International Day of Yoga 2021 – The Perfect Time to Get Started!

On Monday, 21st of June, we all need to greet the day with a special sun salute: International Yoga Day is here!

International Day of Yoga

Yoga is one of the world’s most widespread Indian practices. Its combination of spirituality, athleticism and relaxation make it ideal for anyone interested in holistic health.

Ever since the 1970s, yoga has been steadily becoming an unavoidable path for anyone interested in self-improvement. And for good reason! It’s a science-backed method to combat anxiety and help symptoms of depression. Plus, it has shown to be a great complement for many other types of physical training, from weightlifting to endurance running.

What’s the International Day of Yoga?

The International Day of Yoga was established by the United Nations in 2015. It is celebrated on the 21st of June because it is the longest day of the year, which imbues the day with a special energetic significance.

As one of India’s most popular gifts to the world (and this is a country that has given us so much already!), yoga comes attached with a mindful life philosophy and a peaceful outlook on the world.

Meditation in the nature
Photo by Damir Spanic / Unsplash

By providing it with its special day, the shared practice of yoga can now become an opportunity for people all around the world to come together around the same training. Just imagine: you’re staying in a remote Caribbean hostel with people from 5 different continents. Breakfast is a mess of different foods and words for “well-done eggs”. However, when one person heads out to the beach with a yoga mat, expect everyone to understand what is going on!

For 2021, the United Nations chose the theme “Yoga for well-being“. With this, they want to recognize the role yoga played in keeping us sane during the recent pandemic. When the world seemed to have lost its direction, schedules stopped existing, and we were all shut-in at home, yoga came to the rescue. Possibly millions of people around the world found peace by taking a deep breath and following a pre-set series of stretches.

So What Can I Do for the International Day of Yoga?

Depends on when you are and how familiar you are with yoga.

Are you a Yoga Fanatic already?

If you are already a diehard yoga fan, then the best way to mark this day is by doing.

Are yoga studios open in your area? Make sure to give them a call and find out how they plan to celebrate.

If they are not, you can follow the official online event at the United Nations website here. If you would rather follow your own tune, make sure to include the day or its theme during your dedication.

Are you new to yoga?

If you are not quite ready to jump into a stretch of your own, then this is the chance to become more involved. Many yoga academies, both online and not, could be offering discounts to new students to mark the day.

You can also set aside some time today to read a quick “intro manual” or researching the deep spiritual meaning behind the different poses.

And make sure to bring this knowledge into practice afterwards! Our latest star Melina, from Yoga in Easy Spanish, has prepared this short video to help you out.

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