15 French Comedy Movies and Shows: A Fun Way to Learn French

Today we'll be delving into one of the most fun ways to learn the French language, taking you through our favorite French comedy series.

Providing a way to enhance your language skills without the monotony of textbooks and traditional classroom methods, watching French TV shows is a great way to learn the French language intuitively and creatively.

By watching French comedy shows, you'll learn everyday phrases and idioms, all whilst connecting with French culture, which is as beautiful as it is charming.

In this article, we'll take you through the variety of French series, films, and short films available in Lingopie's French catalog.

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What Are the Best French Comedies to Learn French?

To hear more details about the French you'd be learning, continue reading. But if you’re in a hurry, here, get a feel for them before you pick which one to start with.

  • Bertrand. Magalie decides to take a break from Bertrand. Bertrand doesn't take it that well.
  • Mortus Corporatus. The Grim Ripper founds a company. Imagine The Office but it's the life-to-death industry.
  • Puppets. Marion and Salomé deal with the topic of motherhood.
  • Frapuccino. (And no, it's not a typo). Three terribly crazy characters and unlikely friends are together on a road trip.
  • Crazy Cruise. Onboard this cruise, the guests and crew happen to be just a little “too human.”
  • Fluid. Four key characters make up a total of no less than three couples.
  • Desperate Parents. A conservative family and a liberal family discover they're not so different.
  • I Love You 2. A 35-year-old gay man bumps into his childhood love.
  • Punchline. Two pseudo gangsters can't decide on the coolest one-liner to say.
  • Eyes Open. A successful cornea transplant changes a relationship forever.
  • Mission Christmas. Santa Claus needs help...
  • Schrödinger's Fiancee. A woman about to get married wonders how different her life would be if she had loved somebody else.
  • Moebius Strip. A mysterious time loop.
  • To the Top. Maxime and Anna have chosen to go for a hike in the mountain.
  • One Shot for Nothing. A man's friends help him leave his old life behind and become straight.

Let's explore some of the best French TV shows available on Lingopie's streaming services!

What Can You Learn from Watching French Comedy Shows?


"Bertrand" is a romcom style series that will prompt you to examine your own behavior - we hope! Have you ever gone this far?
Bertrand on Lingopie


The main characters in this French TV show are Magalie and Bertrand. Magalie decides to take a break from Bertrand. However, instead of embarking on some soul-searching, Bertrand pretends to be traveling around the world.

In reality, he’s staying with his upper-floor neighbor, an army veteran who has hacked all of the webcams in the building. That includes Magalie’s!


Taking a break in a relationship with your significant other is never easy, we all know how that can end...

In fact, doing so when you lack the vocabulary to do it will prove even harder! Technology and cybersecurity are very significant throughout the series. In this French title, you'll pick up some French words and idioms related to these fields.

Learn to identify the different behaviors that people display in relationships, even if they're not the healthiest. Also, just a tip... If you’re going to be obsessed with something, let it be French!

Mortus Corporatus

Mortus Corporatus is a French fantasy comedy, which you'll enjoy if you're interested in shows with morbid themes and a comedic twist!

Mortus Corporatus on Lingopie


"Mortus Corporatus" takes a look at the life-to-death industry from its insiders' perspective.

Mort Inc. was founded by The Grim Reaper and makes dying a possibility. Its many employees take care of the numerous departments.


Become familiar with the vocabulary for every cause of death out there! These employees handle their expectations, failures, and achievements while celebrating their triumphs. And they swear when things don’t go their way, so you'll learn some French curse words too!

In this show, you'll come across a variety of rivalries, missions, and plots. So, enjoy this series’ irreverent tone and the new vocabulary that comes with it!


An action-comedy filled with hustle and bustle that will have you attentively glued to your screen. Find out more about it!

Frapuccino on Lingopie


Follow the stories of the three slightly insane characters. Your judgment here will all depend on what you consider a healthy level of sanity!

Let's start with Cyril, who has the compulsive need to hit someone at random, three times a day at specific times - very reminiscent of a French satire, isn't it?

Then there's Paolo, a flirtatious character with a unique sense of humor. And finally, Amélie, who's a depressed middle-class woman carrying around a broken heart.

Three terribly crazy characters and unlikely friends are together on a road trip. Et voilà... Travel to France without leaving your living room!


With its mafia plot, this French comedy is abundant in action while delivering some good old dark humor.

