7 Korean Kids Shows to Learn Korean

If you've heard of Lingopie, you'll know it's possible to learn a language by watching TV.

Korean is no exception to this rule, and for young learners, a great way to learn the language is by watching a Korean cartoon. So, in this guide, we'll explore the joy of language learning through Korean kids cartoons.

Dive into the playful realm of language acquisition as we unveil the 7 best Korean kids cartoons, providing an entertaining and educational path for learning Korean. Doing so will make the language-learning journey not only enriching but also enjoyable.

So, read on to discover the magic of Korean cartoons and explore this unique Korean animation style, letting language come alive in a delightful experience for both young and adult learners.

Table of Contents

Lingopie: Learn Korean the Fun Way


Lingopie makes learning Korean fun and accessible with its collection of popular Korean animated series, catering to a younger audience and older language learners alike.

On the Lingopie platform, you can dive into the world of extremely popular Korean cartoons, ranging from children's shows to captivating animated series. You can also access the entire Netflix catalog with a simple extension on Chrome.

We transform language education into an entertaining experience, allowing users like you to enjoy the linguistic nuances of Korean while enjoying the charm of beloved characters. You don't get this in the classroom, now matter how good your teacher is!

In a nutshell, Lingopie provides a unique platform for language learners with a curated selection of popular cartoons (and other genres). We make the journey to master Korean both effective and enjoyable.

So, elevate your language-learning experience with Lingopie's engaging content and let the fun-filled adventure begin.


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Best Korean Cartoons For Learning the Korean Language

Ok, we're ready to dive into linguistic adventures with the best Korean cartoons for learning the language.

In this curated list, discover an animated series filled with exciting adventures, friendly characters, and a vocabulary-rich experience.

1. Semi and the Magic Cube

"Semi and the Magic Cube" unfolds a captivating narrative where a stolen scroll of dark magic triggers an awakening of the dormant Magic Cube after a decade.

This popular Korean cartoon follows the adventures of children and friends as they navigate the legend's darkness.

With special powers and a young girl at the helm, the series weaves a magical tale, making it one of the most popular and engaging choices for young viewers.

The storyline not only entertains but also enhances language learning by immersing children in a world of enchanting vocabulary and linguistic exploration.

2. Fire Robo

"Fire Robo" takes you through the heroic narrative of the shining steel fire-brigade, Firerobo, whose members exemplify bravery, self-sacrifice, and the essence of true heroes.

This classic Korean cartoon stands out among animated shows in Korea, portraying the adventures of robotic cars.

Just like the rest of the Lingopie catalog, the series not only entertains but also serves as a linguistic gateway for language learners.

"Fire Robo" pulls you into a world of heroism and technology. Through captivating storytelling this Korean cartoon becomes an engaging tool for learning Korean, allowing viewers to explore vocabulary and language nuances within the context of exciting adventures and the futuristic realm of robotic heroes.

3. Hello Jadoo

"Hello Jadoo" invites viewers into a vibrant world of Korean animated shows, where each episode unfolds a delightful narrative.

This series not only captivates with its engaging storyline but also enhances language learning through catchy tunes that linger in the minds of viewers (along with the Korean vocabulary you'll hear within them).

As one of the most beloved Korean animated shows, "Hello Jadoo" offers an amazing language-learning experience by blending entertainment with educational elements.

Through relatable characters and memorable tunes, the series becomes a valuable resource for language learners, providing an enjoyable way to expand vocabulary and language comprehension.

4. Pororo the Little Penguin

"Pororo the Little Penguin" featuring the lovable character Pororo, takes young viewers on educational adventures with his animal friends.

Renowned for its enriching content, this children's show has earned popularity not only in Korea but also abroad.

Recognized as one of the most popular cartoons in Asia, "Little Penguin" seamlessly blends entertainment with education.

Through Pororo's charming escapades, language learning becomes an engaging experience, providing a valuable resource for young audiences to expand their vocabulary and linguistic skills while enjoying the delightful world of this beloved penguin and his friends.

5. Robocar Poli

"Robocar Poli" centers around the heroic rescue team of Broom Town, teaching kids valuable lessons about safety during accidents or disasters.

The main characters embark on various adventures to save those in trouble and fight crime, providing engaging stories that captivate young audiences.

