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Lingopie Music lets you sing your way to fluency with your favorite German songs and artists. Learn German with music and lyrics!

Learn German with All the Feels
By Lingopie ∙ Playlist ∙ 17 songs
Discover new styles and songs with this playlist that can accompany you in any mood.
Learn German with Helene Fischer
Germany Germany
Artist 4 songs
Helene Fischer, the German sensation, is celebrated for her versatile pop and dance music. Her emotive vocals craft melodies that deeply resonate with audiences worldwide.
Learn German with Old School German
By Lingopie ∙ Playlist ∙ 14 songs
In this playlist you will find the most classic songs from Germany for you to experience and learn beyond trends.
Learn German with Die Toten Hosen
Germany Germany
Artist 5 songs
Die Toten Hosen is a legendary punk rock band from Germany known for their high-energy performances and socially conscious lyrics. They have been a driving force in the German punk scene for decades.
Learn German with Feel Good Friday
By Lingopie ∙ Playlist ∙ 19 songs
Get ready for the weekend with upbeat music!
Learn German with Lea
Germany Germany
Artist 3 songs
Lea-Marie Becker (born 9 July 1992), known professionally as Lea, is a German singer-songwriter and keyboardist. Her songs describe themes of love, friendship, and loneliness.
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Do you ever wish there was a more efficient way to learn German? German music lovers can now learn German with Lingopie Music! It's fun and easy because you'll learn vocabulary and grammar while listening to your favorite German songs 💃🏻
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With everything from German hits, Lingopie Music has something for everyone. Enjoy your favorite songs while learning German. Click any word to learn its translation and grammar instantly. Listen and sing along to the lyrics with the full transcript. Take your German to the next level by learning in context with slang, key phrases and grammar - it’s all here.
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With Lingopie, you can keep learning German with German TV shows and movies. Learn German while you binge-watch great German TV shows and Movies. With Lingopie, you can learn new vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension while watching top video content from and more. Lingopie makes learning German easier than ever!
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