New Lingopie Mobile Learning App Launched: Multiple Languages, Tons of New Shows!

The team at Lingopie is tremendously excited to enter the exciting “language learning app” category in your favorite App store. We were already leading a wave of future language learners – now we are putting all the necessary tools where they’re easiest to access!

Introducing the New Lingopie Language Learning App

The Lingopie app brings you a new way to learn languages, anywhere and everywhere! We’re not a tool for memorizing “fill in the blanks” and translation exercises. Instead, we let you absorb all new vocabulary and structures subconsciously by immersing you into Spanish and French-language TV series and movies.

We accompany the videos with dual subtitles in both English and Spanish or French, alongside other language-learning features, such as custom flashcard sets.

What is the Lingopie Language Learning Method?

With our unique method, your brain will connect the context of each word to how it is used. Just like with any other immersion-based program, the process usually starts slowly but then rapidly gains momentum.

This is a technique that has been studied by several linguistic researchers over the years. It taps into the way your brain already understands language, and works more efficiently as you spend more time exposed to the language.

We facilitate this by giving you access to hundreds of interesting shows, keeping you glued to the TV.

What Can You Watch on Lingopie?

These aren’t boring education videos! Our library includes award-winning movies, sitcoms, travel shows, talk shows, and even curated YouTube content. This is not language-learning content, but actual TV series that have engrossed audiences all over the world.

We have made sure to include a little bit of everything so that you can find something you would actually want to watch. Plus, you won’t just be learning a new language by watching TV: it’s also a great way to dive into a foreign culture.

So what can you do with the new app?

Our new mobile apps allow you to take everything you’re already familiar with and bring it to the comfort of your smartphone.

Now, your binge learning sessions can happen on the bus or on your couch. You can use our language learning app to:

  • Watch foreign-language TV series and movies
  • Resume the latest episode right where you left off on your computer
  • Add any new words you come across to your flashcard sets
  • Review your custom flashcard sets
  • Explore new content and recommendations from our blog

Ready to Get Started?

If you are already a Lingopie member, just click here to download the app if you own an Android phone or here if it's iOS. Then, log in to get all your favorite shows and flashcards synchronized between your smartphone and your computer.

If you are not a member yet, try our 7-day free trial and start binge-watching and binge-learning now!

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