This series, featuring a fire truck among its main characters, not only entertains but also serves as a fantastic language-learning tool.

Through the exciting narratives of "Robocar Poli," children can absorb new vocabulary, enhance language skills, and gain essential knowledge about handling dangerous situations, making the learning experience both educational and thrilling.

6. Super Wings

"Super Wings" crafted by the Korea Educational Broadcasting System, introduces young audiences to Jett, a red jet plane on a mission to deliver packages to children worldwide.

Set in a bustling city, this child-friendly cartoon series weaves an engaging narrative that not only entertains but also facilitates language learning.

Through Jett's global adventures, children can explore new vocabulary and language nuances, making the process of language acquisition an exciting journey.

Much like the other carttons listed, "Super Wings" serves as a delightful language-learning resource, where each delivery adventure becomes a story that captivates children's minds while enriching their linguistic abilities.

7. Dooly Dooly

"Dooly Dooly," initially released in the 1980s and re-aired in the 1990s, features a baby dinosaur with magical powers adopted by a girl named Young-Hee in Seoul.

Beyond its entertainment value, this cartoon imparts life lessons while using informal speech, providing a unique approach to language learning.

The main character, Dooly, becomes a charming language-learning companion, engaging young viewers in adventures that not only entertain but also offer linguistic enrichment.

By incorporating informal speech and delivering valuable life lessons, "Dooly Dooly" becomes a nostalgic and effective resource for enhancing language skills in a delightful and memorable way.

A Korean Cartoon For Everyone

In the realm of Korean cartoons, there's something for everyone. Whether you're diving into the captivating narratives of the Korea Educational Broadcasting System's creations or exploring your favorite Korean cartoon that teaches kids practical and moral lessons, the world of animation is a rich tapestry reflecting the essence of fascinating Korean culture.

Korean cartoons extend beyond language learning, providing a window into the heart of Korea's storytelling traditions. From life lessons to cultural insights, these animated tales offer a unique blend of entertainment and education.

If you're looking to dive further into the world of Korean cartoons, don't stop at Lingopie. You should also consider exploring YouTube videos or channels that offer synchronized content, adding a Korean flavor to beloved international favorites like Peppa Pig or Baby Shark. Doing so is a really effective way to experience familiar stories with a cultural twist, enhancing your language skills in the process.

Remember that for those seeking a comprehensive language-learning experience, Lingopie stands out as an excellent option.

Not only do we offer the gift of knowledge through a curated selection of popular Korean cartoons but we also provide a platform to explore the nuances of the language, making the journey enjoyable and enriching.

So, whether you're a language enthusiast or just looking for a fun cultural experience, Korean cartoons has something special to offer anybody interested in learning Korean.

So, dive into the vibrant world of animation, explore the top Korean cartoons, and let the magic of storytelling and culture unfold.

FAQs: Cartoons From South Korea

In this section, we provide answers to frequently asked questions about Korean kids cartoons.

What do Korean kids watch?

Korean kids often enjoy a variety of cartoons produced by the Korea Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) such as "Pororo the Little Penguin," "Tayo the Little Bus," and "Robocar Poli."

What is the Korean car kids show?

Among popular Korean car kids shows, "Robocar Poli" is a standout series that features rescue missions and imparts important life lessons. You can find this popular cartoon on Lingopie.

Which cartoon is famous in Korea?

"Pororo the Little Penguin" is one of the most famous cartoons in Korea, loved for its entertaining stories and educational content for young audiences.

How long does it realistically take to learn Korean?

The time it takes to learn Korean varies, but achieving basic conversational skills may take around six months to a year with consistent practice. Achieving fluency can take several years, depending on the learner's dedication and learning methods.

Summing Up: Korean Kids Cartoons to Learn Korean

In this guide, we've taken you through the vibrant world of Korean family-friendly entertainment with our top 7 Korean kids cartoons to learn Korean.

From the educational adventures of "Pororo" to the heroic tales of "Robocar Poli," these cartoons not only captivate young audiences but also serve as engaging language-learning tools.

Check out Lingopie to explore enriching narratives and cultural insights, which you'll find embedded in each animated story.

Whether you're a language learner or a parent seeking educational entertainment for your family, these Korean cartoons offer a delightful blend of fun and learning.

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