7 Korean Podcasts for Beginners

Korean is becoming increasingly popular as a foreign language to learn. Its unique alphabet, grammar structure, and cultural nuances can make it seem daunting, but there are many resources available to help you master this beautiful language. One such resource is podcasts. In this article, we will discuss why learning Korean with podcasts is a great idea and recommend you 5 podcasts that beginners can follow along!


  1. Learning Korean with Podcasts
  2. How to Study Korean With Podcasts
  3. Podcasts Recommendations For Beginners
  4. Summing up

Learning Korean with Podcasts

Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the years and are now a widely used tool for language learning. Korean learners, in particular, can benefit from the use of podcasts as a part of their language study. There is scientific evidence to suggest that listening to podcasts can aid in language acquisition by improving listening skills and vocabulary acquisition. The use of podcasts can also improve language fluency and confidence, making them an essential tool for those learning Korean.

One of the main advantages of learning Korean with podcasts is the ability to listen to native speakers. This can greatly improve your listening comprehension and understanding of the language. When you listen to native speakers, you can hear the proper pronunciation and intonation of words, which can be difficult to learn from textbooks or other forms of language instruction. Additionally, podcasts often offer a range of accents and dialects, which can help learners understand the nuances of the Korean language.

Podcasts are also an excellent tool for building vocabulary. Listening to podcasts can help you learn new words and phrases in context, which can be more effective than rote memorization. When you listen to podcasts, you are exposed to a range of topics and situations, giving you the opportunity to learn new Korean vocabulary related to a variety of subjects. This can be particularly helpful for Korean learners who may struggle with memorizing vocabulary lists from textbooks. In summary, using podcasts as a part of your Korean language study can improve your listening skills, vocabulary retention, and overall fluency, making it a valuable addition to your language learning routine.

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How to Study Korean With Podcasts

Studying with podcasts can be an effective way to learn the language, but it's important to approach it with a strategy. Here are some tips on how to study and learn Korean with podcasts:

  1. Choose a podcast that is appropriate for your level: It's important to choose a podcast that matches your proficiency level in Korean. Look for podcasts that are designed for learners or those that have transcripts or translations available.
  2. Listen actively: When you're listening to a podcast, make sure you're actively engaged in the content. Try to understand the context and the overall message, and focus on the pronunciation and intonation of the speakers.
  3. Take notes: As you're listening, take notes on new vocabulary or phrases you come across. This will help you remember them later and incorporate them into your own speaking and writing.
  4. Repeat and mimic: Practice speaking along with the podcast to improve your pronunciation and intonation. Mimic the way the speakers say words and phrases, and try to match their rhythm and tone. The Korean language has a lot on nuances in intonation and the more you practice it, the more natural your Korean will sound to native speakers.
  5. Review and revisit: After you've listened to a podcast, take some time to review the content and practice what you've learned. Repeat the vocabulary and phrases, and try to incorporate them into your own speaking and writing. Now would be the perfect timing for passive learning: already studied that podcast? Now go kill two birds in one shot and wash your dishes while listening one more time.  

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By following these tips, you can make the most of studying Korean with podcasts and accelerate your language learning journey.

Podcasts Recommendations For Beginners


This content creator offers podcasts that feature easy-to-follow sentences, a slow reading pace, and the added bonus of a free PDF transcription. The short yet highly informative videos are ideal for Korean language learners, as they don't overwhelm with an excess of new vocabulary and won't tire you out. This podcast is also available in Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.

2. Namuori Korean

The Namuori Korean YouTube channel specializes in teaching Korean to learners at a high-beginner to intermediate level. The channel offers a range of podcasts and videos, which cover essential phrases, practical and authentic sentences, formal and informal intermediate-level Korean, and much more. To make the lessons more engaging, the channel uses adorable characters, and transcripts and study materials are available for purchase on Gumroad and Ko-fi.

3. Storytime in Korean

The YouTube channel "Storytime in Korean" is an excellent resource for beginners looking to learn Korean. It features engaging stories told in simple, clear Korean, making it easy for learners to follow along. By listening to these stories, beginners can improve their listening comprehension and pronunciation skills. The channel often includes subtitles, allowing viewers to match spoken words with written text, reinforcing vocabulary and grammar. Additionally, the context provided by the stories helps learners understand how the language is used naturally, making "Storytime in Korean" a valuable tool for anyone starting their Korean language journey.

