Roma: Learn Spanish With Netflix

Hey there! Ever thought of learning Spanish through the spellbinding black and white film, Roma? Well, today's your day!

By the time you're done with this article, you'll not only appreciate the beauty of the movie but will also be well-equipped with some sizzling Mexican colloquial phrases to amp up your Spanish listening and comprehension. So, get comfy, and let's dive right in!


Table of Contents

  1. About Netflix's Roma
  2. What You'll Gain from This Article
  3. How We're Doing It
  4. Lingopie - Learn Spanish with Netflix
  5. Understanding Fermin's Journey
  6. Spotting Mexicanismos: Another Scene Unveiled
  7. Summing Up

About Netflix's Roma

"Roma" is a semi-biographical film set in Mexico City in the early 1970s[1]. It revolves around the life of Cleo, a domestic worker, and her experiences with the middle-class family she works for, Antonio and Sofía[2]. Cleo and another domestic worker help take care of the family's four children. However, complications arise when Antonio suddenly leaves with his mistress, leaving Cleo pregnant and facing the challenges of supporting a family that is falling apart[2].

The film explores the personal journey of Cleo as she navigates through her own pregnancy and the changing social and political landscape of Mexico City, including a student protest that turns violent[1]. It also delves into themes of class, family, love, and resilience as Cleo's own story intertwines with that of the family she works for[2].

"Roma" is a deeply emotional and visually stunning film that provides a poignant portrayal of everyday life and the human connections that transcend social boundaries[1].

What You'll Gain from This Article

By the time you finish reading, you'll be well-versed with some quintessential Mexican colloquial phrases, elevating your understanding of Spanish and enhancing your comprehension skills.

How We're Doing It

First, we are going to watch the whole scene and I'll explain the context.

Then I'll give you the literal translation of the expression and its meaning in this situation.

After that, we'll watch it again, without subtitles.

Keep watching to learn how to speak like a Mexican! Now let's start!

Lingopie - Learn Spanish with Netflix

By the way, have you heard about Lingopie? Lingopie turns your favorite Netflix shows into language-learning lessons, so you can binge-watch and learn at the same time. With Lingopie, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies in Spanish while improving your language skills. Enjoy all the amazing features of Lingopie, combined with the top Netflix shows and movies from around the globe.

Our platform allows you to use interactive features that help you learn while watching:

  • Clickable subtitles: Instantly translate any word or phrase you don't understand, and save them to a vocabulary list for flashcard practice later.
  • Adjust playback speed: Challenge your language skills by increasing the speed or slow things down if necessary.

Learning while entertaining yourself gives you focus, just like Fermin found focus in martial arts.


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Understanding Fermin's Journey

In a poignant scene from Roma, we get a glimpse into Fermin's tumultuous past. He talks about his challenging hardships and his discovery of martial arts as a transformative force that provided him with purpose and direction in his life. Let's decode the language and cultural nuances.

Here's a breakdown of the scene:

Fermin: "De chamaco, cuando mi mamá se murió, me llevaron a vivir a Neza. Allá, con mi tía."

Translation: "When I was a kid, when my mom died, they took me to live in Neza. There, with my aunt."

Fermin: "Que entre que mis primos me madreaban, que las malas compañías, y que empecé a tomar y caí en el chemo. Me andaba muriendo."

Translation: "There, my cousins beat me, and I met the wrong crowd. And I started drinking, and then huffing. I was dying."

Fermin: "Pero descubrí las artes marciales. Y todo tiene... ¿Foco? Así como cuando me miras."

Translation: "But I discovered martial arts. And everything came into focus. Just like when you look at me."

Spotting Mexicanismos: Another Scene Unveiled

In another scene, Cleo, in her quest to locate Fermin, encounters Ramon. Their exchange is filled with idiomatic expressions that are worth noting. In this scene, Cleo is looking for Ramon to find out where Fermin is. She needs answers. Ramon, caught up in his own activities, tells her that Fermin is not there. However, Cleo insists on the urgency of the matter. After a brief moment of hesitation, Ramon decides to take her to meet Fermin.

Cleo: "Espérame tantito. Espérame."

Translation: "Wait for me. Wait for me."

Ramon: "¿Qué pasó, Cleo? -Hola."

Translation: "What happened, Cleo? -Hi."

Cleo: "Es que vine a dejarle su chamarra a Fermín."

Translation: "I just came to give Fermín his jacket."

Cleo: "Me urge."

Translation: "It's important for me."

Ramon: "No, es que estamos ensayando."

Translation: "No, we're rehearsing."

Cleo: "Pero Adela dijo que tú podías ayudarme."

Translation: "But Adela said you could help me."

Ramon: "..."

Cleo: "¿Me echas un aventón? -Sí."

Translation: "Can you give me a ride? -Yeah."

Ramon: "..."

Ramon: "Ni se te vaya a ocurrir decirle que yo te traje."

Translation: "Don't even think of telling him I brought you."

Cleo: "No, ¿cómo crees? -Vámonos."

Translation: "No, how can you think that? -Let's go."

Summing Up

Before we bring this article to a close, it's essential to underscore a game-changing approach to language learning: integrating your relaxed Netflix binge sessions with the power-packed tools offered by Lingopie. This strategy not only enhances your comprehension skills but also makes the process engaging and enjoyable.
If you found the insights and tips in this article beneficial, do show your appreciation by hitting that like button. Subscribing ensures you won't miss out on any future content that blends the best of Netflix and Lingopie to enhance your language learning journey. Let's revolutionize the way we learn languages, making it both fun and effective. Cheers to a world where barriers are broken, one phrase at a time!

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