12 Best Movies on Netflix to Learn French

French is a language that carries a unique charm and global significance. But it's not just a language; it's a key to unlocking a world of culture and international relations.

One of the best methods to explore the rich tapestry of Learning French is by watching films. Fortunately, with a Netflix subscription at your fingertips, you can easily embark on a linguistic journey.

Whether you're a novice or looking to refine your language skills, the platform offers a diverse array of French movies that cater to all tastes and proficiency levels. Learning a language has never been this easy and accessible.


1. "The Climb" (L’Ascension)

"The Climb" (L’Ascension) is a popular French film that tells the inspiring true story of Samy, an unemployed Senegalese Frenchman who, in a daring move, decides to climb Mount Everest to impress his love interest, Nadia. Samy embarks on this audacious adventure despite having no prior climbing experience.

This movie has gained popularity for its uplifting storyline and the portrayal of Samy's determination to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. It's a story of human resilience and the pursuit of love.

"The Climb" is suitable for intermediate to advanced French learners. Beginners may find the dialogues challenging, but with subtitles, it can still be a valuable learning experience.

Viewers can learn about French Cinema, determination, the value of chasing dreams, and the power of love. While there may not be specific jargon, the film features everyday language and expressions used in real-life situations.

For those interested in French films, especially those looking to improve their language skills and explore captivating stories, "The Climb" on Netflix is a worthwhile choice.

2. "The Most Assassinated Woman in the World" (La Femme La Plus Assassinée Du Monde)

This is a captivating mystery thriller loosely based on the life of the French actress Paula Maxa. Set in the Grand Guignol Theatre in 1930s Paris, the film provides an intriguing look at the world of French theater during that era.

Paula Maxa (played by Ana Mouglalis) works at the theater, where she has acted out numerous death scenes. However, her life takes a dark turn as a serial killer begins terrorizing the city, drawing unsettling parallels to her work.

This film is suitable for intermediate and advanced learners of French who appreciate historical drama and mystery.

Viewers can learn about the history of French theater, and cultural references of the time, and experience advanced French dialogues. The film includes theatrical terminology and expressions that provide insights into the era.

Ana Mouglalis is a renowned actress (who plays in some of the best French movies) known for her role as Paula Maxa.

For those passionate about watching French movies and intrigued by historical and mysterious plots, "The Most Assassinated Woman in the World" on Netflix is a must-see.

3. "I Am Not an Easy Man" (Je ne Suis pas Un Homme Facile)

This film takes a humorous approach to portray the feminist movement and challenges stereotypical gender roles.

The story revolves around Damien, a chauvinist who enjoys asserting his "dominance" in front of women.

However, when he hits his head and wakes up in a matriarchal world where gender roles are reversed, he's faced with the same sexism he once perpetuated. The movie cleverly uses humor to shed light on the stereotypes and biases that persist in society.

This is one of the best French Movies on Netflix and is suitable for intermediate to advanced learners of French, offering a unique perspective on gender dynamics and feminism.

From this movie, viewers can learn about gender equality, feminism, and the impact of societal expectations through a satirical lens.

4. "I Lost My Body" (J’ai Perdu Mon Corps)

"I Lost My Body" (J’ai Perdu Mon Corps) is an award-winning French animated film that offers a unique and slightly gruesome concept.

The story, loosely based on the book "Happy Hand" by Guillaume Laurant, follows a severed hand on its quest to reunite with the rest of its body. The film combines this unusual narrative with flashbacks of the person's (Naoufel) life.

This movie has gained popularity for its captivating storytelling, inventive animation, and the deep emotional connection it forms with the audience.

"I Lost My Body" is suitable for intermediate to advanced French learners who appreciate artistic storytelling.

Viewers who like to watch French movies like this one can learn about the art of animation, gain insights into French culture and daily life, and appreciate the storytelling medium.

For those looking to explore one of the great French movies that offers a fresh approach to storytelling and a glimpse into French culture, "I Lost My Body" is an excellent choice, known for being one of the best foreign language films.

5. "Lost Bullet" (Balle Perdue)

Balle Perdue is an action thriller directed by Guillaume Pierret and released in 2020. The story follows Lino, a car mechanic accused of murdering a police officer, Officer Charas. To prove his innocence, he embarks on a mission to find a "lost bullet," knowing that he has been framed for the crime.

