The 11 Best YouTube Channels to Learn French

Listening to a language is one of the most effective language learning methods. It's a way to train the brain to become accustomed to the phonetics of a foreign language, and its musicality.

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In this post, we'll take you through the best YouTube channels to learn French, as well as why using French videos by native speakers is such an incredible tool to practice your listening skills.

And remember, in addition to making the most of French YouTube channels, you can also learn French innovatively with Lingopie, the streaming platform that enables you to learn the French language by watching French movies and TV shows.

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The 11 Best French YouTube Channels

If you're looking for a great way to enhance your learning process and find support on your journey towards exquisitely spoken French (oui, you've got this!), then look through the best YouTube channels to learn French listed and described below:

1. FrenchPod101

FrenchPod101 is a great YouTube channel to start learning French and take your French skills to the next level.

With its short videos, both educational and didactic, you'll be speaking like a French person in no time.

Its videos have explanations in English and interactive exercises so that you can repeat the words or phrases you're learning as you go.

The videos are hosted by multiple French teachers, so you can change things up if you need variety in the delivery.

What viewers will learn with FrenchPod101:

On this YouTube channel, you'll find French videos on an array of topics, ranging from basic vocabulary, listening comprehension, speaking practice, and pronunciation lessons.

You can also listen to it in the podcast format, and get access to other language resources, such as PDF notes and a community of French learners with whom to practice through their website.

2. Oh La La, I Speak French!

Soraya, the host, and French teacher on this channel is engaging and relatable. She's even created a web series to help you with your learning! The episodes all have subtitles with English translations so that even beginner French learners can follow them.

Oh La La, I Speak French is a YouTube channel that provides explanations in English and immersive content.

What viewers will learn with Oh La La, I Speak French:

Viewers will get videos on extensive daily and also practical topics that include French for travelers, French slang, and swear words. You will also find plenty of videos on grammar and culture.

3. Parlez-vous French?

On this YouTube channel, you'll meet Anne Le Grand. She's very enthusiastic, so you'll definitely learn from her courses taught entirely in French.

Anne Le Grand has a Master's in Linguistics, and you can certainly tell by how knowledgeable she is when it comes to the technical aspects of language learning.

It's got content for French learners of all levels, so make sure you're ready for the full immersion!

What viewers will learn with Parlez-vous French:

In addition to covering grammar in detail, Anne also reads over 20 short stories, which are a great way to practice your listening skills and phonetics.

There are transcripts and listening comprehension questions available on her website if you'd like to practice more.

4. Comme Une Française

As with all channels that we've listed, on Comme Une Française the host is a native French speaker who offers French lessons in English and at times in French.

Your host also provides French subtitles for when she speaks in French.

Her style is quite educational, offering her viewers detailed explanations for both linguistic and cultural concepts.

What viewers will learn with Comme Une Française:

This YouTube channel covers topics such as French grammar, French cultural characteristics, expressions for specific situations, and more!

5. Podcast Français Facile

On this YouTube channel, you can expect a host who will utilize some interactive exercises and ask you direct questions to respond to.

It's important to know that all the videos are spoken entirely in French.

By including practice in his intermediate videos, the host helps you to learn French more effectively.

What viewers will learn with Podcast Français Facile:

You'll find French lessons on phonetics, grammar, and also dialogues with transcriptions. Through the interactive exercises, you'll practice other skills like speaking.

6. Français avec Pierre

On this YouTube channel, you'll be taught by a few different teachers.

Their priority is complete French immersion from day one! That means that all the videos are in French. If you're an advanced learner, you'll benefit greatly.

Nonetheless, most of the videos have English and French subtitles, so the videos are also suitable for beginners and intermediate French learners.

What viewers will learn with Français avec Pierre:

This channel focuses on common French expressions and French culture through dialogues of different levels.

You also have videos in the form of lessons for topics such as grammar and learning tips.

7. Français Authentique

Johan believes in teaching French through natural online immersion!

His videos are non-academic in style and they're taught fully in French. So, they're more suited to students who already have a basis in French.

Even so, his videos do have French and English subtitles available.

What viewers will learn with Français Authentique:

You'll learn about French expressions, grammar, and vocabulary.

8. Learn French With Alexa

Learning French with Alexa will be enjoyable and humorous. Alexa is an experienced French teacher who's both experienced and funny!

Her videos are short and sweet and her style is casual and warm. Plus, she also does Lives where she answers questions too, so you'll progress much faster.

What viewers will learn with Learn French With Alexa:

By watching this YouTube channel, you'll learn grammar and practice your listening skills even as a beginner.

You'll also pick up new French words and you'll have entire videos dedicated to a single conjugation.

9. Lingoni French

As we continue to look at YouTube channels to learn French, we come across Lingoni French.

Here, you'll find videos that are similar to the experience of being in a private lesson with a French teacher.

They're a mix of French and English and as you progress to a more advanced level, the videos become predominantly spoken in French.

What viewers will learn with Lingoni French:

Viewers will have access to lessons on basically all aspects of language learning, from grammar to vocabulary and more.

They also provide playlists that are divided by level, from beginner to advanced.

10. French Comprehensible Input

On this YouTube channel, you'll be taught by a native French speaker who does his best to motivate his viewers and make his lessons digestible and entertaining.

One of the ways he does that is by using Lucky Luke comic books to teach French!

If you're a comic book fan, don't waste time looking through other YouTube channels. You've found yours!

Note that his videos are all in French, even the ones suited for beginners. That said, they're easy to follow and you have subtitles and transcripts available.

What viewers will learn with French Comprehensible Input:

Learn vocabulary and French expressions while also practicing your reading skills with the transcripts available.

11. Easy French

This channel uses street interviews with native French people. You'll hear them give their opinions on different subjects.

It's a great way to become familiar with how French people communicate in their everyday life.

Despite having content in slower French specifically targeted at beginners, this is one of the best YouTube channels for intermediate and advanced learners.

All their videos have French and English subtitles.

What viewers will learn with Easy French:

The interviews are organized by topics and they teach you vocabulary that's used in real-life situations.



Since we're talking about quality language learning channels we cannot fail to mention our own YouTube channel! It's not restricted to French but you will find content geared towards French learners. Check out LingopieTV for great tips on how to learn a language in a fun and engaging way.

Learning the French language with video - why?

If you're still in doubt about watching French YouTube channels to learn the language and boost your French studies then we're about to convince you...

Here are some benefits of incorporating video into your learning process:

  • Gain access to free content created by native French speakers.
  • Go at your own pace.
  • Choose the style and format that work for you.
  • Gain exposure to authentic French content that will show you how French people really communicate.
  • Choose from a variety of options that are suitable for advanced, beginner, and intermediate learners.
  • Become familiar with French culture as much as the French language.
  • Pick up on French vocabulary and common French expressions in an organic way.

Plus, if you're a beginner you can use English subtitles and focus only on listening!

French subtitles are also available though. So, if you're an intermediate French learner, you'll still be able to progress as you're learning French on YouTube.

Summing up: The 11 Best YouTube Channels to Learn French

Tu veux parler Français alors ?

Well... You're in luck! Learning French has never been easier than it is today with all the native French content available online.

French YouTube channels are a great source of material to learn the French language. By watching videos created by native speakers, you'll not only be working on your listening skills but other language skills too.

In fact, if you'd like to learn French with innovative exercises and video content then try Lingopie, the streaming platform that enables you to learn the French language by watching French movies and TV shows.

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