Lingopie Launches a New Tool For Your Language-Learning Box!

Need more context? Check out our full transcripts and get more info at a glance

As of Sunday, 18th of June 2021, all shows featured at Lingopie will now include a live transcript. This will allow learners to see the original script of whichever show they are watching and predict what's next.

Sometimes, it is hard to balance our interest for a riveting plot with our curiosity over the language in which it's happening. Rapid dialogue, puns, or even a major plot twist can be easily missed if you are trying to repeat every sentence. Plus, double subtitles can move quickly – but do you really want to interrupt the action just to review a word?

Thanks to our transcripts, you will no longer need to.

What Are Transcripts?

The Transcripts tool will let you see an episode's entire script on the side of your viewing screen. Whenever you feel like the action is moving too fast, just open the side Transcript panel for some extra help.

What Can I do With These Transcripts?

Transcripts can instantly solve one of the biggest hurdles of subtitled TV: sometimes, the speed in which we read and the speed in which we watch just don't match each other.

The Transcript view will allow you to navigate the show's script instantly. With this, you can:

  • Get ahead of the game and start reading the key lines for the next scene.
  • Get an instant reminder of what just happened 5 or 15 seconds ago.
  • Navigate instantly to a specific line of the plot: just click on a line, and land directly on the right point of the movie.
  • Instantly highlight a specific word that keeps reappearing throughout the episode.
  • As you move through the movie, each subtitle spoken on the show will be highlighted on the transcript.

Thanks to this tool, you will no longer have to worry about subtitles changing too fast. Plus, if you ever want to challenge yourself and turn the English subtitles off, you'll have an extra safety net.

Would you rather enjoy a full-screen view? Then simply close the Transcript to transition back into regular view.

For Lingopie, it is very important to keep all our viewers invested in our TV series. After all, they are what make learning fun! Because of this, our coding team has been busy watching the way you enjoy our shows. We are always trying to find ways to improve your experience and learning opportunities.

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Have you signed up for Lingopie yet? Our on-demand service offers thousands of hours of foreign language TV series and movies. Our goal is to help you master a second language and a second culture.

Sign up for a free trial and explore what our Transcripts and other tools can offer.

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