15 Best Kdramas For Beginners

Korean dramas, commonly known as Kdramas, have been taking the world by storm in recent years. They are not only popular among Korean audiences but also fans of international entertainment. They provide an immersive experience into Korean culture as well as entertaining and interesting stories. But did you know that you can also learn Korean by watching Kdramas? Here are some of the best Kdramas to learn Korean, including how you can use a platform like Lingopie to support your learning.

Learn Korean with Lingopie


Lingopie is an innovative and cutting-edge language learning platform that takes a fresh and immersive approach to help users master a new language. As a subscription-based app, Lingopie allows users to learn Korean using a fun and accessible medium. With its vast library of authentic TV shows and movies, Lingopie offers a wide selection to enhance language skills while enjoying entertaining content. Featuring subtitles in both the target language and the user's native language, Lingopie provides a unique and effective learning experience that combines cultural immersion with contextual comprehension.

Moreover, with Lingopie, you can choose your learning pace and use the vocabulary tracking system to monitor your progress, making it a rewarding and comprehensive Korean learning program. With Lingopie, mastering a new language and conjugating your Kdrama addiction becomes a captivating and seamless journey.


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How to Learn Korean with Kdramas

Learning Korean with Kdramas can be a fun and practical way to improve your language skills. Here are some practical ways to learn Korean while watching Kdramas:

  1. Use subtitles wisely: Start by watching Kdramas with both Korean and English subtitles. Pay attention to the Korean subtitles and try to match them with the spoken dialogue. As you progress, switch to Korean subtitles only or even turn off subtitles completely to challenge yourself.
  2. Practice active listening: Focus on listening to the dialogue and try to understand as much as possible without relying too much on the subtitles. Listen for pronunciation, intonation, and common phrases used in different situations.
  3. Repeat after the characters: Pause the drama and repeat lines after the characters to practice your pronunciation and intonation. Pay attention to how they speak and try to mimic their rhythm and accent.
  4. Learn vocabulary: Take note of new words or phrases that you come across while watching Kdramas. Create a vocabulary list and review it regularly to reinforce your learning. Lingopie offers features to save vocabulary and create custom word lists.
  5. Practice speaking: Use the dialogue from Kdramas as a script and practice speaking it out loud. This will help you improve your fluency and build confidence in using the language. You can also find language exchange partners or join conversation groups to practice speaking with native Korean speakers.
  6. Immerse yourself in Korean culture: Kdramas provide a window into Korean culture, so take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the language, customs, and traditions. Pay attention to cultural nuances portrayed in the dramas and do additional research to deepen your understanding.
  7. Choose appropriate level: Start with Korean dramas that are suitable for your language level. Lingopie offers a variety of Kdramas with different difficulty levels, allowing you to gradually progress from beginner to advanced.

Remember, watching Kdramas alone won't make you fluent in Korean, but it can be a valuable resource to supplement your language learning journey. Combine it with other study materials, such as korean textbooks, online courses, and language exchange opportunities, for a well-rounded learning experience.


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Best Kdramas to Learn Korean:

1. Squid Game

"Squid Game" has become an international sensation on Netflix, making it an excellent choice for learning Korean. The show presents everyday dialogue, as well as some unique and dark vocabulary used within the show's plot. The Squid Game" is a thrilling and thought-provoking South Korean series that takes viewers on a suspenseful journey into a dark and mysterious competition. The story revolves around a group of individuals who find themselves in dire financial situations and are offered a chance to participate in a deadly game with the promise of a massive cash prize.


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2. Itaewon Class

"Itaewon Class” involves a former student who opens a restaurant in Itaewon, the multicultural hub of Seoul. Since his father's death, he has sought to take revenge on a food conglomerate. The show provides viewers with an insight into Korean food and viewing ordinary and sophisticated vocabulary that you may not come across as a beginner. The best part is you get to experience one of the most famous neighboorhood in korea without leaving your couch.

3. Vincenzo

This witty and entertaining drama, titled 'Vincenzo,' revolves around the life of an Italian lawyer named Vincenzo Cassano. After returning to Korea with a hidden agenda and an uncanny knowledge of the mafia, Vincenzo becomes embroiled in a series of events that challenge his wit, resilience, and ethical compass. As he navigates through the intricate web of power struggles and corruption, Vincenzo's character provides an optimal model for language learners to observe and understand both formal and informal Korean.

Through Vincenzo's interactions with a diverse range of characters, viewers are exposed to various linguistic styles and registers of Korean language. From formal courtroom dialogues to casual conversations, the drama presents an array of language patterns and expressions, showcasing the richness and versatility of the Korean language. This provides language learners with ample opportunities to broaden their vocabulary, improve their comprehension skills, and gain familiarity with authentic Korean usage.

