8 Chinese Podcasts to Fire up your Chinese Studies

Learning Chinese can be very challenging, but with determination, you can conquer it. And Chinese podcasts can be your secret weapon.

These audio lessons let you multitask, turning mundane chores like washing dishes into productive learning moments. Imagine improving your Chinese language skills while cooking or commuting. It's a game-changer.

In this post, we've curated a list of eight outstanding Chinese podcasts tailored to all level learners.

They feature native speakers, embrace colloquial language, and dive into aspects of Chinese culture and daily life.

These podcast episodes come with episode descriptions and English translations, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Start your Chinese learning journey with these podcasts, available on platforms like Apple Podcasts, and make the most of your daily routines.


1. Coffee Break Chinese (咖啡休闲汉语) - Beginner

Short Overview: Coffee Break Chinese is a fantastic choice for beginners looking to learn Mandarin.

Hosted by Crystal and Mark, the podcast offers engaging lessons on language essentials, culture, and travel tips. With its convenient format, it's perfect for a daily language boost.

Where to Listen: You can find Coffee Break Chinese on various podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

What You Can Learn: This podcast caters to Chinese learners, providing vocabulary, grammar, and cultural insights for a well-rounded language experience.

Length of Lessons: Lessons are designed to be bite-sized and typically last around 15-20 minutes.

2. Talk Chineasy (欢迎来到汉字世界) - Beginner

Short Overview: Chineasy, known as "欢迎来到汉字世界" in Chinese, is an excellent resource for beginners.

This is one of the simplest Chinese language podcasts, hosted by ShaoLan, which combines language learning with visual memory aids to make mastering Chinese characters enjoyable and effective. It is ideal for those who want to grasp the basics of the Chinese script.

Where to Listen: You can access Chineasy on major podcast platforms, making it convenient for Chinese learners.

What You Can Learn: Chineasy primarily focuses on teaching Chinese characters, enabling learners to read, recognize, and understand their meanings.

Length of Lessons: Lessons are designed to be beginner-friendly and are usually around 15-20 minutes long. Every Chinese learner can take that much time of the day to learn.

3. Tea Time Chinese (下午茶时间) - Lower Intermediate

Short Overview: Tea Time Chinese, or "下午茶时间," caters to lower intermediate learners who wish to enhance their Mandarin skills.

Hosted by native Chinese speakers, this podcast offers an immersive language experience through real conversations and engaging topics, making it perfect for those wanting to progress beyond the basics.

Where to Listen: You can easily access Tea Time Chinese on various podcast platforms.

What You Can Learn: Tea Time Chinese provides insights into everyday life in China, focusing on intermediate-level language skills, cultural nuances, and authentic conversations.

Length of Lessons: Episodes typically range from 20 to 30 minutes, offering a substantial yet manageable learning experience.

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4. Learn Chinese with Kids Chinese Podcast (儿童中文播客) - Lower Intermediate

Short Overview: The Kids Chinese Podcast is an ideal resource for lower intermediate learners seeking to improve their listening comprehension and Mandarin Chinese proficiency.

This podcast uses child-friendly themes and engaging storytelling to make language learning fun and effective.

Where to Listen: You can listen to the Kids Chinese Podcast on various podcast platforms.

What You Can Learn: This podcast focuses on building listening skills, understanding Mandarin Chinese, and enjoying entertaining stories designed for learners of all ages.

Length of Lessons: Each episode typically lasts around 15 to 20 minutes, making it convenient for daily practice.

5. Slow Chinese (慢速汉语) - Intermediate

Short Overview: Slow Chinese, or 慢速汉语, caters to intermediate-level learners. It provides a unique language-learning experience, where hosts speak at a slower pace and emphasize proper pronunciation, making it easier for listeners to comprehend and enhance their Mandarin Chinese skills.

Where to Listen: You can find Slow Chinese on popular podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts and others.

What You Can Learn: This podcast is perfect for intermediate learners looking to improve listening skills, master colloquial language, and gain deeper insights into Chinese culture and society.

Length of Lessons: Episodes typically range from 10 to 20 minutes, allowing for bite-sized, convenient learning.

