12 Best Russian Podcasts to Learn Russian

If you visit Lingopie often, you'll know it's possible to learn a language just by watching TV shows and movies. Obviously, this is great. But did you know it's possible to learn a language by listening to podcasts too?

In this guide, we'll explore the world of spoken Russian through the best Russian language podcasts.

From engaging conversations to language lessons, these podcasts are tailored to enhance your Russian proficiency.

Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, join us as we delve into the top 12 podcasts that make learning Russian an enjoyable and enriching experience.

So, get ready to open your ears to the beauty of spoken Russian and let these podcasts become your gateway to language mastery.

Table of Contents

  1. Lingopie: Your Russian Podcast Guide
  2. Beginner Level: Warm Up
    2.1 Russian Podcast
    2.2 RussianLingQ
    2.3 Russian Made Easy
    2.4 Russian Word of the Day with Kira
  3. Intermediate Level: Pick Up The Pace
    3.1 Russian For Cats
    3.2 Slow Russian
    3.3 RussianPod101
    3.4 A Spoonful of Russian
  4. Advanced Level: Listen Like A Champion
    4.1 The Word’s Worth
    4.2 PostScience
    4.3 Arzamas
    4.4 Very in Russian
  5. FAQ: 12 Best Russian Podcasts to Learn Russian
  6. Summing Up: 12 Best Russian Podcasts to Learn Russian

Lingopie: Your Russian Podcast Guide


Before we start, we want to give a quick shoutout to ourselves. After all, Lingopie revolutionizes language learning with its podcast-style lessons, specifically designed to enhance your listening skills and expand your Russian vocabulary.

On the Lingopie platform, you can dive into the authentic conversations, cultural insights, and real-life scenarios that mirror the richness of the everyday Russian language.

Use any of the suggested Russian podcasts below to elevate your Russian language journey. They make learning not just educational but also truly enjoyable.


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Beginner Level: Warm Up

For absolute beginners venturing into the realm of mastering Russian, think of a "Warm Up" section as a gentle introduction. With podcasts that fit into this category, basic vocabulary takes center stage, providing essential building blocks for language acquisition.

Dive into greetings, common phrases, and everyday objects through carefully selected podcasts tailored to support absolute beginners.

This curated collection ensures that viewers embark on their Russian language journey with confidence, laying the foundation for future linguistic achievements.

Explore the next four podcasts in this section, each crafted to nurture a solid understanding of basic Russian vocabulary, making the initial steps into Russian both accessible and enjoyable for those at the absolute beginner level.

1. Russian Podcast

Russian Podcast is a great place to start if you're a beginner. This podcast offers over 200 episodes tailored for beginning to intermediate and advanced learners.

Beginners are able to delve into the answers to common questions about the language, while advanced learners can explore specific vocabulary, including psychotherapy-related topics.

This conversational format, enriched with songs, ensures a varied and entertaining learning experience.

Russian Podcast, as with any podcast, should become your guide to speaking Russian fluently, connecting you with the language and culture of Russia.

Whether you're just starting or advancing your skills, this podcast provides a comprehensive and enjoyable approach to mastering the Russian language.

2. RussianLingQ

RussianLingQ caters to learners from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels, offering podcasts that focus on general interest conversations.

It serves as an excellent resource for acquiring general terms that are crucial for daily communication.

Whether online or through downloadable MP3s, you can access full transcripts to enhance your learning experience and revisit certain grammatical elements from within the podcasts.

While limited materials are free, additional premium content is available for those seeking more content.

So, dive into RussianLingQ and explore a conversational landscape that nurtures your ability to speak Russian with confidence.

3. Russian Made Easy

As the name suggests, Russian Made Easy specializes in simplifying the process of learning Russian, particularly for beginners.

With this beginner-level podcast, you can focus on fundamental phrases and straightforward conversations. Doing so makes it easy to grasp the basics.

A great feature is that each podcast comes with transcripts available for reading online or as downloadable PDFs.

So, check out this Russian language podcast to explore speed learning techniques, audio lessons, and much more. Doing so will ensure a smooth and enjoyable introduction to the Russian language.

4. Russian Word of the Day with Kira

Russian Word of the Day with Kira is a great podcast which will help listeners to boost their Russian vocabulary and obtain daily insights provided the host.

Designed for beginners, each episode introduces a new word, offering clear pronunciation and practical examples for contextual use.

Despite focusing on a new word or phrase per day, this is a language-rich podcast which really provides clear and concise examples, perfect for anyone learning Russian.

Intermediate Level: Pick Up The Pace

As an intermediate learner progressing in your Russian language journey, you can expect to listen to podcasts that delve into more complex vocabulary and slang.

Tailored for those aiming to enhance their comprehension skills, intermediate podcast series usually feature native speakers engaging in dynamic and even colloquial conversations.

With podcasts aimed at more developed learners, you can really start to explore the richness of Russian language nuances and colloquial expressions, bridging the gap between textbook knowledge and authentic communication.

Designed to challenge and stimulate intermediate learners, these podcasts provide a linguistic bridge to native-level proficiency.