This film has gained popularity for its intense action sequences, suspenseful plot, and strong performances.

"Lost Bullet" is suitable for intermediate to advanced French learners who enjoy action-packed stories.

Viewers can learn about the intricacies of crime, police investigations, and thrilling chases, all within the context of French-speaking countries.

The movie includes law enforcement and criminal jargon, providing insights into police procedures and criminal activities.

For those interested in foreign language films, particularly action and crime genres, "Lost Bullet" is a compelling choice, recognized as one of the best foreign language films.

6. "The African Doctor" (Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont)

This might be the best foreign language film (or one of them) set in the small village of Marly-Gomont.

It draws inspiration from the real-life experiences of writer Kamini's family, who were the only black family in the village.

The story follows Seyolo Zantoko, who has just completed medical school and relocates his family to this rural village. The film presents a satirical take on their challenges, showcasing the themes of acceptance and love within a close-knit community.

This movie has gained popularity for its touching narrative, humor, and exploration of cultural differences.

"The African Doctor" is suitable for learners at all levels, including beginners. Furthermore, the dialogues are relatively accessible, making it a good choice for language learners.

Viewers can learn about cultural diversity, small-town life in France, and the importance of understanding and adapting to new environments.

For those interested in foreign language films that explore cultural diversity and community bonds, "The African Doctor" is a heartwarming choice, known for its representation as a foreign language film.

7. "Nothing to Hide" (Le Jeu)

This is a French comedy that delves into the theme of secrets and relationships. The story revolves around a dinner party where seven friends, including two couples and a single man, decide to play a game.

In this game, they must reveal every photo, text, and phone message on their mobile devices. As the evening progresses, the game takes an unexpected turn, revealing deeply buried secrets and changing the dynamics of their relationships.

This movie is popular for its exploration of human nature, humor, and the way it dissects the intricacies of modern technology in personal relationships.

"Nothing to Hide" is suitable for intermediate to advanced learners, as it provides insight into human behavior, interpersonal relationships, and the challenges of modern communication.

By watching, viewers can learn about the complexities of human interactions, the impact of technology on relationships, and the consequences of keeping secrets.

8. "School Life" (La Vie Scolaire)

La Vie Scolaire is a compelling French film that offers a fresh perspective on the school setting.

The story follows Samia, the new headteacher at a school in a challenging neighborhood. Her mission is to motivate and guide students who have been categorized as "lost causes."

The film's popularity lies in its honest portrayal of the struggles and triumphs within the educational system, particularly in underprivileged areas. It sheds light on the dedication of educators and the resilience of young people.

"School Life" is suitable for learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced. It provides insight into contemporary social and educational issues in France.

Viewers can learn about the challenges faced by both students and educators in underprivileged areas and the impact of dedicated teachers.

The movie includes educational jargon and terminology specific to school systems, offering a glimpse into the world of French education.

For those interested in French films that address social and educational issues, "School Life" is a notable choice, recognized as one of the best French films.


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9. "The World is Yours" (Le Monde est à Toi)

"The World is Yours" is a French comedy film that revolves around a small-time drug dealer named François.

He aspires to leave his criminal life behind and start a legitimate business. However, when he discovers that his mother has thrown away his savings, he is forced to embark on one final job.

The film's popularity stems from its blend of comedy and crime, coupled with witty storytelling and memorable characters.

"The World is Yours" is suitable for intermediate to advanced learners. The dialogues are accessible, making it a good choice for language learners.

Viewers can learn about the complexities of criminal enterprises, the challenges of transitioning from illegal activities to a legitimate life, and the consequences of one's choices. The movie includes some jargon related to the criminal world, providing insights into this realm.

For those interested in French films that combine humor and crime elements, "The World is Yours" is a captivating choice with elements relevant to French TV and culture.

10. "Headwinds" (Des Vents Contraires)

This is a French drama based on a novel by Olivier Adam. It follows Paul Anderen, who relocates with his two children to his hometown on the French coast after his wife, Sarah, disappears.

The couple faced challenges in their marriage as Sarah was the primary breadwinner, while Paul aspired to focus on his writing.

