Explore Yoko’s 3D World And Learn Basic Spanish at Lingopie

Do you remember being a kid and inventing crazy adventures with your friends back at school? Perhaps naming "monsters” in your head to create your own imaginary friends? Those are the memories that built this show, and exactly the reason it was such a hit for children.

Yoko is a 3D animated show with great adventures and a simple vocabulary for you to practice basic Spanish. Let’s discover more about this beautiful show and its advantages for adults learning a new language, shall we?

Learn Spanish with kids TV shows - Yoko
Yoko and friends

A Trip Back to Your Imagination’s Factory

One of the coolest parts of being a kid is our imagination. That intangible phenomenon where friends, monsters, vehicles, and exciting situations would come out of “nowhere” and entertain us for hours.

Yoko is an animated show about Mai, Oto, and Vik’s adventures. So who or what exactly is Yoko?

That’s an answer only your imagination can give you. It’s supposed to be a magical creature that turns kids boring days into unexpected adventures, and sometimes a little trouble, we're not going to lie.

But you see, there’s a trick. To make Yoko appear in your life, you have to really wish for it to happen. You have to give yourself to unexpected underwater adventures, and sometimes outer space travel.

As an adult, you'll probably have to make an effort to accept those terms, but if you go back to your childhood, how many times did you play with fear of what would come next? Not many, for sure.

Once Yoko shows up in Mai, Oto, and Vik’s lives, the fun doubles, but they also encounter many interesting situations that allow the show to explain important matters for kids like friendship, school responsibilities, respect for all living creatures, and so on.

Try to watch it with an open mind and reminisce how excited you'd feel those times you could play all day with your best friends, creating a character or a world out of your mind just for fun.

A screenshot from Yoko
A perfect show for beginners to learn Spanish with!

Improving Basic Spanish With Yoko

How can this giant yellow magical creature teach you Spanish? It’s not really anything related to magic or granting wishes, but it has a lot to do with how children learn to speak.

For example, children’s TV shows have a very basic language, meaning the characters can talk the entire 20-minute episode, but the words and situations chosen were specifically simple for kids to understand everything.

As an adult interested in learning a new language, we believe this kind of show is perfect because it has an easy to follow vocabulary, and since it's dubbed in neutral Spanish, you won’t stumble upon regional words or expressions that could cause some confusion on a beginner level.

Besides, since all of Yoko’s adventures with the kids happen outside, you'll learn words and expressions used on a daily basis, like asking for an address, describing colors and shapes, feelings, animals, and so on.

If there’s a word you don't understand while watching Yoko at LingoPie, simply click on the word, and a text box will show up on your screen with its translation.

And if you need to slow down the video’s speed to properly hear a word's pronunciation, you can do so! Or speed it back up if you feel confident enough in your Spanish listening skills.

You can also take a short quiz after each episode to prove to yourself how much you have enhanced your vocabulary. To learn more about LingoPie’s tools for learning Spanish, you can click here.

Learn Spanish with Yoko - Trailer

Press Play To Begin Spanish Adventures With Yoko

Besides having beautiful 3D animation, this show also has excellent messages about friendship, adulthood, animal life, and handling unknown situations as a kid.

For adults the subject matter is rather simple, but we believe it’s a great introspective exercise to remember how much you enjoyed these adventures, and who knows, maybe you can also introduce your kids to the show and talk openly about topics they care about as a family.

Also, its own simplicity is what makes it perfect for beginners in the Spanish language. Once you have mastered the basic level, you can move on to other animated shows with a more difficult vocabulary.

Buckle up your imaginary seat-belts, start watching one or two episodes per day, and start improving your Spanish skills with this cute and crazy bunny!

Interested in learning Spanish with great Spanish TV? Start a free trial with Lingopie!

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