Below you will find our top choice podcast recommendations for intermediate Russian learners.

5. Russian For Cats

Believe it or not, Russian For Cats is not your typical language podcast. Hosted by a charismatic feline character, this podcast offers a delightful blend of language lessons and the whimsical world of cats.

Tailored for cat lovers and Russian learners alike, it provides an entertaining and unconventional approach to mastering the Russian language.

Participate in the playful and charming atmosphere of Russian For Cats, where language learning becomes a joyous and memorable experience, leaving you feline fine about your progress. See what we did there?

6. Slow Russian

Slow Russian podcast stands out amongst our choices due to its format. With this Russian podcast, you will listen to spoken content at a comfortable pace.

Tailored for those aiming to enhance listening skills and comprehension, each episode features slow and clear Russian conversations.

You'll have the chance to listen to cultural topics and stories, which creates a great learning experience and allows learners to absorb the language at their own pace.

7. RussianPod101

Most language learners have heard of the Pod101 series. RussianPod101 is part of this, and it stands as a comprehensive resource catering to learners of all levels.

With a vast library of podcast-style lessons spanning from beginner to intermediate and advanced, it covers diverse aspects of the Russian language.

Engaging, practical, and perfect for self-study, each episode from RussianPod101 is a valuable tool for learners seeking a well-rounded language learning experience.

8. A Spoonful of Russian

Tailored for beginners and intermediate learners, A Spoonful of Russian is a podcast series that unveils the beauty of the Russian language through captivating stories, idioms, and cultural insights.

This makes it one of our favorite Russian podcasts and it's great for those interested not only in the language, but also in Russian culture.

With this podcast, you can expect to enhance your Russian skills while exploring the depths of its cultural richness.

Advanced Level: Listen Like A Champion

With advanced Russian podcasts, learners can expect to encounter a sophisticated range of vocabulary that transcends traditional conversational topics.

Delving into sometimes scientific, historical, and specialized subjects, these podcasts cater to advanced Russian learners keen on honing their language skills in more complex domains.

Expect to encounter key phrases essential for advanced linguistic comprehension, fostering improved speaking skills.

For those aiming to elevate their linguistic game, advanced podcasts present a unique opportunity to delve into nuanced vocabulary and cultivate the skills necessary to confidently start speaking in more advanced contexts.

9. The Word’s Worth

The Word’s Worth podcast, inspired by Michele Berdy’s book “The Russian Word’s Worth,” offers engaging and humorous episodes that explore the depths of Russian words and phrases.

Delving into their meanings, origins, and usage, viewers can expect a rich vocabulary experience. By unraveling the fascinating stories behind these words, the podcast not only enhances vocabulary but also provides valuable insights into Russian culture and history.

So, tune in to these podcast episodes for an entertaining and educational journey through the nuances of the Russian language.

10. PostScience

PostНауки (PostScience) offers a unique language-learning opportunity, delving into intellectual topics in science, technology, and culture, presented entirely in Russian.

While not exclusively designed for language learning, it serves as a goldmine for advanced learners aiming to engage with complex subject matter and expand their Russian vocabulary.

11. Arzamas

Arzamas, though not exclusively designed for language learning, is a culture podcast which provides a captivating exploration of Russian history and culture.

Recommended to advanced Russian learners, this podcast offers engaging content that places language in a rich cultural context.

Listen carefully to discussions about Russian literature, history, and art, enhancing both your cultural knowledge and language skills.

12. Very Much Russian

Very Much Russian, tailored for upper-intermediate and advanced learners, provides thematic episodes on diverse topics.

These episodes unveil common Russian slang, idioms, and colloquialisms not often found in textbooks.

With this podcast, you'll be able to soak up the authentic language use and gain insights into Russian expressions that go beyond standard language lessons.

FAQs: Russian Language Podcasts For Learning Russian

Let's take a look at some frequently asked questions about Russian language podcasts and how they are used amongst listeners learning Russian.

Are there any famous Russian podcasts?

Yes, several podcasts have gained popularity, such as "Arzamas" and "PostScience," offering engaging content for language learners and enthusiasts alike.

What is the most famous Russian podcast?

Determining the most famous can vary, but "Arzamas" stands out for its rich exploration of Russian history and culture.

Can you learn a language by listening to a podcast?

Yes, podcasts provide valuable exposure to native speech, improving listening skills and expanding vocabulary, offering an extraordinary language-learning experience.

Are there any Russian podcasts for language beginners?

Certainly, podcasts like "Russian Made Easy" and "RussianPod101" cater to beginners, offering basic phrases, conversations, and lessons to help build a strong foundation in Russian.

Summing Up: Best Russian Podcasts to Learn Russian

In this guide, we've taken you through our curated list of the 12 best Russian podcasts.

From beginners to intermediate and advanced learners, these podcasts offer contextual learning tools that immerse you in Russian culture.

Podcasts are a great way not just to improve comprehension, but also to explore diverse topics, expand your vocabulary, and refine your speaking skills.

And this collection serves as a great resource for those seeking a new, effective approach to language acquisition. Sign up to Lingopie and start listening today.

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