How to Learn Chinese with TV [2024 Guide]

In this guide, we explore the best ways to learn Chinese through Chinese dramas, videos and movies.

And, to help you choose which Chinese TV show is right for your level, we've categorized the approach into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels with a focus on vocabulary.

So, get ready to uncover the world of Chinese movies and TV shows as we unveil effective strategies for language acquisition and what makes these options perfect to help you learn Chinese.

Whether you're starting your journey or seeking advanced proficiency, discover the power of visual learning to enhance your Mandarin skills.

Lingopie: Chinese Dramas To Help On Language Journey


Lingopie is your ideal companion on the path to Mandarin Chinese proficiency, offering a unique blend of entertainment and language learning. On the Lingopie platform, you can dive into the world of Chinese series and dramas curated to enhance your language journey.

With Lingopie, you can immerse yourself in captivating narratives that not only entertain but also contribute to language acquisition. By signing up to a free trial, you can explore the rich cultural and linguistic landscape of Mandarin with carefully selected content that caters to your development level.

Transform your TV time into a valuable resource for self-improvement with Lingopie's engaging Chinese dramas tailored to aid your language-learning adventure.


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Beginner Level: Slow And Steady

Welcome to the beginner level – a phase where slow and steady wins the race. Start by becoming familiar with certain aspects of Chinese culture and by becoming accustomed to the language with content featuring English titles.

For beginners, anticipate everyday, simple language vocabulary that lays a solid foundation for your Mandarin skills.

Your introduction to Mandarin should be an enjoyable and educational experience; the slow and steady approach is key to a successful language-learning journey.

1. A Bright World

In "A Bright World," a talk show featuring young women, a panel of foreigners living in China engages in discussions on various topics entirely in Mandarin.

This program provides an interesting way for beginners to enhance their language skills while gaining insights into different perspectives and cultural aspects.

In this show, you'll be able to explore Mandarin through lively conversations, where each episode becomes an interactive step toward language proficiency.

2. Hidden Love

In "Hidden Love," Sang Zhi develops feelings for Duan Jia Xu, a boy who frequently visits her house to play games with her older brother.

Despite a five-year age gap, Sang Zhi harbors a childhood crush on Duan Jia Xu, but as they grow older, their paths diverge.

This Chinese drama explores themes of love, friendship, and family, providing a compelling narrative for language learners, so you can expect to learn vocabulary relating to these themes, which are common in Chinese dramas.

3. When I Fly Towards You

"When I Fly Towards You" unfolds in the early autumn of 2012, when Yucai Middle School welcomes a cheerful transfer student named Su Zai Zai.

On the first day, she encounters the aloof and cool Zhang Lu Rang, sparking a love story.

This Chinese drama, which is set in a school environment, offers a compelling narrative for language learners interested in themes of romance and youth.

Intermediate Level: Picking Up The Pace

For intermediate learners eager to advance their Mandarin proficiency, incorporating English and Chinese subtitles while watching shows can be a powerful strategy.

This dual-language approach facilitates the connection between written characters and their pronunciation, enabling viewers to reinforce their understanding of the language and practice speaking.

As you follow along, take the opportunity to write down unfamiliar words and phrases, reinforcing both writing skills and memory. This method encourages a more active engagement with the language and aids in expanding your vocabulary.

Furthermore, to enhance your linguistic abilities, focus on materials that introduce a more intricate and scientific type of vocabulary.

Choose content that challenges you with sophisticated language constructs; doing so will help you to foster a deeper understanding of Mandarin.

This intermediate level is an exciting phase in language learning, and regular practice, especially speaking exercises, is crucial for honing your skills.

1. Day and Night

"Day and Night" revolves around Guan Hongyu, falsely accused of murdering a family. As he shares an identity with his twin, the series unfolds in intricate ways.

This Mandarin drama, suitable primarily for intermediate and advanced learners, provides compelling narratives to hone language skills.

Incorporating English and Chinese subtitles can enhance comprehension, promoting an immersive learning experience.

This show, with the help of Lingopie's language learning tools, will help you to explore complex themes and dialogues, while expanding your vocabulary and comprehension.

2. Meteor Garden

"Meteor Garden" follows a young woman admitted to an elite school where she encounters F4, a group of affluent and handsome boys.

Again, this show is ideal for intermediate learners; it's a Mandarin drama that provides engaging content for language acquisition but with some complex and colloquial vocabulary.

