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Lingopie Music lets you sing your way to fluency with your favorite Spanish songs and artists. Learn Spanish with music and lyrics!

Learn Spanish with RosalĂ­a
Spanish singer and songwriter. Recipient of the Latin Grammy Award for Album of the Year and listed in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, her mixture between Flamenco and urban music has taken RosalĂ­a into the international music scene.
Learn Spanish with Teachers' Playlist
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Lingopie's Teachers songs selection
Learn Spanish with Bad Bunny
Benito Antonio MartĂ­nez Ocasio, known professionally as Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican rapper and singer. His music is often defined as Latin trap and reggaeton, but he has incorporated various other genres into his music, including rock, bachata, and soul.
Learn Spanish with Dance with Salsa
By Lingopie ∙ Playlist ∙ 16 songs
The rhythm with the most swing in Latin America is finally here for you to learn, dance, and sing along to.
Learn Spanish with Gipsy Kings
Gipsy Kings are a group of flamenco, salsa, and pop musicians from Arles and Montpellier in southern France. They are known for bringing rumba flamenca, a pop-oriented music distantly derived from traditional flamenco music, to worldwide audiences.
Learn Spanish with Viva Mexico
By Lingopie ∙ Playlist ∙ 12 songs
Mexican music specially selected for you to enjoy this beautiful country
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The benefits of learning Spanish with songs
Do you ever wish there was a more efficient way to learn Spanish? Latin and Spanish music lovers can now learn Spanish with Lingopie Music! It's fun and easy because you'll learn vocabulary and grammar while listening to your favorite Spanish songs đŸ’ƒđŸ»
Getting Started
With everything from Latin and Reggaeton hits to classic Spanish hits, Lingopie Music has something for everyone. Enjoy your favorite songs while learning Spanish. Click any word to learn its translation and grammar instantly. Listen and sing along to the lyrics with the full transcript. Take your Spanish to the next level by learning in context with slang, key phrases and grammar - it’s all here.
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With Lingopie, you can keep learning Spanish with Spanish TV shows and movies. Learn Spanish while you binge-watch great Spanish TV shows and Movies. With Lingopie, you can learn new vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension while watching top video content from Spain, Mexico, Argentina and more. Lingopie makes learning Spanish easier than ever!
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