The 5 Best Italian Cooking Shows to Learn Italian

Food and language learning are two true passions of any culturally diverse person. And nobody knows these two better than Italians.

We have to thank them for their unrivaled recipes and all the loanwords they gifted the world with. Spaghetti, pizza, linguini, macaroni, espresso…

Watching a good cooking show can not only inspire you to make a new recipe tonight but also help you practice your Italian. So, bring Italy to your living room with these Italian cooking shows you can watch on Lingopie.

Plus, Italian cuisine is iconic and stands out with strong colors and rich flavors. Expect mouthwatering stuff. Italian culture really is that fascinating.

So, have your pasta and eat it too: get your taste buds ready and learn Italian by cooking!

Sign up for a free trial of Lingopie today and learn Italian with clickable subtitles.

What Are the Best Italian Cooking Shows to Learn Italian?

To hear more details about the Italian you'd be learning, continue reading. But if you’re in a hurry, here's a short list:

  • Cooking with Davide Zambelli. A talkative food blogger sharing his best dishes.
  • Italian Food Recipes. Traditional, quick and easy recipes.
  • Chef Max Mariola. A man that can easily walk you through Italian cuisine.
  • Jennifer's Recipes. Healthy recipes that are more than just beautiful.
  • BBQ and Grill: Braciami Ancora. Everything you need to know about meat, cuts, and fat.

What Can You Learn from Watching Italian Food Shows?

Italian Food Recipes


The most authentic Italian recipes are found in this show! Easy, fast and comforting - a unique taste that screams 'homemade!' After all, traditional recipes for any country are the most memorable food we ate as children.


Next time you find yourself in the kitchen, you'll be able to translate everything you see into Italian.

You won't just learn recipes and measurements; you'll be learning different culinary herbs, ways of cooking and garnishing — and even the famous Italian hand gestures!

Italian Food Recipes on Lingopie.

Chef Max Mariola


These are the secrets of Italian cuisine as revealed by Chef Max Mariola from the comfort of his kitchen. Passion, fun, and magnetism go hand in hand with Italian recipes when Max is cooking.


Max makes an ode out of ingredients and recipes with his vivid descriptions. Plus, he has culinary expertise and is ready to share what he's learned over his many years in the kitchen.

The result is a full course: adjectives as appetizers, adverbs as first courses, nouns and verbs as main courses. There are other parts of speech if you’re still hungry!

Chef Max Mariola on Lingopie.

Cooking with Davide Zambelli


A young food blogger from Trentino. Davide is passionate about cooking and entertainment, always talks in the kitchen, and puts a lid on boredom. Impressive recipes with minimal effort.


Davide’s motto is “I’ve never cooked in silence.” That’s excellent news for us. Don’t mull things over. Don’t let your vocabulary on kitchen tools, ingredients, and cooking methods cool off. Don’t eat your Italian words!

Cooking with Davide Zambelli on Lingopie.

Jennifer's Recipes


Since the day her passion for cooking started, Jennifer Pignatelli has done nothing but cook. Aesthetically pleasing recipes to start the day on a healthy note and without compromising taste.


Become instantly confident every time you’re in a kitchen. Express your culinary skills and talk about what you eat with the Italian words for ingredients, measurements, and textures.

Discover a world of visually stimulating, healthy dishes with Jennifer.

Jennifer's Recipes on Lingopie.

BBQ and Grill: Braciami Ancora


Wine and meat collide in the savory side of life. A deep dive into the world of meat, grills, and barbecues. May the embers be with you on this journey through recipes, stories, and places.


This show compares types of meat, cuts, and flavors. When you go to the butcher or a steakhouse, you'll know exactly what to order. Become an expert on fatty meats and meat prices. Pick up a few swear words!

BBQ & Grill: Braciami Ancora on Lingopie.

So, Where Do You Start?

If you don't know where to begin, these shows will introduce you to regional dishes but are also fun and easy to watch. A good balance of recipes, cooking techniques, and conversation awaits.

What are you waiting for? Watch cooking shows and learn Italian!

If you start your free trial, you get access not only to cooking shows but to our entire catalog of TV shows and movies from Italy.

If you want to become fluent in Italian, you can…

  • Watch your favorite shows with Italian subtitles.
  • Rank and organize shows by difficulty.
  • Rewind, rewatch and repeat dialogue lines.
  • Make flashcards.
  • Take lessons and ask teachers what you don’t understand.
  • Use Italian words and phrases in your everyday life.
  • Speak. Have fun and build confidence.
  • Read this great article on how to learn Italian.

Lingopie is a language learning platform with a wide selection of TV shows and movies ranked for your comfort. It has a range of interactive tools covering what’s listed above and more.

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