Be sure to utilize the platform's dual-subtitle feature; English and Chinese subtitles together can bridge comprehension gaps, aid in vocabulary expansion and reinforce intermediate language skills.

In "Meteor Garden" you'll explore themes of romance and societal dynamics, fostering a deeper understanding of Mandarin through nuanced dialogues and scenarios.

3. The Untamed

"The Untamed" unfolds as Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, two talented disciples, uncover a long-concealed secret during their cultivation training.

Ideal for intermediate learners, this Mandarin drama weaves romance and life's complexities into its narrative.

To iterate, you should use English and Chinese subtitles simultanously for optimal comprehension. Not only will this help you to follow the narrative, but it will also allow you to progress in Chinese more quickly through nuanced dialogues.

Advanced Level: Ditch The Subtitles

At this language level, you should be able to ditch the subtitles.

Furthermore, you should now be in a position to embrace historical, scientific, and colloquial vocabulary in Chinese, and really challenge your language skills with a range of content in Mandarin.

If you are already an advanced Mandarin speaker, then pick shows that demand a higher linguistic understanding.

Doing so will elevate your proficiency while delving into the richness of Chinese culture and linguistic nuances, unlocking the full potential of advanced Mandarin comprehension.

1. Story of Yanxi Palace

"Story of Yanxi Palace" is a captivating Chinese drama set in 18th century Beijing, unfolding during the 6th year of Qianlong Emperor's reign.

Wei Ying Luo, determined to unveil the truth behind her sister's rape and murder, infiltrates the Forbidden City as an embroiderer.

This gripping narrative combines elements of crime and historical fiction, offering a rich linguistic and cultural experience for Mandarin learners.

With this Chinese drama, you'll dive into the show's intricate storytelling and historical backdrop, which will enhance your Chinese language skills through a fascinating exploration of ancient Chinese court life.

2. The Blood of Youth

"The Blood of Youth" follows Lei Wu Jie, a novice in the martial arts world eager to prove himself as a hero.

As a disciple of the Lei Clan, he navigates the challenges of the martial arts realm, striving to save others and develop into a true hero.

This Chinese drama offers a captivating storyline set in a martial arts context, providing Mandarin learners with an immersive experience to enhance their language skills.

We recommend watching this show to understand the genre's unique characteristics and dynamic characters. It will make the learning journey both engaging and educational.

3. Cut Hero

"Cut Hero" takes an unexpected twist after the Hero defeats the Demon King. Dreaming of a new life with the princess, he faces the harsh reality of unemployment and mediocrity.

This Chinese drama, blending fantasy elements, provides an entertaining narrative for Mandarin learners to watch, learning complex vocabulary while enjoying the unique storyline.

So, discover the captivating world of "Cut Hero" to fill your schedule with only the best, engaging and beneficial content.

FAQ: How to Learn Chinese with TV

In this section, we provide answers to frequently asked questions about how to learn Chinese with TV.

How can I learn Chinese on my own?

Learning Chinese on your own involves using various resources like TV shows, language apps, and books. Consistent practice, exposure, and dedication contribute to successful self-learning.

Is Chinese language easy to learn?

The difficulty of learning Chinese varies for each individual. While its writing system can be challenging, the language's grammar lacks complex verb conjugations, making it simpler in some aspects.

Are there any good Chinese shows?

Yes, there are numerous excellent Chinese shows across genres, offering diverse content for learners and entertainment enthusiasts alike.

What is difference between Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese languages?

Mandarin and Cantonese are two major Chinese languages. Mandarin is the official language spoken in mainland China and Taiwan, while Cantonese is primarily spoken in Hong Kong and some regions of Guangdong. The main difference lies in pronunciation, vocabulary, and some grammatical aspects.

Summing Up: How to Learn Chinese with TV

As we've established, embarking on a journey to learn Chinese through TV is an engaging and effective method, offering diverse shows catering to all language proficiency levels.

From beginner to intermediate to advanced levels, watching Chinese dramas allows you to explore gripping narratives while gaining cultural insights and language nuances.

Leveraging Lingopie as your companion enhances this language-learning experience. Simply sign up for a free trial to access the full Netflix catalog, pick up vocabulary effortlessly, and enhance your Chinese language skills.

Start your adventure today and embrace the world of Chinese language and entertainment with enthusiasm. Discover, learn, and gift the knowledge to friends.

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