7 Secrets to Learn French With TV [For Beginners]

The French language is known for its sophistication, yet for some, it can prove challenging to grasp. Despite its prominent role in diplomacy and international relations, learning French doesn't have to be dull.

Indeed, we offer a distinct and enjoyable method for mastering French: watching French TV. However, simply tuning in to a few shows won't magically grant you fluency. That's where we come in—to guide you on this journey.

Welcome a new language adventure by embracing French TV as your reliable companion. Say "bonjour" to learning in a whole new way!


Table of Contents

1. Start By Watching Cartoons and Kids' TV

For absolute beginners who wish to start learning French today, the easiest way to kickstart the process is by tuning into french cartoons and kids' TV shows.

Starting with this kind of content offers several key advantages. First and foremost, these shows are designed with simplicity in mind, making them an ideal choice for grasping basic phrases and sentences.

Furthermore, the dialogue in children's programs tends to be slower, clearer, and easier to follow, allowing new learners to familiarize themselves with the fundamental building blocks of the French language.

Utilizing French subtitles is essential at this stage. Not only do they assist in comprehension, but they also help learners connect spoken words to their written form, which is a crucial aspect of language learning.

This practice aids in strengthening vocabulary, enhancing pronunciation, and developing an ear for the French language.

It's a gradual but effective approach to building a strong foundation in French, setting the stage for more advanced language learning experiences as you progress.

So, start with kids' TV, engage with French subtitles, and soon enough you will be able to watch French TV like a pro.


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2. Slowed Content

"Slowed content" refers to audio or video materials that have been intentionally slowed down to make conversational French easier for beginners to comprehend.

Numerous platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Lingopie, offer such content, and its clear to see why it has gained such popularity among language learners. After all, this approach is highly beneficial for beginners as it provides the following advantages:

Enhanced Comprehension: Slowed content enables learners to grasp the pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm of the language more clearly.

Reduced Overwhelm: Slower speech allows beginners to process information at a manageable pace, reducing feelings of being overwhelmed by rapid native speech.

Accurate Pronunciation: It assists in improving French pronunciation as learners can mimic the slowed speech more accurately.

Many language learning experts endorse slowed content as a valuable tool for beginners, as it fosters a smoother transition to full-speed conversations on French TV channels, shows, and movies.

Furthermore, this approach helps build a solid foundation in language skills, making the learning process more accessible and enjoyable.

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3. Lingopie and French Subtitles

If you haven't heard of Lingopie, where have you been?

Lingopie is a popular language learning platform, known for its innovative approach to learning French through TV shows and movies.

It's favored for several reasons, including for the exposure it provides learners to engaging content and effective learning techniques.

Learners can use Lingopie to immerse themselves in the French language by watching French TV shows and movies with English subtitles.

This dual-subtitle feature ensures comprehensive comprehension and language acquisition, making it ideal for French learners at all levels.

Some popular French content available on Lingopie includes iconic TV shows like "Engrenages" and "Braquo," as well as critically acclaimed movies like "Amélie" and "La Haine."

This platform offers a diverse library of captivating French programs, catering to the interests and language skills of its users.


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4. Music Channels in the French Language

French music channels like TV5Monde Musique and NRJ Hits showcase a diverse range of French music (and French videos), from contemporary pop to traditional chansons.

Listening to music is an enjoyable and effective way to learn a language as it helps in grasping pronunciation, rhythm, and cultural context.

For a more engaging language learning experience, watch French musicals like "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg".

Musicals (unlike regular French movies) combine dialogue and song, aiding learners in acquiring conversational skills and a rich vocabulary.

One of the most popular French musicals is "Les Misérables," known for its powerful storytelling and iconic songs, making it an excellent choice for language enthusiasts.

Want to Learn French with Music? No problem, Lingopie got you!

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5. Incorporate French TV into your Daily Routine

Incorporating French TV into your daily routine is vital for consistent language improvement. To make this a habit, allocate a specific time each day, even if it's just 15-30 minutes.

Consistency is key because it helps reinforce learning, making new words and phrases more likely to stick. Furthermore, by watching French TV daily, you expose yourself to native speakers, their accents, and everyday conversations.

This immersion aids in better understanding the language's nuances, building vocabulary, and improving pronunciation.

It also keeps your language learning journey fresh and engaging, making it an enjoyable part of your daily life, which ultimately leads to more effective and long-lasting progress.

6. Find the Right Content

Mastering a few French words is one thing—anyone can pick up a handful of phrases. Yet, holding onto that knowledge requires a distinct skill set.

That's why learning with the right material is crucial. It's essential to immerse yourself in content delivered by native French speakers and to keep things engaging. Otherwise, boredom might lead you to give up too easily.

We suggest starting with platforms like Netflix and Lingopie instead of sifting through the vast array of content on YouTube. These platforms curate the best options, unlike YouTube, which has a bit of everything.

For beginners, popular cartoons like "Asterix and Obelix" and "The Triplets of Belleville" are great starting points. When it comes to movies, classics like "Amélie" and "La Haine" are also highly recommended.


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7. Partner Up

A proven method for learning French involves speaking aloud in everyday life. Repetition of words and sentences aids in refining pronunciation, fluency, and self-assurance.

When you watch French TV shows and vocalize what you hear, you actively immerse yourself in the language, integrating it into your daily life.

Moreover, having a language learning companion can be incredibly beneficial. After watching your chosen show, engaging in French conversation allows both of you to share thoughts, refine conversational abilities, and deepen comprehension of the content.

This interactive technique not only makes language learning enjoyable but also integrates it seamlessly into your daily routine, expediting progress in speaking French.

FAQs: How to Learn French with TV

In this section, we provide answers to common questions relating to learning the French language, as well as how to do so with the help of movies and TV shows.

Can you learn French by just watching TV?

While solely watching TV won't make you fluent, it's a valuable supplement. It enhances listening, vocabulary, and cultural understanding. Combine it with other resources, like language apps and courses, for comprehensive learning.

What TV show should I watch to learn French?

Opt for French TV shows with English subtitles to start, like "Engrenages" or "Braquo." Gradually transition to shows with French subtitles as your skills improve, such as "Le Bureau des Légendes."

Can you learn French by watching Netflix?

Yes, Netflix offers a range of French content. Select shows and movies with subtitles, and use it as an engaging tool to improve your language skills.

How can I watch French TV?

You can access French TV through online streaming platforms like Lingopie, as well as cable or satellite TV providers.

Is there a French TV station?

Yes, France has numerous TV stations, including TF1, France 2, France 3, and more, offering a variety of programs, news, and entertainment.

What is the trick to learning French?

The key to learning French is consistency. Make watching TV, practicing with native speakers, and using language learning resources a daily routine. Immerse yourself in the language and culture to improve your skills gradually.

Summing Up: Secrets to Learning French with TV

In this post, we've introduced an invigorating method to master French using television as your primary tool.

By immersing yourself in French TV shows and movies, starting with simpler content and weaving it into your daily routine, you'll steadily fortify your language skills.

But there's more to enhance your learning! Embrace slowed-down content and music channels for a richer experience. Don't overlook the value of finding a language learning partner to hone your conversational abilities.

Remember, exploring online courses and language learning apps can supercharge your progress.

If you're as excited as we are for you to embark on this linguistic journey, take the first step by signing up for a free trial with Lingopie.

By doing so, you can dive into learning French while indulging in your favorite movies and TV shows. Soon enough, fluency in French and immersion in the vibrant culture of a French-speaking country will be within your reach.

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