Learn Korean with Netflix's Single's Inferno

Are you a fan of Korean reality shows and looking for a fun way to learn Korean? Look no further than Netflix's latest hit show, Single's Inferno! This reality dating series has captivated audiences around the world and was even renewed for a 3rdseason. Well, hot people, a beautiful island and Korean language? Seems like the recipe for success. But did you know that Single's Inferno can also be a powerful tool for learning Korean?

In this blog article, we'll explore how you can use Single's Inferno to improve your Korean language skills and get some new vocabulary to add to your studying list!

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Single's Inferno offers a fun and engaging way to enhance your Korean proficiency. So grab your popcorn and get ready to learn Korean with Single's Inferno on Netflix!

Why should you learn Korean with Netflix shows?


Learning a language with Netflix can be a highly effective and engaging way to improve your language skills. Netflix offers a vast library of movies and TV shows in various languages, allowing language learners to immerse themselves in authentic content and practice their listening and comprehension skills. By watching shows and movies in their target language, learners can improve their pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar while also gaining cultural insights and exposure to colloquial expressions.

Additionally, Netflix's feature of subtitles in both the target language and the learner's native language can aid in the comprehension of the content and help learners connect the written and spoken aspects of the language. Overall, using Netflix as a language learning tool can make the process of learning a new language more enjoyable and effective, helping learners to achieve their language goals faster and with more confidence.

Before I proceed, if you are interested in learning Korean through Tv shows, Lingopie offers a fantastic selection of Korean series and films for learners (of all levels). You can adjust the speed of the audio in the settings, and follow along with subtitles in both English and Korean. More than just relying on textbooks, there is a greater opportunity of immersion of the language.


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Here is a list of 9 useful Korean words from season 2 of Single’s inferno with their use in the show:

1. 솔로지옥(Solrojiok)

First the name of the show in korean is literally a combination of the the words solo/single(솔로)  and hell/inferno(지옥). Quite simple right?

2. 지옥도(Jioktto)

The place where the participants will interact and make couples is a combination of the word 지옥(hell/inferno) as we learned above, and the termination도 usually used for provinces, for exemple 제주도 (Jeju Island) 강원도(ganwondo).

지옥도: 서로의 직업과 나이도 모른 채 사랑을 찾아 헤매는 곳

Hell: A place where you search for love without knowing each other's job and age.

3. 천국도(Chonguktto)

Where there is hell, there is heaven. The place where matched couples can freely talk and spend a luxurious night is called 천국도 which means Heaven.

천국도: 서로의 정보를 공개하며 사랑이 깊어지는 곳

Heaven: A place where love deepens by revealing information about each other.

4. 세상에서(Sesangeso)

After the participants gave their brief introductions and are all gathered in the beach, the Master’s voice says 세상에서 가장 핫한 지옥 '솔로지옥.

Let’s break it down: 세상에서 = in the world, 가장 = the most, 핫한= hot , 지옥 = hell, 솔러지옥=single’s inferno

The translation would be= The hottest hell in the world :Single’s inferno

This is a really useful expression when you need to compare something and also giving it a lot of emphasis.

5. 매력(Maeryok)

This is a word that has been used many times thorough both seasons of Single’s Inferno and it is pretty used in Koreans daily conversations. It means “charm”, and you can use to tell someone your attractive points.

An exemple of that is when Park Saejong was introducing herself and said:

저의 매력은 저의 눈빛, 섹시한 몸매 그리고 장난기 넘치는 반전 매력?

My charms are my eyes, sexy body, and playful unexpected charms

We love a confident queen, right?

6. 규칙 (Gyuchik)

No matter how beautiful the Island might be, the participants have to be careful when communicating to each other because there are specific 규칙= rules

지금부터 지옥도 생활  규칙을 알료 드리겠습니다

From now on, I'll give you a lesson on the rules of living in hell.

7. 직업 (Jigop)

The first rule is not talking about their 직업 = Job/occupation.

8. 나이(Nai)

The second rule is not talking about their 나이 = Age. It might seem a bit weird for foreigners, but age plays a big part in social interactions in korea. It allows you to know how formal should you talk with someone, and how close can you become since friends are the ones born in the same year.

Using the same exemple from above we can see an exemple from both number 7 and 8.

천국도: 서로의 직업나이도 모른 채 사랑을 찾아 헤매는 곳

Hell: A place where you search for love without knowing each other's job and age

9. 제가 천국도에 같이 가고 싶은 사람은… (Chongukttoe gachi gago sipeun sarameun)

And finally the sentence we all die for while watching the show:

the person I want to go to the heaven is…

제가 = I
천국도= Heaven,
같이= Together
가고 싶은= I want to go
사람= Person

So there we have 9 Korean expressions and phrases taken from the Single’s Inferno series. Were you familiar with any of these before? Watching series can be one of the best ways to pick up new Korean words and phrases.

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