Club de Cuervos [Club of Crowns]: Learn Spanish with Netflix

¡Hola! Are you ready to take your Spanish language skills to the next level? If you're a fan of the Mexican soccer show "Club de Cuervos" on Netflix, then you're in for a treat. In this blog article, we'll dive into a scene from the show and explore some Mexican slang and expressions that will not only improve your listening and comprehension skills but also give you an authentic taste of the language. So, get comfortable, and let's begin!

Table of Contents

  1. About Club de Cuervos.
  2. What You'll Gain.
  3. Language Learning with Netflix.
  4. About Lingopie.
  5. Mexican Slang: Top 10 Local Words from ''Club De Cuervos''.
  6. Let's Break it Down.
  7. Summing Up.

About Club de Cuervos:

Club de Cuervos takes us into the world of the Iglesias siblings, Isabel and Chava, as they battle for control of the Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo, a fictional Mexican soccer team. Set against the backdrop of family rivalries, power struggles, and the vibrant culture of Mexico, this captivating series combines thrilling sports action with complex characters and intriguing storylines. Get ready to dive into the addictive world of 'Club de Cuervos' and explore the unique blend of sports, politics, and entertainment that makes this show a fan-favorite.

What You'll Gain:

By the end of this article, you'll be able to catch and understand some Mexican slang while enhancing your listening and comprehension skills. We're here to help you upgrade your "acento mexicano" to another level, so let's get started!

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Language Learning with Netflix: How We're Doing It:

First, we'll read the script of the whole scene and provide you with the context. Then, we'll give you the literal translation of the expressions used and explain their meanings in the given situation. After that, we'll watch the scene again, this time without subtitles. So, keep watching to improve your Spanish! ¡Empezamos!

Useful expressions and idioms


¿Qué pedo, mami? (What the fuck, mom?)

No mames. Ya. -¿Te dio miedo? Son mis músculos, ya sé. (Just quit it. -Scared of my muscles, aren't you?)

No sabes el pinche día en la oficina, güey.(You don't know the fucking day I had at the office.)

Pero vas a hablar, o sea, no entiendo por qué te estresas. (But you'll have your speech, I don't understand why you're stressing out.)

No, ni madres. (No, no way.)

Perdón, pero a mí no me van a poner de plato de segunda mesa.(I'm sorry, but I refuse to play second fiddle to Chava.)

Las dos sabemos que Chava no está listo para ser presidente. (we both know that Chava is not ready to be president.)

Tarde o temprano la va a cagar. (Sooner or later he's going to screw it up.)

Tú espérate y te vas ganando el puesto poco a poco. (You wait and you will earn your place little by little.)

Llevo 15 años ganándome el puesto poco a poco, güey. (I've been earning my job little by little for 15 years, girl.)

Se lo van a dar a Chava porque yo no tengo un par de huevos. (They're going to give it to Chava because I don't have balls.)

Es que, ¡Qué necia! (You're so stubborn!)


Vas a escribir el discurso más padrote que puedas. (You're going to write the best speech you can. )

Vas a la junta de consejo, se lo presentas, (You go to the board meeting, you present it to them,)

Les enseñas lo líder que eres y las bonitas chichis que tienes. (show them the great leader you are and the great tits you have.)

Entonces todos van a ver, o sea, lo líder que eres, güey. (Then everyone will see the great leader you are, girl.)

Entonces va a llegar este güey, la va a cagar, (Then this guy shows up, he screws up, ) ...

... y todo mundo te va a voltear a ver a ti, para que lo salves. No tengo paciencia para largo plazo. (... and everyone will look to you to save him. I don't have patience for the longer term.)

Me caga esperar a que las cosas sucedan y ya. Con este güey al volante no tienes que esperar nada. (I hate waiting for things that just happen. With this guy at the wheel you don't have to wait for anything.)

No te vayas, güey. Tres madrazos más. (Don't leave. Three more punches.)

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Let's break the expressions down:

The scene starts with Isabela saying, "¿Qué pedo, mami?" The literal translation of "pedo" is "fart," but in this context, it means "What's up" or "What the heck is happening to you?"

Next, Isabela exclaims, "No mames" which literally means "Don't suck". However, it is used figuratively to mean "Don't mess around" or "Are you kidding me?"

Isabela continues by expressing her frustration, saying, "No sabes el pinche día en la oficina, güey." Here, "pinche" is a Mexican slang word that adds emphasis and frustration to the phrase. It can be roughly translated as "damn" in English. "Güey" is an informal term similar to "dude" or "buddy."

The conversation progresses, and Isabela talks about not wanting to play second fiddle to Chava, her brother. She says, "No me van a poner de plato de segunda mesa," which means "they're not going to put me as a second table dish." It refers to being treated as inferior or less important.

Isabela's friend recognizes that Chava is not ready to be the president of the club, saying, "Tarde o temprano la va a cagar." Here, "cagar" metaphorically means to mess up or screw up, she uses “me caga” in a figurative meaning showing frustration like I hate waiting for things to happen.

Isabela expresses her frustration about not getting the job, stating, "No me lo van a dar a Chava porque yo no tengo un par de huevos." The phrase "tener un par de huevos" means to have balls or courage.

Her friend advises her to write an impressive speech and showcase her leadership qualities, saying, "Vas a escribir el discurso más padrote que puedas." "Padrote" is a slang word that means "cool" or "awesome."

As the scene concludes, Isabela's friend encourages her not to give up, saying, "No te vayas, güey. Tres madrazos más." The term "madrazos"  comes from the word "madre,"  "mother" in Spanish. However, in this context, "madrazos" refers to physical blows, hits, or punches.

Now let's jump to another expression from the same scene. Isabela says, "Perdón, pero a mí no me van a poner de plato de segunda mesa." As explained earlier, this phrase means "They're not going to put me as a second table dish."

About Lingopie:

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Mexican Slang: Top 10 Local Words from ''Club De Cuervos''

Mexican SpanishEnglish Translation
NetaReally? / Seriously?

Summing up:

So there you have it, amigos! Some of the slang and colloquial expressions you can learn while watching "Club de Cuervos". We hope you've added some new vocabulary to your repertoire and we made you want more of that with Lingopie. Try out Lingopie and get access to thousands of shows, music  and Netflix selects to bring Spanish game to another level.

Nos vemos la próxima vez. ¡Chau!

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