23 Spanish Pick up Lines to Learn Before Valentine’s Day

When it comes to expressing love, Spanish is renowned for its passionate and poetic nature.

If you're captivated by the beauty of the Spanish language or as much of a fan of Spanish-speaking individuals as we are, then incorporating a few Spanish pick-up lines into your repertoire can add a touch of romance and flair to your interactions.

In this exploration of the romantic side of Spanish, we'll delve into 23 pick-up lines that can make your heart flutter and leave a lasting impression.

Learn Spanish Pickup Lines With Lingopie


Learning Spanish pickup lines is both fun and easy with Lingopie. Start by subscribing to this unique platform, which uses TV shows and movies for language learning. Focus on content with romantic themes to find those catchy pickup lines. Utilize Lingopie's interactive features to pause and replay scenes, helping you understand and practice these lines. Remember, pronunciation is key, so don't shy away from speaking them out loud. Additionally, Lingopie’s vocabulary tools and quizzes are great for reinforcing your learning. Before long, you'll be weaving charming Spanish lines into your conversations effortlessly!

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1."Si la belleza fuera tiempo, tú serías la eternidad."

(If beauty were time, you would be eternity.)

For our romantic Spanish learning, we wanted to start with this pickup line.

This poetic line combines a compliment with a touch of philosophy, expressing the timeless and captivating nature of the person you're addressing.It is known to be one of the most romantic Spanish phrases.

2. "Te quiero, no solo por como eres, sino por como soy yo cuando estoy contigo."

(I love you, not only for who you are but for who I am when I am with you.)

Expressing love and admiration, this line goes beyond surface-level attraction, highlighting the transformative effect the person has on your life.

3. "Te amo más que a un café por la mañana."

(I love you more than a morning coffee.)

Infusing humor and romance, this pick-up line uses a beloved cultural reference – the morning coffee – to convey deep affection.

4. "Crees en el amor a primera vista, o debo pasar otra vez?"

(Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?)

Playing with the concept of love at first sight, this line adds a playful and flirtatious element to the conversation.

5. "Me das el tuyo y te doy el mío. Intercambiemos corazones."

(You give me yours, and I'll give you mine. Let's exchange hearts.)

This creative pick-up line turns the exchange of contact information into a whimsical gesture, inviting a romantic connection.

6. "Yo sin frenos, tú en el lugar de mi corazón."

(Me without brakes, you in the place of my heart.)

Using a metaphorical expression, this line conveys a sense of passion and intensity in the romantic pursuit.

7. "Si yo fuera azafata, te llevaría a volar en el cielo de mis sueños."

(If I were a flight attendant, I would take you to fly in the sky of my dreams.)

Introducing an element of adventure, this pick-up line uses a profession to create a playful scenario, suggesting a journey together.

8. "Así como tú, hay pocos en este mundo."

(Just like you, there are few in this world.)

Celebrating the uniqueness of the person, this line emphasizes their special qualities and stands out as a sincere compliment.

9. "Unos quieren el mundo, pero yo solo quiero tu sonrisa."

(Some want the world, but I only want your smile.)

Expressing a preference for the simple joys of companionship, this line conveys a heartfelt sentiment centered around the person's smile.

10. "Das el tuyo, y el mío late al ritmo del amor."

(You give me yours, and mine beats to the rhythm of love.)

This poetic pick-up line uses the metaphor of heartbeats to symbolize the synchronization of emotions in a romantic connection.

11. "Te gustaría salir conmigo, o debo seguir soñando?"

(Would you like to go out with me, or should I keep dreaming?)

Blending a direct invitation with a touch of whimsy, this line creates a light-hearted atmosphere while expressing genuine interest.

12. "Deshacerme en tu boca sería el mejor modo de perderme."

(Melting in your mouth would be the best way to get lost.)

Adding a bit of sensuality to the conversation, this pick-up line playfully suggests an intimate connection.

13. "Tienes una sonrisa preciosa. Deberías usarla más a menudo."

(You have a beautiful smile. You should wear it more often.)

Combining a compliment with encouragement, this line emphasizes the positive impact of the person's smile on your perception.

14. "Qué hora es? Hora de que te des cuenta de que me gustas."

(What time is it? Time for you to realize that I like you.)

Using a playful approach, this pick-up line injects humor into the realization of mutual interest. This is one of the basic Spanish phrases that are used as pickup likes.

15. "Tanto como tus ojos ven, los míos sienten."

