9 Short Stories to Learn Italian (for Beginners)

So, you want to learn Italian with short stories. Well, you've come to the right place! Read on for 9 short story websites and book recommendations.

Reading Italian short stories will help you to develop a better vocabulary, pick up useful grammar tips and learn a bit about Italian culture.

If you're a beginner to the Italian language, short stories are an invaluable tool.

So, let's kick start your Italian learning journey today with these 9 short stories and short story collection books.

But first, here is a brief introduction to the Italian language.

An Introduction to the Italian Language

Italian is a Romance Language from the Indo-European language family. It is the official language of Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, and Switzerland. Italian derives from Vulgar Latin, the language of the Roman Empire.

There is a great literary tradition in Italian. One of the greatest writers in history, Dante Alighieri, wrote the Divine Comedy in old Italian and inspired the works of English writers Geoffrey Chaucer and John Milton.

You can learn Italian words and phrases from Italian short stories, as well as music, movies, and TV shows. Check out Lingopie, a streaming service that boasts Italian-language content for language learners, to get inspired.

Now, let's jump into our recommendations for short stories for beginner Italian learners.

1. Fiabe dei Grimm

Beginning with a classic collection of fairy tales, we have the Grimm Stories. These tales are truly legendary, and now you can read them all in Italian!

On the Grimm Stories website, you will find short stories such as Hänsel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rumplestiltskin, among many others.

The Brothers Grimm collected these stories throughout their lives and published their now iconic collection of fairy tales that we all know and love so well.

This is a fantastic starting point for beginners as the stories will already be familiar, making them more accessible and easy to follow.

2. Learn Italian with Subtitles: Stories for Children and Adults

On YouTube, you will find this free series of videos by BookBox designed for beginners and children. You can listen to the 19 easy Italian stories and read along with the subtitles on the screen.

These easy Italian short stories are read by a native Italian speaker and are great resources for developing your Italian pronunciation, speaking skills, and listening comprehension. These are all essential skills for fluency.

It is one thing to learn new words on the page, but Italian students also need to hear them spoken by real Italian speakers.

3. The Italian Experiment

On the Italian Experiment website, you will find short stories such as The Three Little Pigs to explore at your own pace. Each paragraph of simple Italian text has a "translate?" option below it. So, if you need to see the English meaning, you can.

You will learn some basics of the Italian vernacular, such as useful Italian verbs for real-life conversations. For instance, entrare, meaning "enter" and costruire, meaning "build".

Once you have discovered all that the Three Little Pigs has to offer, you can browse the other available stories on the Italian Experiment website.

Reading stories you first read in Grade School is the best way to make your learning accessible and fun.

4. One Word Italiano

This website is a great learning resource for Italian beginners and it has a collection of useful short stories and educational texts in Italian. When you visit One Word Italiano, you will find a series of short reading activities that also come with audio.

You are encouraged to listen to the audio first to see what you understand, then click on the text and listen again while you follow along with the transcript. Then, you can answer a multiple-choice question to test your comprehension of the words and phrases.

5. Le Avventure di Pinocchio

You can find The Adventures of Pinocchio on the Italian Online Language Courses website. This is a classic old Italian tale that the whole world knows and loves. Download the PDF of the story and read Pinocchio anywhere you go.

This story will undoubtedly teach upper beginners some new words as the dialogues in the story go beyond everyday topics. You will encounter more specific words related to puppets, body parts, and even some choice insults!

6. Italian Reader - Short Stories

Next up, we have Italian Reader - Short Stories, which is a collection of 16 Italian short stories that you can buy on Amazon. The book is designed for A2-B1 learners, or in other words, beginner to intermediate learners.

These stories have been chosen specially for Italian learning purposes. They are full of useful new language and at the end of each story is a vocabulary list. You can read the stories in English first, before moving on to practice the Italian texts. This will provide context for your learning.

7. Learn Italian III – Parallel Text – Short Stories

Next on the list is the Learn Italian III - Parallel Text book for beginner to intermediate learners of Italian. This is a paper book that you can buy on Amazon.

Below each of the Italian phrases in the book is the English version, so you will not need a dictionary next to you while you read. You do not need prior knowledge of grammar and vocabulary as the translations help you to follow the stories easily.

The Parallel Text books allow you to practice reading in Italian and provide context for unfamiliar words. If you are learning more than one language, check out the other books in the series, such as the Spanish, French, or Portuguese versions.

8. Italian Short Stories for Beginners

Italian Short Stories for Beginners is another paper book that can be bought on Amazon. This collection of Italian writing features 10 stories that come with audio as well as an Italian and English glossary for context.

The audio will inform your Italian pronunciation, while the stories cover everyday topics and Italian culture. The stories and language-learning resources in this book have been collated by language experts to make your Italian learning as straightforward as possible.

Remember, the goal at this point in your journey is not fluency but comprehension. Listen to the spoken language and read the texts until you are familiar with each word and phrase. Note useful new language and the pronunciation in a notebook for later perusal.

9. Italian Short Stories for Beginners: 20 Captivating Short Stories to Learn Italian & Grow Your Vocabulary the Fun Way!

Finally, we have another paper book to be bought on Amazon. This book aims to teach learners about verbs, adjectives, pronouns, date and time and other aspects of the Italian language through stories.

Learning in this way is much more fun and natural than, for example, studying a grammar textbook. Complicated vocabulary will be laid out in short lessons at the end of each chapter.

And you can access audio to hear the words and phrases in the stories spoken aloud by real Italian speakers. Hearing native speakers read the stories is invaluable for understanding the tone and learning the pronunciation of words.

Now that we have explored our 9 recommendations for Italian short stories, you are one step closer to being able to communicate with native speakers in Italy!

FAQs about learning Italian

Let's look at some frequently asked questions about learning Italian.

How can I learn Italian by myself?

You can learn Italian by yourself by engaging with Italian short stories, music, TV, and movies. These resources will help you to develop your language skills and comprehension.

Moreover, try using a language-learning app, such as Duolingo or Lingopie. These platforms can be downloaded as iPhone or Android apps.

Is it difficult to learn the Italian language?

No, if you speak English or any of the Romance Languages, learning Italian is not very difficult. Language learning is a process that requires dedication and a bit of time.

But if you do the work every day, you can expect to speak Italian at an intermediate level within a couple of months. Remember to focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Can I learn Italian in 3 months?

Yes, you can learn Italian in 3 months. If you use immersive strategies such as watching, reading, and listening to only Italian content, you will absorb the language quickly.

Moreover, if you hire an Italian teacher for lessons or find a language exchange partner with whom to practice, you will progress faster.

Can you learn to speak Italian from Italian short stories?

Yes, you can learn to speak Italian by reading and listening to Italian short stories and audiobooks. These stories will inform your vocabulary, grammar, and cultural awareness of Italy. Learning Italian can be a lot of fun with your favorite fairy tales.

Summing Up: 9 Short Stories to Learn Italian

Now that you have perused this list of 9 easy Italian short stories and collections, you can start learning Italian at home today.

If you have no prior knowledge of Italian vocabulary or grammar, you might want to begin with a familiar story or use a parallel text with English translations.

The more you engage with this kind of quality content, the faster your learning will progress. You can read these stories in your own time and note all useful vocabulary along the way.

Remember to incorporate movies, TV shows, and music into your self-taught Italian lessons. Visit Lingopie's streaming platform now to begin your language-learning journey.

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