13 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix to Learn Spanish

If you've read our blog or tried Lingopie before, you'll know it's actually possible to learn a language by watching TV. And Spanish is no exception to the rule.

So, in this guide, we explore effective ways for Spanish learners to enhance their language skills, diving into the world of learning Spanish with the 13 best Spanish movies on Netflix.

From Spain's cinematic gems to films from Spanish-speaking countries, this curated list ensures an immersive and beneficial experience.

Dive into the language, culture, and captivating stories while enjoying the best Spanish language movies.

Perfect for both novice and advanced learners, these movies offer a picturesque journey through the Spanish language, making learning engaging and culturally rich. Let's dive in.

Table of Contents

  • Lingopie: Your Friend on The Spanish Journey
  • 13 Best Spanish Language Movies On Netflix
  • Not So Merry Christmas
  • Xico’s Journey
  • Eye for an Eye
  • The Platform
  • Honeymoon with My Mother
  • How to Get Over a Breakup
  • Today We Fix The World
  • Crazy About Her
  • Perfect Family
  • 100 Metros
  • Veronica
  • Roma
  • The Photographer Of Mauthausen
  • FAQs: Best Spanish Language Movies On Netflix
  • Summing Up: 13 Best Spanish Language Movies On Netflix

Lingopie: Your Friend on The Spanish Journey


Before we get started, let us tell you what we do. We help people like you to learn Spanish by watching TV. Think of us as your go-to companion for language learning through films.

Lingopie offers a unique streaming service, featuring a world of Spanish language films that go beyond mere entertainment. And the best bit? You can access the entire Netflix catalog through the Lingopie platform. All you need is an extension on Chrome.

So, you can use Lingopie to explore cinematic gems from Spanish-speaking countries, including Academy Award-winning masterpieces. We transform traditional language learning into an immersive experience, ensuring that every movie becomes a stepping stone in your linguistic adventure.

With Lingopie, your journey through the Spanish language is not just educational – it's a cultural exploration through the lens of captivating stories. Share the gift of knowledge with friends and sign up for your free trial today.

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13 Best Spanish Language Movies On Netflix

Here, we present a curated list of the 13 Best Spanish Language Movies on Netflix.

From gripping dramas to heartwarming comedies, this selection showcases the richness of the Spanish language cinematic world. Dive into entertainment, education and learn about the diverse narratives that shape and are often a reflection of Spanish Culture.

1. Not So Merry Christmas

"Not So Merry Christmas" stands out as an excellent choice for language learners, offering a captivating storyline that goes beyond entertainment.

This Spanish language film, recognized for being the best picture and directed by the best director, provides a great experience for those seeking both linguistic and cinematic excellence.

The dialogue in this movie is rich with colloquial phrases and nuanced expressions, ideal for language learners aiming to grasp everyday conversation in Spanish.

The storyline delves into familial complexities, navigating cultural clashes amidst holiday chaos, offering a poignant yet relatable narrative.

2. Xico’s Journey

Next up on our list, it's "Xico’s Journey". The movie features a vibrant mix of indigenous and modern Spanish, perfect for language learners.

The story follows three friends on a magical quest to save their town, blending folklore with themes of friendship and environmentalism.

It's a standout choice and earned recognition as the best foreign language film on Netflix.

3. Eye for an Eye

"Eye for an Eye" weaves a compelling narrative that not only entertains but also serves as a valuable tool for language learners.

With an engaging story about a cartel boss facing life after a terminal diagnosis, this Spanish language film, complete with English subtitles, also boasts the best cinematography, offering an immersive language-learning experience.

"Eye for an Eye" introduces viewers to intense cartel jargon as well as normal everyday Spanish, enriching language learning with gritty dialogue.

4. The Platform

"The Platform" provides a spine-chilling yet language-enriching experience, making it an excellent choice for Spanish learners.

As one of the newer horror movies, this Spanish language film immerses viewers in a thrilling storyline, offering a unique and captivating way to enhance language skills through the horror movie.

In this scary Spanish movie, viewers encounter a blend of intense survival jargon and everyday Spanish, reflecting the claustrophobic terror within the storyline.

As characters navigate the harrowing vertical prison, the dialogues offer a mix of grit and colloquialisms, providing a riveting language-learning experience amidst the chilling narrative.

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5. Honeymoon with My Mother

"Honeymoon with My Mother" presents a poignant language-learning opportunity, delving into a narrative where characters reflect on their own lives and relationships, particularly with their mothers.

Set against the backdrop of Spain, this Spanish language film offers a touching exploration of life, love, and the complexities of familial bonds.

You'll come across emotionally charged dialogues exploring intricate family dynamics, blending intimate reflections with everyday Spanish.


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6. How to Get Over a Breakup

"How to Get Over a Breakup" provides a relatable language-learning journey, centered around the experiences of girls navigating the aftermath of heartbreak.

Ideal for upper-beginner and intermediate Spanish learners, this film offers an engaging storyline, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a connection to real-life situations while honing their language skills through Spanish movies.

Expect to find and listen to colloquial Spanish dialogues capturing the emotional turmoil post-heartbreak. Furthermore, the storyline intertwines relatable scenarios with everyday language nuances, offering a resonant language-learning experience amid the girls' journey through heartache and growth.

