10 Best Portuguese Movies on Netflix to Learn Portuguese[For Beginners]

If you're on a quest to learn Portuguese, immersing yourself in the language through movies is an effective way to enhance your language skills.

Netflix offers a wide variety of excellent Portuguese content, allowing language learners to explore the vibrant cultures of Brazil and Portugal.

From captivating narratives in Lisbon to the lively streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Portuguese movies on Netflix provide a rich linguistic and cultural experience for learners.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, watching Portuguese movies with subtitles can significantly contribute to your language-learning journey.

In this post, we'll take you through the 10 best Portuguese movies on Netflix right now.

1. Just Short or Perfect

"Just Short or Perfect" is a Brazilian romantic comedy that follows the journey of a young couple navigating love and self-discovery.

The movie features everyday Portuguese language with a touch of romantic expressions, making it suitable for intermediate learners.

The storyline is engaging and relatable, offering viewers a chance to improve their language skills while enjoying a lighthearted narrative.

For those seeking Portuguese movies that blend romance with relatable dialogue, this film is a great choice.

2. Double Dad

In the Brazilian family comedy "Double Dad," a young woman embarks on a journey to discover her father's identity.

The language used in the film is accessible, making it ideal for beginners and intermediate learners.

The storyline, rich in familial themes, provides a cultural backdrop that enhances language learning.

For those looking for Portuguese movies on Netflix or Lingopie that feature family dynamics and heartwarming narratives, "Double Dad" offers an excellent blend of entertainment and language practice.

3. Rich in Love

"Rich in Love" (Ricos de Amor) is a Brazilian romantic comedy-drama centered around the themes of love, wealth, and self-discovery. It is one of our favorite Portuguese films for its mix of everyday language and romantic expressions, which cater to intermediate learners.

As viewers delve into the complexities of relationships and societal expectations, they can enhance their Portuguese vocabulary related to love and social dynamics.

For those interested in finding Portuguese movies that balance romance and cultural exploration, "Rich in Love" fits the bill.

4. Beyond the Universe

"Beyond the Universe" (Para Além da Curva da Estrada) is a Portuguese drama exploring existential questions and personal journeys.

The film utilizes more sophisticated language, making it suitable for advanced learners. With philosophical discussions and intricate dialogues, this movie caters to those seeking to find Portuguese movies with a deeper, thought-provoking narrative.

Advanced learners can challenge themselves with the linguistic complexities embedded in the film's storytelling.

5. A Christmas Full of Grace

"A Christmas Full of Grace" is a heartwarming Portuguese holiday film celebrating the spirit of Christmas.

The language is generally accessible, making it suitable for learners at various levels, including beginners.

For those interested in finding Portuguese movies that capture the festive atmosphere and provide seasonal vocabulary, this film is an excellent choice.

Viewers can enjoy the holiday spirit while enhancing their language skills in a culturally rich setting.

6. Get the Gift

"Get the Gift" is a Brazilian comedy that revolves around the quest for an unconventional Christmas present.

The movie features accessible language, making it suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners.

With a lighthearted narrative and humorous dialogues, viewers can enjoy the festive spirit while improving their Portuguese.

For those looking to discover even more Portuguese movies with a holiday theme and straightforward language, "Get the Gift" provides an entertaining option for language practice.

7. Someone Borrowed

"Someone Borrowed" is a Brazilian film that weaves a tale around borrowed identities and the ensuing comedic chaos.

The language used is approachable (ideal for learning Portuguese), catering to both beginners and intermediate learners.

The film offers a mix of everyday Portuguese with comedic jargon, providing an entertaining language-learning experience.

For those eager to delve into even more Portuguese movies with humorous narratives and relatable dialogue, "Someone Borrowed" adds a delightful option to the list of films for language enthusiasts.

8. Pelé

"Pelé" is a biographical film that chronicles the life and career of the legendary Brazilian footballer, Pelé.

The movie provides a glimpse into Brazilian culture, showcasing the nation's passion for football, all of which you will hear through the beautiful Brazilian form of the Portuguese language.

The language used in the film is generally accessible, making it suitable for learners at various levels, including beginners.

Viewers can expect a mix of everyday Portuguese with football-related jargon, providing an opportunity to immerse themselves in both the language and the rich cultural history of Brazil.

For those interested in exploring Brazilian culture through the lens of sports, "Pelé" is a compelling choice.

9. 7 Prisoners

"7 Prisoners" is a Brazilian thriller that delves into the harrowing realities of human trafficking. The movie, available on Netflix, explores intense and dramatic themes and the language used is reflective of the gravity of the subject matter.