Whilst its three characters roam the streets, facing the loneliness often brought by big cities, you can count on learning key vocabulary for being on the road in France, and everyday common phrases.


A romcom mini-series, "Polichinelles" touches upon some contemporary topics that will get you right on track for the type of conversations you might need to have on your next visit to France.

Puppets on Lingopie

Learn more below and check it out to see what happens!


The two main characters in this French comedy series are Marion and Salomé.

Marion is desperate to have a baby, while Salomé is still in the process of accepting her homosexuality and the possibility of motherhood.

As a couple, they're confronted with the practical reality of same-sex parenting, the choices and consequences that result from it, and the reactions of those closest to them.


This French show takes place in 2013, at a time close to when France legalized same-sex marriage.

Its genre could be described as a gentle comedy. It is emotion-filled and energetic, and its narrative offers the space to explore and talk about pregnancy, donors, in vitro fertilization, and all the vocabulary that relates to these topics.

Crazy Cruise

"Crazy Cruise" is a family comedy mini-series of six episodes that is as entertaining as it is educational.


Theoretically, people choose to go on cruises to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Nonetheless, it seems that they've also taken their heartbreaks, disappointments, and issues onto the Prince of the Seas, the cruise in this French series. They’re only human, right?!

Onboard this crazy cruise, the guests and crew happen to be just a little “too human.” Crossing the Mediterranean Sea has never been funnier than aboard the Prince of the Seas.


By watching this series, you'll learn the job titles of everyone on board, as well as the language associated with their daily activities. From small talk and weddings to spa days and confessions to a priest, you'll find it all in La Croisière.


"Fluid" is one of the best French TV shows in the Lingopie catalog. It is a comedy series about the complexity of relationships, something many of us can relate to in real life!

This one will definitely come in handy if you're looking to immerse yourself in the French culture to the point of dating in France!

Throughout the show, colleagues, partners, and friends decide to go about their romantic lives in an untraditional manner. You can guess where this workplace comedy is going!


In nutshell, there are four key characters, making up a total of no less than three (yes, three) couples. Esther and Waël love each other, while Emma is with Léo, and Léo and Waël work together as comic book writers.

Since Léo and Waël end up spending more time with each other as professional partners than they do with their own girlfriends, the balance of the group is put into question.

Eventually, Emma has to tell Léo that she has decided to explore new aspects of her bisexuality sans lui.


This mini-series is all about getting out of our comfort zone when it comes to sexuality. After all, relationships can be difficult, so communication is key to cultivating longevity.

Once we accept our characters for who they are and how they act, all that’s left is sweet French vocabulary and excellent communication skills. Learn expressions that are used in intimate relationships.

Desperate Parents

This is a family comedy series that bridges the gap between different viewpoints. At the end of the day, we're all human, struggling to do the best we can!

Desperate Parents on Lingopie


Parenting is never easy! Even if you're not one yourself, you'll know that.

These two couples are more than aware of that too. Out of touch with modern values, each tries to educate their children their way.

At the end of the day, the conservative, religious Bouleys and the liberal, permissive Lepics actually face the same problems.


"Desperate Parents" simulates the experience of a documentary and a reality show. This comedy is two family-sized portions of French vocabulary.

After watching this French show, you'll be able to point out certain stereotypes, behaviors, and the effects these have on others. Check out how each family interacts and take the best out of each social interaction.

I Love You 2

A romantic comedy series that shows us we don't live in a black and white world. Making space for nuance helps us understand the people around us and their fallibility.
I Love You 2 on Lingopie


When Hector bumps into his childhood love, Louise, he rediscovers his love for her. The issue is that he has a child and a long-lasting, loving relationship with Jérémie. This puts his life, identity, and sexuality as a 35-year-old gay man into question.


In "I Love You 2", despite lying, the characters remain warm, empathetic figures throughout the film.

In fact, the leading actors did an excellent job at showing us how humans aren't only good or bad and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to life.

How you deliver what you’ve got to say is as important as the message itself. See what convincing looks and sounds like in French while learning to interact in interpersonal relationships."


Comedy meets action in this short film that is sure to make you laugh out loud!

Punchline on Lingopie


Two pseudo gangsters can't decide on the coolest one-liner to say before shooting their victim. Indulge in some funny moments while watching this show.


This short film is great to notice the different connotations of certain words. After all, you can’t be cool if you don’t know what cool sounds like.