4. TalkTomeInKorean

Improve Your Korean Vocabulary with the Talk To Me In Korean Podcast

Listen to the Talk To Me In Korean podcast to enhance your Korean vocabulary through engaging and contextual learning. Each week, the podcast covers an interesting topic and teaches you useful Korean words and expressions related to it. Episodes are divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In the beginner and intermediate levels, you'll hear explanations in both Korean and English, while the advanced level features Korean-only commentary to boost your listening skills. You can access the podcast on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts, making it a convenient and effective tool for Korean language learners at any level.

Our personal recommendation for Beginners would be the “Real Life Korean Conversation For Beginners”, in which you can find the audio files on spotify and get the transcription buying the textbook in their website.


If you're an beginner intermediate-level learner, Tayoni's YouTube channel is a must. Tayona's podcasts feature insights into her daily life and thoughts, delivered with excellent pronunciation at a comfortable pace. Plus, the transcriptions are readily available for download via the link in the YouTube description. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your listening skills and learn about Korean culture and lifestyle from a native speaker. Don't miss out on this valuable resource!

6.  리아의 BPM (라이프코치 리아)

Listen to the 리아의 BPM (라이프코치 리아) podcast on Podbbang to boost your Korean language skills while focusing on self-help and personal growth. This podcast is excellent for beginners and anyone looking to consolidate the basics, offering content that is easy to understand. Topics include managing emotions, building confidence, and maintaining motivation, providing valuable life lessons alongside language learning. By listening to these discussions, you'll improve your Korean vocabulary and comprehension in a practical, relatable context. This podcast not only enhances your language skills but also offers insights to improve your overall well-being.

7. 몰입한국어 Immersion in Korean

If you're looking to level up your Korean in a fun and effortless way, check out the YouTube channel 몰입한국어 (Immersion in Korean). They’ve got these awesome short stories all in Korean, so you can get your listening and comprehension skills on point without feeling overwhelmed. Perfect for beginners trying out podcasts or for anyone who wants to multitask – like catching up on some Korean while washing dishes or chilling out. The best part? They often have subtitles, so you can easily follow along. Whether you're new to learning Korean or just want to immerse yourself more, 몰입한국어 makes it super engaging and totally doable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Learning Korean With Podcasts

Can you learn Korean from listening to podcasts?

Yes, listening to Korean podcasts is an effective way to improve your language skills. Podcasts expose you to natural speech patterns, diverse vocabulary, and cultural nuances. Choose podcasts suited to your proficiency level and listen regularly. Complement podcast listening with other learning methods. Engaging with transcripts and repeating phrases aids retention.

How can I practice listening to Korean?

Immerse yourself in Korean through various media like dramas, movies, and TV shows and podcasts. Regularly listen to Korean music and podcasts to enhance understanding of natural speech. Use platforms like Lingopie, which offers Korean content with subtitles and AI grammar correction. Engage in conversations with native speakers. Use language apps focused on listening exercises.

Are there any podcasts in Korean on Spotify?

Yes, there are many Korean podcasts available on Spotify. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from language learning and culture to news and entertainment. Some are specifically designed for learners at various levels. Regularly listening to these podcasts can enhance your comprehension and vocabulary. Search for popular titles to get started.

What are the most basic conversational podcasts in Korean?

For basic conversational Korean, look for podcasts tailored to beginners. Shows like "Talk To Me In Korean" and "KoreanClass101" offer simple dialogues and explanations. These podcasts focus on everyday phrases and practical vocabulary. Listening to these regularly can help you build a strong foundation. They are often available on platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

What are some effective ways to learn Korean fast?

Combine multiple methods: master Hangul, use apps like Memrise, watch Korean dramas, and listen to podcasts. Practice speaking with native speakers through language exchange platforms. Utilize AI tools like ChatGPT for conversation practice and Lingopie for fun learning with Kdramas and get even ai tool for grammar correction. Daily practice and immersion are crucial. This comprehensive approach accelerates learning.


Summing up:

In conclusion, learning Korean with podcasts can be a fun and effective way to improve your language skills. Not only do they help improve listening skills, vocabulary retention, and fluency, but they also provide access to native speakers and a range of accents and dialects. By following a few simple tips such as choosing a podcast that is appropriate for your level, listening actively, taking notes, repeating and mimicking, and reviewing and revisiting, you can maximize your language learning experience.

With these resources at your disposal, you'll be on your way to mastering this beautiful language in no time!

Talking about steping up your Korean game, signing up for Lingopie to learn Korean can be a smart choice for language learners of all levels. With Lingopie, you can enjoy watching engaging Korean TV shows and movies while simultaneously learning the language in context. The platform's unique language immersion approach, coupled with its intuitive learning tools and personalized feedback, makes learning Korean fun, interactive, and effective

So, if you're looking to enhance your Korean language skills, sign up for Lingopie today and take the first step towards fluency!

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