22 Best Podcasts to Learn Italian in 2023

If you are an avid podcast listener and a keen language learner, then you'll be delighted to hear that listening to Italian podcasts is a great way to learn.

Podcasts provide an immersive listening experience and help you to develop your vocabulary, pronunciation, listening skills, and cultural awareness. And, they're great fun!

You can also listen to music or watch Italian-language TV shows and movies to develop your language acquisition. Head over to Lingopie to check out some awesome Italian shows and films for all levels.

Now, let's explore 22 of the best Italian podcasts for learners from beginner level right through to advanced.

1. News in Slow Italian

Starting with a very user-friendly and accessible podcast for beginners, we have News in Slow Italian. This is exactly what it says on the tin: slow Italian news stories in podcast form. Depending on your level, you can choose at which speed you listen to the news.

This is great listening practice for beginners, as the content is authentic and relevant. Moreover, you get mini-lessons on grammar and useful expressions. Italian is pretty accessible to English speakers, so start learning today!

2. Quattro Stagioni

While Quattro Stagioni is not one of the most well-known Italian podcasts, it is an excellent choice for upper-level beginners who speak Italian at an A2 level. There are over 100 5-minute episodes of this palatable show.

Native host Allesandra Pasqui talks about her lifestyle, Italian culture, current events, food, and more. Quattro Stagioni is a great tool for learning words relevant to everyday life.

3. Coffee Break Italian

Coffee Break Italian is a popular and well-known resource for learning Italian. In these podcasts, you hear Scottish language teacher Mark chat with Francesca, a native Italian speaker, and Isla, a learner.

The beginner course by Coffee Break Italian focuses on Italian greetings, introductions, and basic topics of conversation. Then, the intermediate courses introduce Italian grammar and patterns in the language.

4. ItalianPod101

ItalianPod101 is a series of audio and video lessons that come with PDF lesson notes, transcripts, flashcards, and quizzes. In these audio lessons, you learn new words and phrases with native teachers.

It is easy to follow these native Italian speakers as they discuss basic and useful Italian vocabulary, such as ordering in restaurants. This podcast will teach you how to navigate everyday life situations with relevant words and phrases as a beginner/ intermediate learner.

5. Podcast Italiano (Italian Podcast)

Podcast Italiano has over 100 episodes in total, split between three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. That being said, it is a particularly good resource for intermediate learners.

In this Italian podcast, Davide tells engaging stories about Italian society, sports, culture, and history. He aims to build your vocabulary and listening comprehension through immersion in authentic spoken Italian.

6. Con Parole Nostre

Italian teachers Elfin, Silvia, and Barbara provide an Italian perspective on life in Con Parole Nostre. The three women discuss Italian life, society, and current affairs in a candid and authentic way.

This is one of the best podcasts for learning Italian with a focus on popular culture, recent events, and societal issues. This language-learning podcast is also great for Italian immersion.

7. Italiano Automático

This Italian education podcast is designed for anyone from upper beginner to lower advanced learners. That being said, it is best suited to intermediate learners. Italiano Automático features a lot of colloquial language, slang, and humor.

Host Alberto is sometimes joined by his Nonna to provide tips for making quick progress in Italian. This is for learners who have a base knowledge of Italian but need help improving their comprehension of the spoken language.

8. 30-Minute Italian

Despite the name, most of the 30-Minute Italian podcast episodes last under 30 minutes. These bite-sized lessons provide a great insight into useful Italian phrases, tips for language learning, and notes on Italian culture.

This podcast incorporates interviews with ex-pats and Italian natives into the lessons. These are engaging segments that make for a memorable and unique Italian lesson.

9. 4 Verticale

4 Verticale was Babbel's first Italian podcast and you can find it on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud. This podcast was designed to break the monotony of Italian textbooks and rigid lessons with fascinating and engaging conversations.

With 4 Verticale, language learners can explore interesting topics such as vintage Italian insults and funny sayings. It is far better to learn these phrases in context, rather than just memorizing a dictionary definition with little to no context or explanation.

10. Just Italian

This is one of the most accessible Italian podcasts for language learners who want to learn about more advanced topics but in simple language. Just Italian deals with Italian current events, culture, fashion, history, and more.

Upper beginner and intermediate-level students will enjoy these short and interesting episodes as they are engaging while they use basic, straightforward Italian words and phrases.

11. Learn Italian with Music

This is the perfect podcast for music lovers! You can study grammar, vocabulary, and culture by analyzing song lyrics from Italian contemporary music.

Learn Italian with Music is a podcast aimed at intermediate learners. You can listen to the dialogue and music as you enjoy Italian immersion not only into the language but the culture as well.

12. Camposanto

The Camposanto podcast episodes focus on an unusual topic: cemeteries. If you are looking for Italian learning resources that are a little different, this is the right podcast for you.

Allow host Giulia Depentor to take you on a journey around various cemeteries around the world and teach you the stories of the people within. While you are using podcasts to learn Italian, you might as well scrub up on your more obscure knowledge as well!

13. Incontro Italiano

With over 400 episodes, this podcast is produced by native speakers and allows you to hear people with various regional Italian accents speaking Italian. The hosts discuss Italian traditions, music, art, food, and other intermediate topics.