The dialogue consists of everyday Portuguese with occasional jargon related to the film's plot. Given the serious nature of the content, this film is recommended for more advanced learners who can navigate complex narratives.

For those seeking gripping Netflix movies that address social issues in a Brazilian context, "7 Prisoners" offers a compelling and thought-provoking experience.

10. Racionais MC’s: From the Streets of São Paulo

This documentary provides an insightful journey into the world of the influential Brazilian hip-hop group, Racionais MC. Focusing on the streets of São Paulo, the film explores the group's impact on music and society.

The language in the documentary is likely to include urban slang and expressions characteristic of the hip-hop culture, presenting an authentic linguistic experience.

Due to the specialized jargon and cultural context, it is recommended for intermediate to advanced learners interested in Brazilian hip-hop and urban culture.

For those looking for Netflix movies that delve into the dynamic music scene of São Paulo, "Racionais: Das Ruas de São Paulo Pro Mundo" is a compelling choice.

Netflix Original Movies from Portugal

In addition to these top picks, Netflix also boasts an impressive lineup of original content from Portugal.

Dive into captivating stories such as "Metamorfose dos Pássaros," exploring the complexities of life and family in Portugal.

Delve into the heart of the country with documentaries like "The Last Forest". This film provides a unique perspective on Portuguese landscapes and environmental issues.

With Netflix's original Portuguese content, viewers can further enrich their language-learning experience while enjoying high-quality cinema.

Learn the Portuguese Language with Lingopie

To supercharge your Portuguese language experience on Netflix, consider using Lingopie. This innovative platform not only offers a vast collection of Portuguese movies but also provides an interactive learning experience.

With Lingopie's Netflix extension, you can easily access Portuguese subtitles, enabling you to watch movies with added linguistic support.

The platform also offers language learners the opportunity to explore Brazilian history, culture, and idioms through carefully curated content, making it a great tool for those aiming to improve their listening skills and vocabulary.


FAQs: Learn Portuguese with Portuguese movies on Netflix

In this section, we provide answers to common questions relating to how to learn Portuguese with the wide catalog of Portuguese movies on Netflix.

How do I get Portuguese on Netflix?

To access Portuguese content on Netflix, go to your account settings, select "Language," and choose Portuguese. Additionally, use language-specific keywords in the search bar to find Portuguese movies, shows, and documentaries.

What's on Portuguese Netflix?

Portuguese Netflix offers a diverse range of content, including local films, TV shows, and international titles with Portuguese subtitles. Explore genres like drama, comedy, and documentaries to enrich your language-learning experience.

Where can I watch Portuguese shows?

You can watch Portuguese shows on Netflix or through the Netflix Chrome extension via the Lingopie platform. Either option will provide access to a variety of Portuguese-language series. Use the search function and explore the "International" or "Foreign Language" categories to find engaging Portuguese shows.

Is Watching Portuguese movies possible on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix has a collection of Portuguese movies. Simply search for "Portuguese movies" or explore the "International Movies" category to find a selection of films, ranging from dramas to comedies, suitable for language learners.

What is on Netflix in Portugal?

Netflix in Portugal offers a mix of local and international content. Explore Portuguese films, TV series, and documentaries, and use the platform's search and recommendation features to discover popular and trending titles in the region.

Is Portuguese easy to learn?

Portuguese, like any language, requires dedication and practice. Many learners find Portuguese accessible due to its shared roots with other Romance languages. Consistent practice, immersion through media, and interactive language apps can make the learning process enjoyable and effective.

How can I learn Portuguese myself?

Self-learning Portuguese is achievable through a combination of resources. Use language apps, and online courses, and engage with Portuguese media like movies and shows. Practice speaking, join language exchange groups, and consider hiring a tutor for personalized guidance.

Summing Up: 10 Best Movies on Netflix to Learn Portuguese

To sum up, we've curated an exceptional selection of movies designed to make language acquisition an engaging experience. From romantic tales to gripping dramas, these films cater to learners across all proficiency levels.

Bringing diverse vocabulary and cultural insights, they transform Netflix into an entertaining language classroom. Whether delving into Brazilian culture or savoring straightforward dialogues, these movies elevate the joy of language learning.

Ready to dive into this captivating world of Portuguese cinema? Start your linguistic journey today by signing up for a free trial on Lingopie.

Immerse yourself in these films and let them magnify your language skills while you enjoy the diverse offerings on Netflix.

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