(As much as your eyes see, mine feel.)

This poetic line uses sensory imagery to convey the depth of emotion and connection felt in the gaze of the person addressed.

16. "Lo soy, y tú eres el sol que ilumina mi día."

(I am, and you are the sun that brightens my day.)

Celebrating the positive influence of the person on your life, this pick-up line uses the metaphor of the sun to convey warmth and radiance.

17. "Yo te hubiera sentenciado a cadena perpetua en mi corazón desde el primer momento que te vi."

(I would have sentenced you to life imprisonment in my heart from the first moment I saw you.)

Infusing a touch of drama, this line playfully exaggerates the impact of love at first sight, creating a memorable expression of affection. This is one of the most romantic phrases don't you think?

18. "Tiremos una moneda. Si sale cara, somos novios. Si sale cruz, me das un beso."

(Let's flip a coin. If it's heads, we're a couple. If it's tails, you give me a kiss.)

Adding an element of chance to the interaction, this pick-up line introduces a playful and spontaneous element to the romantic pursuit.

19. "Gustas más que una tienda de juguetes."

(You're more appealing than a toy store.)

Infusing humor into the compliment, this pick-up line adds a playful and light-hearted touch to express attraction. This is one of the popular Spanish pick up lines amongst parents.

20. "Estás dejando sin aliento incluso al sol."

(You're leaving even the sun breathless.)

Elevating the person's impact to celestial proportions, this line conveys the breathtaking beauty and charm they possess.

21. "Los recomendó el doctor: tus besos son la mejor medicina."

(The doctor recommended you: your kisses are the best medicine.)

Adding a humorous and charming element, this pick-up line transforms a compliment into a playful prescription for affection.

22. "Quieres bailar conmigo y aprender a bailar al ritmo del corazón."

(Do you want to dance with me and learn to dance to the rhythm of the heart?)

Introducing the metaphor of dance, this line suggests a metaphorical journey of learning and connection.

23. "Eres mía, incluso cuando el sol se oculta en el horizonte."

(You're mine, even when the sun sets on the horizon.)

Closing with a possessive yet affectionate declaration, this pick-up line conveys a sense of commitment and devotion.

FAQ Regarding Spanish Pick Up Lines and Spanish Language

Now that we have shown you how to flirt in Spanish we can check out some commonly asked questions.

What is the most romantic thing to say in Spanish?

One could argue that the most romantic phrase in Spanish is 'Eres el lugar en mi corazón que nunca supe que estaba vacío,' meaning 'You are the place in my heart I never knew was empty.'"

What's something to say in Spanish for your girlfriend?

Tell her 'Eres mi sol,' expressing 'You are my sun,' a beautiful way to convey admiration and love, inspired by Spanish pick-up lines.

Which Romantic Spanish phrases are often used?

Commonly used phrases include 'Te quiero' (I love you), 'Eres mi todo' (You are my everything), and 'Si sale cara, somos novios. Si sale cruz, me das un beso' (If it's heads, we're a couple. If it's tails, you give me a kiss). Also, 'Otros quieren el sol, pero yo solo quiero tu luz,' conveying 'Some seek the sun, but I only want your light'.

What is the most romantic phrase in the world?

One of the most romantic phrases globally is 'Quisiera encontrar un lugar en tu corazón,' meaning 'I would like to find a place in your heart,' and watch the magic of romance unfold." It beautifully combines love and a cherished cultural reference.

What are some idiomatic expressions about love in Spanish?

Idiomatic expressions about love in Spanish include 'Unos quieren el mundo, pero yo solo quiero tu sonrisa' (Some want the world, but I only want your smile), capturing sentiments found in Spanish pick-up lines

Summing up: Spanish Pick up Lines to Learn This Year

So, there we have it - 23 Spanish pick-up lines that offer a delightful mix of passion, humor, and sincerity.

Whether you're drawn to the poetic nature of Spanish phrases, eager to learn the language, or simply captivated by the charm of Spanish-speaking individuals, there's no doubt that incorporating these lines into your repertoire can add a touch of romance to your interactions.

So, go ahead, embrace the spirit of Spanish romance, and let these pick-up lines be your linguistic companions on the journey of love.

Why not sign up for a free trial with Lingopie today? Doing so allows you to watch Spanish TV shows and movies, and start to build your confidence in Spanish immediately. Of course, you'll also take your romantic Spanish phrases to the next level.

Buena suerte!

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