Not only that, but swearing is an art. By watching "Punchline", you'll learn to deliver the most stylish one-liners you can think of and you'll end up expressing yourself as real French speakers do.

Eyes Open

"Eyes Open" is a romantic comedy feature film. Learn French as you're invited to experience a different way to perceive and describe reality. Perfect for a night in!

Eyes Open on Lingopie


Having been blind since birth, Anne is a jazz pianist. François, who's an astrophysicist, has been blind since childhood. They live happily together as a couple with their two children.

However, when one of them obtains a successful cornea transplant, their relationship is completely changed by what they see.


Open not only your eyes but also your heart with this romantic French movie. It’s not just about seeing. It’s also about being able to talk about what you see.

The film provides a fun way to learn French; you'll also obtain some descriptive vocabulary and medical vocabulary to go with all those music terms.

Mission Christmas

A comedic family short film which is perfect for a light and pleasurable evening.

Mission Christmas on Lingopie


This year, Santa Claus needs help...

Faced with an unexpected crisis, Marin, Raph and Jules decide not to let the party go to waste. They have only one mission: Save Christmas!


In an unlikely yet amusing combination of topics, become familiar with the vocabulary surrounding Christmas within the context of an adventurous night.

This short film is one of our favorite French comedy movies. It will give you the linguistic skills required to carry out a plan of rescue and to talk about the merriest time of the year in French!

Schrödinger's Fiancee

"Schrödinger's Fiancee" is an interestingly eccentric short film in the romantic comedy genre.

Schrödinger's Fiancee on Lingopie


Amélie gets married next week. How different would her life be if she had loved somebody else? It's obvious that anyone getting married will reflect on the step they're about to take.

This sensual short film - how French, right? - leaves you wondering if you know what you want in love. Find out how significant these questions can be.


Gather your best friends and learn to describe what's appealing to you in a partner. Learn to speak in a fast-paced, conversational style, just like a Parisian native, and make sure to fit right in in the French capital.

Oh, if you need a little help, you've got English subtitles too!

Moebius Strip

"Moebius Strip" is a family comedy short film that is equally intriguing and easy to watch.

The Moebius Strip on Lingopie


Mystery, mostly. 

Who is this guy in the heroine's living room, sitting on her couch? Why does he punch her in the face? But above all, why does the story keep on starting over and over? In Moebius Strip, you'll dive into the fascinating world of cinema while learning French.


Pick up on vocabulary to do with film and cinema. After watching many of these French TV shows, it'll surely come in handy when you want to discuss the plots with other French learners.

You'll also come across some home, daily routine and geographic location vocabulary, as well as some French idioms.

To the Top (On Avait Dit qu'on Irait Jusqu'en Haut)

A romantic short film that evokes empathy and tenderness in its viewers, while showcasing some beautiful mountain landscapes.

To the Top on Lingopie


In the imminence of big changes in their lives, Maxime and Anna have chosen to go for a hike in the mountain, awaking memories of previous summers, those summers when they were still in love.

This film is about a couple attempting to revive the love they feel for each other. Or, perhaps they're simply being confronted with what is left of their relationship.


This short film will put you in touch with deeper feelings surrounding relationships. You'll learn how people express themselves on a more intimate level in French.

The topics covered range from moving cities and hiking to snacks and food. It's eclectic and will give you a comprehensive feel of how native French speakers relate to each other.

One Shot for Nothing (Un Coup pour Rien)

A romantic comedy short film that puts you in touch with the laid-back culture you might naturally associate with France. Want to find out how they do it? Watch and learn.

One Shot for Nothing on Lingopie


In this French comedy, Max visits his best friends to tell them the news: he wants to leave his old life behind and become straight. The narrative follows how they help him achieve his goal…


With its many idiomatic expressions, this short film will teach you about friendship and romance vocabulary in the modern world.

It will also assist you in getting acquainted with how intimate relationships are dealt with in French society on a cultural level. 

Get ready to be exposed to an open-minded take on sexuality and partnerships.

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Summing Up: Learning French with Comedies

Merci beaucoup pour votre attention!

We've given you an overview of some of the best French TV shows to watch on Lingopie, so you're all set to enrich your language learning journey. Especially, that is, if you're keen on learning French amid some heartfelt laughter.

Now that you're officially ready for your cinema sessions, travel to France in the comfort of your home by tuning in to some hilarious French series and films.

Silence, moteur... Action!

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