4. Crash Landing On You

"Crash Landing On You" is a beloved KDrama that captivates a broad audience with its thrilling romance story. It follows the journey of a South Korean businesswoman who crash-lands in North Korea during a paragliding trip and falls in love with a North Korean soldier. The drama incorporates expressions and vocabulary from both regions, making it a polemic topic of discussion. Through its compelling storyline and authentic dialogue, it offers an immersive learning experience for language enthusiasts. Beyond its entertainment value, "Crash Landing On You" sheds light on the complexities of inter-Korean relations and provides insights into Korean culture.

5. Romance is a Bonus Book

"Romance is a Bonus Book" is a heartwarming KDrama that tells the romantic story of a talented writer and the chief director of a publishing company. Set within the backdrop of a bustling publishing house, the series not only provides viewers with a delightful love story but also offers a unique opportunity to explore everyday vocabulary, particularly in the dynamic and fast-paced world of the publishing industry.

By immersing viewers in the daily lives of the characters, the drama presents a range of specialized terms, jargon, and expressions that are commonly used in the publishing field. This linguistic immersion allows language learners to enhance their vocabulary and comprehension skills, making it an invaluable resource for those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the publishing world. Moreover, the romance between the writer and the chief director adds an extra layer of charm and excitement to the storyline, making "Romance is a Bonus Book" a must-watch for fans of both romantic dramas and those seeking to expand their knowledge of industry-specific vocabulary.

6. Alhambra Memories

Alhambra Memories" is a captivating KDrama that skillfully combines elements of reality and virtual reality to deliver a thrilling and immersive story. This series not only presents viewers with an exciting narrative but also offers a valuable opportunity to explore vocabulary commonly used in everyday conversations, as well as to understand gaming-specific terms and jargon. By delving into the depths of virtual reality gaming addiction, the drama sheds light on the complexities and consequences surrounding this phenomenon.

The storyline of "Alhambra Memories" revolves around a group of characters who become entangled in different dimensions within the virtual gaming world. As the boundaries between reality and the virtual realm blur, their lives become intertwined, and the impact of their actions within the game spills over into their real lives. This exploration of virtual reality gaming addiction not only provides a thought-provoking narrative but also allows viewers to familiarize themselves with gaming vocabulary and concepts.

Through the interactions and dialogues of the characters, viewers are exposed to a wide range of language patterns, expressions, and slang that are commonly used in everyday conversations. This immersion in both everyday language and gaming-specific vocabulary provides language learners with a rich learning experience, helping them improve their language skills while gaining a deeper understanding of gaming culture.

7. Love Alarm

"Love Alarm" is a Korean drama series that is centered around a mobile app that alerts people if someone in their vicinity has feelings for them. The story follows a high school girl who gets caught up in a love triangle with two boys, one whom she has had a crush on for years, and the other who develops feelings for her after the app sends him a notification. Along with exploring the complexities of teenage romance, the series also delves into societal issues such as the power of technology and the ethics surrounding a device that can manipulate human emotions.

8. Extracurricular

"Extracurricular" is a captivating Korean drama that follows the story of a high school boy who runs an illegal part-time job organization to support his studies financially. Through this show, viewers have the opportunity to learn essential vocabulary commonly used by high schoolers and gain insights into the various types of jobs that Korean students often take on. By immersing themselves in the engaging storyline, viewers can not only enjoy the thrilling narrative but also enhance their language skills and expand their understanding of the challenges faced by students in Korea.

9. All of Us Are Dead

"All of Us Are Dead" is a South Korean drama series that takes place in a high school where a mysterious outbreak turns its students into zombies. The surviving students must band together to navigate through the school and find a way to escape while facing terrifying and life-threatening situations.

This gripping series can be a useful resource for learning Korean as viewers are exposed to natural dialogue and conversational language used by teenagers.

10. Kingdom

This historical KDrama tells the story of a Crown Prince investigating a mysterious plague outbreak that turns people into zombies during the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. This show features formal Korean language used during the Joseon Dynasty, which can be used for learning traditional vocabulary, formalities, and expressions.

11. Crash Course in Romance

In the captivating KDrama, we follow the journey of a compassionate and determined woman as she navigates the highly competitive and oftentimes ruthless realm of private education. The story unfolds when her daughter sets her sights on joining the prestigious class of a renowned celebrity math instructor.

Boost Your Korean with Short YouTube K-Dramas

If you're juggling a busy schedule but still want to sneak in some Korean practice, short YouTube K-dramas are your new best friend. These bite-sized episodes are perfect for quick study sessions without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, since they're mostly indie creations, you'll get to see cool, unique topics that mainstream shows don't cover. It's a fun and easy way to keep learning without burning out. So, grab your phone, hit play, and dive into some fresh content that'll spice up your Korean skills!

