Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with 8 Mexican TV Shows

For this year's Cinco de Mayo festivities, we'll be celebrating with the best Mexican TV shows to watch on Lingopie. And, to top off the commemorations, we've even got an extra episode led by a Spanish teacher!

If you live in the U.S, you're probably familiar with the Cinco de Mayo holiday, celebrated by Mexican Americans (and many others) all over the country. Wherever you're from, it's likely you're familiar with this significant date.

As a way to celebrate this year's Cinco de Mayo, this post provides a short history of this important holiday, followed by some of the best TV shows to watch as a tribute to Mexican culture.

If you'd like to take your Spanish skills to the next level, learning Spanish through Mexican TV shows on Lingopie is a great place to start!

After all, Mexico is not only an eclectic country with incredible cuisine and great travel destinations, but it is also home to an accent that is actually considered to be one of the most neutral of the Spanish language.

So, let's take a look at the importance of Cinco de Mayo, and the best Mexican TV shows to watch in tribute to it.

Check out our guide to Mexican slang.

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What is 5 de Mayo? A Brief History

Contrary to what is commonly thought in across the United States, Cinco de Mayo (also known as 5 de mayo), is not Mexican Independence Day.

In fact, you'll probably be surprised to find out that Cinco de Mayo is more important to expatriate Mexicans living in the U.S than in Mexico itself.

But what does Cinco de Mayo actually commemorate?

Cinco de Mayo is a celebratory holiday that honors the Mexican victory against the French Empire during the Battle of Puebla, which was fought on May 5th (hence the name Cinco de Mayo), in 1862.

This battle was undertaken as part of a larger war between France and the Americas. Despite not being as well-equipped as the French Army, which benefitted from the infamous Napoleon in command, Mexico won the confrontation at a key historical moment for America.

This Mexican victory impacted the U.S greatly since it is thought that Napoleon had plans to support Confederacy in the American Civil War.

Moreover, the relevance of Cinco de Mayo lies in the fact that most communities in the U.S have a holiday to celebrate their cultural origin! Just think of St. Patrick's Day for the Irish, for instance.

To put it simply, Cinco de Mayo has become the celebratory reference for Mexican Americans. It gives them a day to celebrate their heritage and to honor their ancestry.

Best Mexican TV Shows

Now that we've covered the significance of Cinco de Mayo, it's time for some of the best Mexican TV Shows and Mexican telenovelas available on Lingopie.

Special Mexican Food Tour

Holidays are about connecting with family and, well, eating. We'll start our list of recommendations with a food-related Mexican TV show.

Special Mexican Food Tour on Lingopie


Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines across the globe!

We'd definitely recommend that you check out this show, which follows Ale Toledano's deep dive into Mexican gastronomy. Take note when learning how to cook vegan tacos, tamales, chicharrón, and much more! You'll spark up an appetite in no time.

Even if you don't usually go for Mexican food, give this mouth-watering show a chance and you might even want to try some afterward. Use your imagination and picture yourself in Mexico eating tacos, enchiladas, and drinking margaritas. ¡Qué rico!


In this Mexican TV show, you'll learn all about the different traditional dishes that you can find in Mexico. You'll also broaden your food-related vocabulary, and learn how to order food in Spanish.

Guided Special Mexican Food Tour

Guided Special Mexican Food Tour on Lingopie

But wait, that's not all! As a Lingopie subscriber, you'll also get this guided special introduction made by Lingopie, which will enable you to make the most out of the Special Mexican Food series.

With the assistance of Spanish teacher Eli, you'll be able to dive deeper into the Spanish language and learn more about Mexican slang.

You might even learn that May in Spanish - mayo - is not actually written with a capital m!

So, make the most of this learning opportunity and discover and delve into the heart of Mexico's food scene.

Cindy & Maite

Next up, it's Cindy & Maite, a Mexican TV show entirely different from Special Mexican Food Tour, but just as beneficial for your Spanish learning.

Cindy & Maite on Lingopie


In this fun and entertaining short series, accompany Cindy and Maite on their journey to becoming great movie stars!

As these two aspiring actresses try to make it in Mexico City, they must master the neutral (or not so neutral) Mexican accent. While doing so, they film a documentary about their lives.

Will they survive the challenging auditions, mediocre theater plays, and boring part-time jobs? Or will this crazy industry get the best of them? You'll need to watch it to find out.


In this TV show, you'll learn about the neutrality of Mexican Spanish. You'll also be able to practice it alongside the protagonists.