The downside with this podcast is that it is no longer in production and many of the over 400 episodes are now quite hard to find online.

14. Mangia Come Parli

If you love to cook, eat and learn about cultural topics, this is the perfect Italian podcast for you. Mangia Come Parli features native speakers discussing all things Italian cuisine and culture, from how to cook authentic food to speaking Italian like a local.

This is one of the most entertaining podcasts to learn Italian culture, recipes, and the language all at once. When a chef and a sports journalist come together to talk gastronomy, comedy, and great foodie tips ensue.

15. Senza Rossetto

This language-learning podcast is a feminist perspective on issues that affect women in modern-day Italy. From the wage gap to women's place in society and everything in between, Italian learners can scrub up on their knowledge while they develop their listening skills.

Senza Rosetto is undoubtedly one of the best Italian podcasts to learn Italian through a feminist lens.

16. Joy of Languages

Formerly called 5-Minute Italian, this podcast is for Italian students who want to focus on their Italian pronunciation and accent. This is the primary focus of the 5-Minute Italian podcast.

You will find the free podcasts on the Joy of Languages website or on SoundCloud. Learners can also access spaced repetition flashcards, a transcript, and a quiz for each episode. Learn to roll your Rs like a real Italian with 5-Minute Italian.

17. La Linguacciuta

One of the key selling points of this linguistically focused podcast is its focus on untranslatable concepts in Italian. While learners are often tempted to search for a direct English translation, it is best to learn early on that some concepts and ideas simply do not have an exact English equivalent.

If you are fascinated by the origins of words and why languages work the way they do, this is an awesome choice for you.

18. Arkos Academy - Learn Italian

Arkos Academy produces this weekly podcast for Italian learners of all levels. The grammar and activity lessons are more for beginner and intermediate Italian learners while the listening episodes would suit more advanced learners, as they are fast-paced.

Arkos Academy provides language learning resources such as lesson recaps, grammar instructions, and transcripts for podcast episodes.

19. HistoryCast

This podcast is made for the Italian general public, so it is best suited to advanced learners. Historycast explores Italian history, from Ancient Rome to contemporary events.

This podcast takes you on a long and exciting journey through Italy's rich cultural heritage. And all the while, you are learning interesting new vocabulary in an authentic and natural manner.

20. Fisicast

Fisicast is another great choice if you want to listen to podcasts created for Italian natives, rather than for learners. This scientific podcast delves into various aspects of physics, but in a way that is accessible to people without a background in the field.

The physics explored in this podcast normally relates to everyday objects, such as X-rays or microwaves. So, the language used is still useful and important for your day-to-day life.

21. America 24

This is an Italian podcast dedicated to telling the American news in a concise way. The podcast ran until 2017, so the events it discusses are now outdated, but interesting nonetheless.

If you are into politics and world events, this podcast is a good option. You might recognize more of the events and politicians mentioned than you would if it were an Italian news show.

22. Il Ruggito del Coniglio

Lastly, we have Il Ruggito del Coniglio, which translates as "the Roar of the Rabbit". This is a podcast from the Italian Radio 2 station. This daily podcast provides a comedic take on the day's political events and trending topics.

Not only can you keep up with pop culture in Italy with this podcast, but you can enjoy the banter, learn colloquialisms and practice listening as Italians shout over one another (which is how many Italians talk!)

That concludes our list of 22 awesome podcasts for Italian learners. Now, let's take a look at the most frequently asked questions about language learning with podcasts!

FAQs Relating to Italian Language Podcasts

Can I learn Italian with Italian podcasts?

Yes, you can learn Italian with podcasts! All of the Italian podcasts listed above will help you to learn Italian. This method of learning works best when combined with other learning approaches, such as speaking, reading, and writing in Italian.

What is the best way of learning Italian?

The best way of learning Italian is by committing to at least ten minutes every day of studying. Remember to incorporate all four language skills. Listening to podcasts is the best way to work on your listening skills at home. You can also join language classes, use language-learning apps and get a language exchange partner online to speed up the learning process.

Can I learn Italian by listening?

Yes, you can learn Italian by listening to Italian-language content. Listening is one of the four key language skills and the one that many people find most challenging. So, it is not just beneficial to listen to Italian podcasts, it is highly recommended. You can also listen to music, the TV and actual Italian people, whenever you get the opportunity.

Can I learn Italian on Spotify?

Yes, you can learn Italian on Spotify. There are various podcast apps, such as Audible and Apple Podcasts, but Spotify is one of the most popular choices. You probably already have a Spotify account, so you will not need to take out a new subscription. Then, you can work through your Spotify podcasts at your own pace.

Summing Up: 22 Best Podcasts to Learn Italian in 2023

This has been a comprehensive guide to the 22 best podcasts to learn Italian for beginner, intermediate, and advanced Italian learners.

These podcasts for learning Italian aim to improve your language skills, comprehension, and cultural awareness. And at the same time, you will be thoroughly entertained!

Try to incorporate other learning resources into your Italian studies as well, such as language apps, online lessons, and music.Remember, you can also check out Lingopie, the streaming service that provides TV shows and movies in 8 popular languages. Watching Italian-language shows and films will enhance your listening comprehension skills and provide a deeper insight into Italian culture.

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