12. Ending Again

"Ending Again" follows Cha In Young, a marketing intern at Levan Art Museum, who is determined to make her dreams come true. Her life takes a turn when her boyfriend of eight years, Yoo Chan Hee, dumps her to pursue his own dreams abroad. Swearing off men and marriage, In Young focuses on her career, but things get complicated when she falls victim to a shady real estate scam and faces losing her home. Desperate to keep her home, she agrees to a fake marriage with her college junior, Do Yoon Soo, to qualify for government aid. With Yoon Soo's complicated feelings towards In Young, this arrangement leads to unexpected twists, making "Ending Again" a perfect drama for learners to immerse in Korean language and culture while enjoying an engaging storyline.

13. Love Playlist

"Love Playlist" is a relatable and heartwarming series that captures the everyday lives and romantic adventures of a group of college students. Each character navigates the ups and downs of university life, from first crushes and awkward confessions to deepening friendships and complex relationships. The show provides a genuine glimpse into the joys and struggles of young love and personal growth. With its short, engaging episodes, "Love Playlist" is perfect for Korean learners, offering a blend of modern dialogue and cultural insights that make learning the language both fun and effective. Whether you're new to K-dramas or a seasoned fan, this series is an ideal addition to your Korean study routine.

14. Growing Season

"Growing Season" delves into the lives of three young women navigating the complexities of adulthood, friendship, and personal growth. As they face various challenges, from career struggles to romantic dilemmas, their bond strengthens, providing them with the support needed to overcome obstacles. The series beautifully portrays the ups and downs of their journey, making it a relatable and inspiring watch. For Korean learners, "Growing Season" offers a rich tapestry of everyday language and cultural nuances, making it an excellent tool for enhancing your language skills while enjoying a heartfelt and engaging storyline.

15. Let me Off the Earth

"Let Me Off the Earth" follows the unconventional life of a high school student who repeatedly relives the same day. Stuck in a time loop, he navigates the intricacies of teenage life, from friendships and crushes to academic pressures, all while searching for a way to break free. The series combines humor, drama, and a touch of fantasy, providing an entertaining and thought-provoking narrative. For Korean learners, "Let Me Off the Earth" is perfect, offering exposure to youthful slang and colloquial expressions, making language learning fun and immersive while keeping you hooked with its unique plot twists.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Learning Korean with K-Dramas

What is the best K-drama for learning Korean?

The best K-drama for learning Korean depends on your language proficiency and interests. For beginners, shows like "My Love from the Star" and "Crash Landing on You" offer clear dialogue and engaging storylines. Intermediate learners might enjoy "Reply 1988" for its mix of modern and historical language. The key is to choose a drama you find interesting, as this will keep you motivated and engaged. Additionally, using Lingopie can enhance your learning by providing interactive subtitles and language learning features.

Which K-drama is best for beginners?

For beginners, "My Love from the Star" and "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo" are excellent choices. These dramas have straightforward dialogues, everyday vocabulary, and entertaining plots that make learning Korean enjoyable. Subtitles can be used initially to aid understanding, but try to wean off them gradually to improve listening skills. Lingopie is a great tool to use alongside these dramas, as it offers interactive subtitles and vocabulary practice.

Which K-drama should I watch first?

If you’re new to K-dramas, "My Love from the Star" is a great starting point. It’s immensely popular, with a captivating storyline and relatable characters. The dialogue is relatively simple, making it easier for beginners to follow along. Watching a well-loved drama like this can provide motivation and context for learning Korean. Using Lingopie alongside this drama can further enhance your learning experience with its language-learning features.

Where can I start watching K-drama?

You can start watching K-dramas on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Viki, and Kocowa. These platforms offer a wide variety of dramas with subtitles in multiple languages, including English. Some of these services also have learning features, such as dual subtitles and playback speed control, which can aid in language learning. Lingopie is another excellent option, as it provides Korean content with interactive subtitles and vocabulary tools to help you learn effectively.

Where should I start if I want to learn Korean?

If you want to learn Korean, start with the basics like Hangul, the Korean alphabet. Use language learning apps like Memrise or Lingopie for structured lessons and immersive content. Incorporate K-dramas and Korean Webtoons into your routine for practical listening and reading practice and to familiarize yourself with everyday expressions. Consistent practice and immersion are key to progress. Lingopie, in particular, offers a unique combination of engaging content and interactive learning tools that can accelerate your language acquisition.

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Summing Up

In conclusion, Kdramas provide a unique opportunity to learn Korean through entertainment and immersion into Korean culture. Using Lingopie in combination with Kdramas enhances the learning experience by providing interactive, on-the-go learning. By watching Korean dramas, you can learn vocabulary, grammar, slang, and essential phrases that are commonly used in South Korea.

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