Learn about film industry vocabulary, as well as local Mexican slang. You'll also be able to touch upon the topics surrounding young adult life - all in Spanish!

Untamed by Nature

Next up, it's Untamed by Nature. Again, this differs greatly from the aforementioned Mexican TV shows, but it is well worth watching if you're learning Mexican Spanish.

Untamed by Nature on Lingopie


In this exciting, adventurous, and upbeat series, you'll be introduced to Mexico's natural world as you travel through deserts, jungles, and seas with enthusiastic Arturo.

Learn about all things wilderness and nature by the hand of Arturo Islas, a Mexican actor, and naturalist.

You'll come across some of the most extraordinary species. Expect to see mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and insects.


By watching this series, you'll learn a variety of different terms related to nature, including the names of many different animals and plants. You'll also learn vocabulary about camping and many words related to traveling in nature.

You'll also find out about some astonishing facts and make you want to explore every corner of the Earth.


We recommend this show for the female viewer in particular. However, of course, it is by no means limited to women.

Insanely on Lingopie


This Mexican series discusses everything to do with womanhood and its challenges. Watch these characters address key issues honestly and directly, with no sugarcoating involved.

Hear from famous YouTuber, Yoss, first-hand and find out her strong opinion on topics that range from hangovers and PMS to disappointing seafood, and even that one creepy guy that shows up at every party!

Each episode brings forward all the issues that drive women insane in a hilarious take on the feminine world.


Learn all the vocabulary that surrounds femininity and its downsides, such as unwanted pregnancy, periods, female friendships, and more. All this is served with a healthy dose of Mexican slang and culture.

Take a deeper look at different pet peeves and how to talk about them. Find the right Spanish word to talk about everything that's been driving you insane!

Drawing Biographies and History

Remember, we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, so it's only natural that we choose Drawing Biographies and History as our next Mexican TV show that you should not miss.

Drawing Biographies and History on Lingopie


This series is perfect to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! You'll learn about the lives of the most important people in Mexican history.

In this didactic series, little sketches accompanied by narration help depict the highs and lows of famous icons in Mexico. Discover figures like Frida Kahlo and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.


Learn about Mexican historical figures, revolutions, and key dates while experiencing their incredible stories filled with perseverance, determination, and independence.

These stories shaped Mexican history and culture and you'll surely find them poignant.

Drawing Mexican Legends

Next up, it's Drawing Mexican Legends, which follows the same important themes as Drawing Biographies and History.

Drawing Mexican Legends on Lingopie


In the same style as the previous show, Drawing Mexican Legends portrays the brave heroes, tragedies, and love stories that permeate Mexican legends and folk stories.

Some of these legends even travel through Latin America, a region predominantly Spanish-speaking. Travel with them through these visual representations that will give you insight into the cultural psyche of Mexico and its tales.


Legends are all about human actions and history. The short tales recounted in this series reflect specific experiences, fears, and beliefs that make up the Mexican subconscious. Learn to tell your own stories with your new Spanish vocabulary!

Craft Lab

Last, but certainly not least, it's Craft Lab. Differing from the other TV shows discussed, this series is full of color, crafts, and creativity.

Craft Lab on Lingopie


If you're the hands-on type that enjoys making things yourself, Craft Lab is the show for you. In this show, you'll find incredible inspiration for your creations while learning the Spanish language.

This Mexican TV show teaches you how to make both decorative and practical objects in a fun and artistic manner.

They're all accessible and easy to make and you'll be told exactly what materials you need. So, why not show off your creative side?


In this series, you'll learn a variety of Spanish vocabulary relating to DIY. You'll also learn how to give instructions in Spanish (using the imperative form) and how to name certain materials, as well as add verbs (action words) to your vocabulary list.

Lastly, you'll also master the present tense in Spanish.

Pick a language, choose from thousands of shows, sit back and binge-watch your way to fluency. Start your free trial of Lingopie today.

Summing Up: the best Mexican TV shows

There's no better day to celebrate Mexican culture and history than el 5 de mayo.

In honor of this special occasion, why not binge-watch some Mexican TV shows, all whilst learning the Spanish language and diving into Mexican culture?

Watching Mexican TV shows is a great way to improve your Spanish pronunciation and accent. Let's face it, learning Spanish has never been easier or more fun than this!

Sign up for a free trial with Lingopie and watch all these Mexican shows accompanied by features to optimize your language learning.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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