essen - food or to eat (when "essen" is used as a verb)

4. Pronouns

  • ich - I
  • du - you (informal)
  • er, sie, es - he, she, it
  • wir - we
  • ihr - you (plural informal)
  • sie/Sie - they/you (formal)

5. Question Words

  • wer - who
  • was - what
  • wo - where
  • wann - when
  • wie - how
  • warum - why

6. Adjectives and Adverbs

  • viel - much, many
  • wenig - few, little
  • groß - big
  • klein - small
  • alt - old
  • jung - young
  • gut - good
  • schlecht - bad
  • richtig - right, correct
  • falsch - wrong
  • heute - today
  • morgen - tomorrow
  • gestern - yesterday
  • immer - always

7. Affirmation and Negation

  • ja - yes
  • nein - no
  • nicht - not

8. Locations

  • hier - here
  • da - there

9. Nouns

  • die Familie - the family
  • der Freund/ die Freundin - boyfriend/girlfriend or male friend/female friend
  • das Haus - the house
  • das Auto - the car
  • die Arbeit - the work
  • die Stadt - the city
  • das Land - the country
  • das Trinken - the drink
  • die Schule - the school


1. Greetings and Farewells

  • Wie geht's? - How are you?
  • Guten Morgen. - Good morning.
  • Guten Abend. - Good evening.
  • Gute Nacht. - Good night.
  • Auf Wiedersehen. - Goodbye.
  • Bis später. - See you later.

2. Thank yous and Apologies

  • Danke schön. - Thank you.
  • Bitte schön. - You're welcome.
  • Entschuldigung. - Excuse me/sorry.
  • Es tut mir leid. - I'm sorry.

3. Questions

  • Sprechen Sie Englisch? - Do you speak English?
  • Wo ist die Toilette? - Where is the bathroom?
  • Was kostet das? - How much is this?
  • Wie viel Uhr ist es? - What time is it?
  • Woher kommst du? - Where are you from?
  • Wie alt bist du? - How old are you?
  • Wie spät ist es? - What time is it?
  • Was machen Sie beruflich? - What do you do for a living?
  • Haben Sie Kinder? - Do you have children?
  • Wie lange? - For how long?

4. Statements About Oneself

  • Ich verstehe nicht. - I don't understand.
  • Ich liebe dich. - I love you.
  • Ich heiße... - My name is...
  • Ich komme aus... - I come from...
  • Ich bin ... Jahre alt. - I am ... years old.
  • Ich lerne Deutsch. - I am learning German.
  • Ich bin müde. - I am tired.
  • Ich bin krank. - I am sick.
  • Ich bin verloren. - I am lost.
  • Ich fühle mich gut. - I feel good.
  • Ich arbeite als... - I work as...
  • Ich will... - I want...
  • Ich sehe fern. - I watch TV.
  • Ich höre Musik. - I listen to music.

5. Requests and Needs

  • Können Sie mir helfen? - Can you help me?
  • Ich weiß nicht. - I don't know.
  • Ich möchte... - I would like...
  • Noch einmal, bitte. - Once more, please.
  • Ich habe Hunger. - I am hungry.
  • Ich habe Durst. - I am thirsty.
  • Kann ich zahlen? - Can I pay?
  • Ich brauche Hilfe. - I need help.

6. Wishes and Celebrations

  • Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! - Happy Birthday!
  • Prost! - Cheers!
  • Guten Appetit! - Enjoy your meal!
  • Viel Erfolg! - Good luck!

7. Directions and Weather

  • Links - Left
  • Rechts - Right
  • Es regnet. - It's raining.
  • Es ist sonnig. - It's sunny.

Summing Up

With these additional words and phrases, you're now equipped with a solid foundation in German. Embrace the learning journey, and remember that frequent practice, exposure, and real-life application are the keys to mastering the language. Surrounding yourself with native speakers, consuming German media, or even visiting a German-speaking country can accelerate your progress. Viel Erfolg (good luck) on your linguistic adventure!

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