The film's popularity arises from its exploration of complex human emotions and relationships, touching on themes of love, loss, and adaptation.

"Headwinds" is suitable for intermediate to advanced learners, offering a nuanced and emotionally charged narrative.

Viewers can learn about the intricacies of human relationships, the emotional impact of sudden changes, and the complexities of family dynamics. This film contains meaningful dialogues that delve into human emotions.

For those interested in emotionally rich French films, "Headwinds" is a compelling choice that delves into the intricacies of human connections and emotions, with relevance to French culture.

11. "We Are Family" (C’est Quoi Cette Famille)

This film explores the potential and challenges of mixed families in a comedic setting.

The story focuses on the protagonist, Bastian, and his half-siblings. Bastian's parents have separated and remarried, resulting in numerous half-siblings and constant household rotations.

Fed up with the constant changes, Bastian and his half-siblings demand that their parents take turns living with them, leading to a delightful and often humorous family adventure.

The film's popularity arises from its heartwarming portrayal of the complexities of modern family dynamics and the value of togetherness.

"We Are Family" is suitable for learners at all levels, including beginners. The movie's family-centric themes and accessible dialogues make it a great choice for language learners.

Viewers can learn about the challenges and joys of blended families, the importance of family bonds, and the humor in everyday family life.

The film also offers insights into modern family dynamics.

12. "Wedding Unplanned" (Jour J)

"Jour J" is a French romantic comedy that follows the wedding planning journey of Mathias and Alexia. Set in the beautiful South of France, the film features a classic love triangle plot.

The movie's popularity lies in its charming portrayal of love, relationships, and humorous mishaps during the wedding preparations.

This French movie is suitable for learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced. The dialogues are accessible, and the romantic comedy genre makes it an engaging choice for language learners.

Viewers can learn about the dynamics of relationships, the ups and downs of wedding planning, and the complexities of love triangles.

The film includes common romantic and wedding-related jargon, offering insights into these themes.

For those interested in lighthearted romantic comedies featuring young women and wedding adventures, "Wedding Unplanned" is a delightful choice for a fun and heartwarming viewing experience.

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Lingopie revolutionizes French language learning by merging it with the world of entertainment. Through French TV shows on Lingopie, learners engage with genuine conversations, everyday expressions, and cultural insights. Its standout feature is the interactive subtitles: viewers can click on any word or phrase to get instant translations, making it easy to understand new vocabulary on the fly without interrupting their watching.

The platform also offers options like switching subtitles to one's native language or slowing down the video for a deeper understanding. Post-episode, the integrated flashcards and word lists help reinforce the language learned. Lingopie isn't just about enjoying French media; it's a fun, effective tool for boosting language skills.

You'll likely be amazed at the speed of your language improvement. Studies show that immersive methods like watching TV in the language you're learning can significantly accelerate fluency.

And, if you're still unsure, here are 8 tips to boost your French learning.

FAQs: Best Movies on Netflix to Learn French

Here, we'll answer your common queries about these films, their suitability for language learners, and how to make the most of this language-learning opportunity.

Is Netflix good for learning French?

Yes, Netflix is a valuable platform for learning French. It offers a wide selection of French-language content, including movies and series, making it accessible and convenient for language learners.

Is watching French movies a good way to learn French?

Watching French movies is an excellent way to learn French. It provides exposure to authentic language, culture, and storytelling, helping learners improve their french listening comprehension and vocabulary.

Are there any French-speaking series on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix offers several French-speaking series, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in extended storylines and character development while enhancing their French language skills.

What is the French movie on Netflix about high school?

You can find titles like "School Life" (La Vie Scolaire) that explore the school environment and provide insight into high school life in France.

Summing Up: The Best Movies on Netflix to Learn French

The list of the best movies on Netflix to learn French within this article can also be accessed via the Lingopie platform, which offers a diverse and enriching journey into French culture and language.

With the Netflix Chrome extension, you'll find a vast collection of foreign films, which proves to be an incredible platform for language learning. The convenience of streaming and the availability of subtitles make this an accessible tool for learners of all levels.

As a pro tip, maximize your learning experience by using subtitles in both French and your native language, aiding comprehension and vocabulary acquisition.

With these great films at your fingertips, mastering the French language becomes an enjoyable and immersive adventure.

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