6. Learn Chinese & Culture (学汉语与文化) - Intermediate to Advanced

Short Overview: Learn Chinese & Culture (学汉语与文化) targets intermediate to advanced learners who want a deeper understanding of the Chinese language and culture. This podcast explores a wide range of topics, offering valuable insights to enhance language skills and cultural appreciation.

Where to Listen: You can access Learn Chinese & Culture on major podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts.

What You Can Learn: For intermediate and advanced learners, this podcast provides in-depth language lessons and cultural context, enriching your Mandarin proficiency and understanding of Chinese customs.

Length of Lessons: Episodes vary in length but are typically between 20 to 40 minutes, accommodating a comprehensive exploration of topics.

7. Popup Chinese (弹出汉语) - Advanced

Short Overview: Popup Chinese (弹出汉语) is tailored for advanced learners looking to challenge themselves. With a focus on advanced topics and everyday language usage, this podcast offers complex dialogues and stories to enhance fluency and comprehension.

Where to Listen: You can find Popup Chinese on their website, PopUpChinese.com, and various podcast platforms.

What You Can Learn: Advanced learners can benefit from real-world discussions, stories, and dialogues that expand vocabulary and improve listening skills.

Length of Lessons: Lessons typically range from 10 to 30 minutes, providing advanced learners with engaging content to advance their language skills.

8. ChinesePod (中文播客) - Advanced

Short Overview: ChinesePod (中文播客) is a go-to resource for advanced learners seeking to speak Chinese naturally. With a focus on fluency and colloquial language, this podcast offers a wide range of topics and conversations in Mandarin.

Where to Listen: ChinesePod can be accessed through its website and various podcast platforms, making it convenient for advanced learners.

What You Can Learn: Advanced learners can hone their conversational skills, improve pronunciation, and gain insights into everyday life in  China.

Length of Lessons: Lessons vary in length, allowing advanced learners to choose content that suits their schedule and interests.

FAQs: Chinese Podcasts for Chinese Study

In this section, we answer your questions and provide insights into the best podcasts for learners at every level.

Whether you're a beginner, lower intermediate, intermediate, or advanced learner, you'll discover podcasts tailored to your needs.

How to learn Chinese with podcasts?

Learning Chinese with podcasts is an effective way to enhance your language skills. You can immerse yourself in native conversations and everyday life, making it a practical and enjoyable learning experience.

What is the best podcast in Chinese?

The best Chinese podcast can vary depending on your proficiency level. Coffee Break Chinese is excellent for beginners, while Popup Chinese offers advanced learners challenging content.

Does Spotify have Chinese podcasts?

Yes, Spotify has a collection of Chinese podcasts. You can find language learning podcasts, cultural insights, and more, making it a convenient platform for learners.

Can you learn Chinese just by listening?

While listening alone won't make you fluent, it's a vital component of language acquisition. Podcasts help improve listening comprehension, pronunciation, and familiarity with conversational Chinese.

Which Chinese should I learn first?

For most learners, Mandarin Chinese, known as 普通话 (pǔtōnghuà), is a logical choice due to its widespread use. It serves as the official language of mainland China and Taiwan.

How can I learn conversational Chinese fast?

To learn conversational Chinese quickly, consider hiring a Chinese teacher or using language learning podcasts. Interactive lessons with a teacher can accelerate your progress, while podcasts offer authentic conversational practice.

You should also watch Chinese movies and TV shows on platforms like Lingopie, which offer an immersive learning experience.

Summing Up: Chinese Podcasts to fire up your Chinese studies

Podcasts provide a convenient way to multitask and maximize our learning potential. They enable us to seamlessly incorporate language studies into our daily routines, such as during commutes or household chores, thanks to their on-the-go accessibility.

Learning Mandarin Chinese, with its vast number of speakers and cultural significance, is an invaluable skill. You can use it to your advantage in your travels or in your business.

Mandarin is not only the most spoken language globally but also offers insights into one of the world's most influential cultures.

These eight Chinese podcasts, spanning from beginner to advanced levels, cater to both the committed learner and those looking for a lighter, more engaging way to explore the Chinese language and culture.

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