7. Today We Fix the World

"Today We Fix the World" follows the journey of disparate individuals uniting to fulfill a common purpose: spreading acts of kindness.

Amidst their struggles, they discover the transformative power of empathy and solidarity. The narrative navigates through personal challenges, showcasing how small acts can catalyze significant change, fostering a hopeful and inspiring atmosphere.

The dialogues encapsulate emotions, ranging from heartache to triumph, offering a diverse array of language nuances that enrich the viewer's linguistic experience.

"Today We Fix the World" unfolds as a heartwarming story that not only entertains but also offers a valuable language-learning experience.

8. Crazy About Her

"Crazy About Her" revolves around Adri, who falls for Carla, a woman in a psychiatric facility. To be close to her, he intentionally gets himself admitted.

Their unconventional love story unravels, blending romance and humor amidst the complexities of mental health.

The film's dialogues vary from quirky to heartfelt, allowing viewers to delve into colloquial Spanish expressions, complementing the narrative's charm and emotional depth.

9. Perfect Family

"Perfect Family" delves into the life of a wealthy family's son, who finds love unexpectedly with someone from a different background.

As their relationship blooms, cultural differences and societal expectations come to the fore, offering a nuanced portrayal of diverse backgrounds within Spain.

The dialogues portray a mix of class-based distinctions and emotional intricacies, creating an immersive language-learning journey woven with cultural subtleties and heartwarming relationship dynamics.

10. 100 Metros

"100 Metros" narrates the true story of a budding romance. The story follows the journey of Ramón, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, as he trains for an Ironman competition.

Amidst his struggle, he forms a bond with his coach and undergoes personal growth. The dialogues capture raw emotions, chronicling the highs and lows of perseverance, enriching the language-learning experience with genuine expressions and everyday conversations rooted in real-life challenges and triumphs.

11. Veronica

"Verónica" is a Spanish horror film that follows a young girl called Verónica, a teenager who uses a Ouija board to contact her deceased father.

Set against the backdrop of true events in 1991, the story takes a terrifying turn as Verónica inadvertently channels a malevolent spirit.

The film, led by the talented Ana Torrent, blends supernatural horror with everyday life, creating a chilling and immersive experience for Spanish language learners.

The dialogues, filled with eerie and suspenseful tones, provide a spine-tingling journey into the Spanish language while exploring the supernatural occurrences within the narrative.

12. Roma

"Roma" serves as a cinematic marvel capturing the intricacies of a middle-class family in 1970s Mexico City. The narrative primarily revolves around Cleo, the family's live-in maid, offering a unique perspective on societal dynamics and personal struggles.

As the story unfolds against the backdrop of political upheavals and personal tragedies, viewers are immersed in a journey that intricately weaves Spanish dialogue reflecting everyday life.

The film's exploration of cultural nuances, social hierarchies, and personal connections enriches the language-learning experience, making it an essential watch for Spanish learners seeking to delve into Mexico's history and societal fabric.

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13. The Photographer Of Mauthausen

"The Photographer of Mauthausen" narrates the story of Francesc Boix, a Catalan prisoner in the Mauthausen concentration camp during World War II.

Boix, a photographer, secretly documented the horrors of the camp, preserving crucial evidence. The film's narrative interlaces historical events from the Spanish Civil War and World War II, offering a deep dive into a tumultuous period in Spanish history.

Through emotionally charged Spanish dialogues, viewers witness Boix's bravery, moral dilemmas, and perseverance, creating a powerful language-learning journey entwined with historical significance and poignant storytelling.

FAQs: The Best Spanish Movies on Netflix to Learn Spanish

Let's take a look at some frequently asked questions about the best Spanish movies on Netflix.

Where can I watch old Spanish movies?

Explore streaming platforms like Netflix, where a variety of old Spanish movies are available. These platforms often curate a collection of classic Spanish films, providing a convenient way to revisit cinematic gems from the past.

Are there any Spanish movies on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix offers a diverse selection of Spanish movies, providing a rich array of options for language learners and film enthusiasts alike.

Does Netflix have Mexican movies?

Yes, Netflix boasts a collection of Mexican movies, offering a glimpse into the rich cinematic landscape of Mexico. Explore this category on Netflix for a variety of Mexican films.

What Spanish movies have won an Oscar?

Several Spanish movies have received Oscar recognition. Notable examples include "Roma," which won Best International Feature Film, showcasing the global acclaim and excellence of Spanish cinema on the prestigious stage of the Academy Awards.

Summing Up: Best Spanish Movies on Netflix to Learn Spanish

Through this guide, you've discovered a curated selection of Spanish cinema for language learners.

Spanning heartfelt dramas and gripping thrillers, these films offer an engaging path to linguistic enrichment.

Journey through distinct narratives, unravel cultural intricacies, and elevate your Spanish language proficiency within these cinematic treasures.

Catering to all levels, from beginners to advanced learners, these movies blend education seamlessly with entertainment for an immersive and rewarding language-learning experience.

So, don't miss the chance to make language learning a cinematic adventure. Grab your popcorn, hit play, and let the Spanish language unfold before your eyes. Start your linguistic exploration with a free trial on Lingopie today.

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