9 Best Podcasts to Learn Spanish

¡Bienvenidos! In this post, you'll find a brief guide to the best Spanish podcasts from Spain and Latin America for Spanish learners.

Each of the Spanish-language podcasts that you'll find in this post is hosted by native speakers, and each one is designed specifically to help listeners learn Spanish.

Today, we will describe the setup and themes of each Spanish podcast and explain why they are such great choices for developing your listening comprehension and Spanish grammar, among other useful language skills.


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But before we dive into our ultimate list of the best Spanish language podcasts, let's look at why listening to Spanish podcasts is a great way to learn Spanish.

Learning From Spanish Podcasts

There are several reasons why listening to podcasts in Spanish is a proven method for learning a foreign language.

First, listening to Spanish podcasts is a great way to expose yourself to native Spanish speakers. Hearing how native speakers use the language is a great way to naturally absorb it and pick up grammar and vocabulary organically.

Moreover, hearing different accents from around Spain and Latin America will improve your listening comprehension and understanding of the differences between European Spanish and Latin American Spanish.

Finally, Spanish language podcasts that deal with current events or conduct interviews with people from the Spanish-speaking world will teach you about Latin and Spanish culture.

Once you have learned basic Spanish, you can visit Spanish-speaking countries and communicate with millions of people worldwide. This should be motivation enough to begin learning Spanish today!

Now, let's look at the best podcasts in Spanish for Spanish learning. If you want to imporove your conversational Spanish check out our new guide.

1.How I met your language

Looking for a way to learn a language while immersing yourself in different cultures? Look no further than the captivating podcast "How I Met Your Language" by Lingopie. Hosted by Alissa Ludanskaa and Pedro Dalmolin, this podcast is perfect for language enthusiasts and travel buffs alike. Through personal stories and expert interviews, it offers an insightful and entertaining exploration of language learning. Whether you crave entertainment or education, "How I Met Your Language" delivers both as you embark on a journey to discover the world through language.

Where can I listen to the podcast?

1) Spotify:

2) Apple podcast link to How I met your language

3)  TuneIn Link to How I met your language

4) Google Podcasts link to How I met your language

2.Coffee Break Spanish

This is a great Spanish-language podcast that focuses on Spanish grammar and interesting topics related to life in Spain.

The first season of Coffee Break Spanish is geared toward absolute beginners, and the level gradually increases as the seasons go by.

All of the episodes are free, but there is also a Coffee Break Spanish online course that you can pay for.

This Spanish podcast is a real favorite among beginner and intermediate learners and when you listen, you join a worldwide community of people learning Spanish.

Binge-listen to this podcast for unlimited Spanish practice.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

3. News In Slow Spanish

If you want to learn Spanish and keep up with current affairs at the same time, you can listen to the News In Slow Spanish podcast.

The hosts are native speakers and use basic vocabulary to make it accessible for all language learners. They cover news stories from around the world and unpick useful words and phrases.

Choose to listen to News In Slow Spanish (Spain) or News In Slow Spanish (Latino), depending on whether you want to practice European Spanish or Latin American Spanish.

By listening to the Spanish audio, you will notice that accents vary in Spanish hugely depending on the country of origin. So, you should know which country or geographic area you would like to focus on.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

4. Nómadas

This is one of many great Spanish podcasts from Radio Nacional de España.

This podcast is best for intermediate to advanced learners, as the hosts speak more quickly than the above-listed podcasts and some of the vocabulary used is more advanced.

In Nómadas, the world's most interesting cultures, stories, people, and ideas are discussed by native Spanish speakers.

It can be hard to find material that is interesting and new for intermediate and advanced learners, but this podcast features fascinating stories told by native speakers. This makes it ideal for an advanced Spanish student.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

5. Spanish Obsessed

Liz and Rob, a Columbian and English couple, discuss Spanish phrases, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation for beginners.

Listen to their conversational Spanish to pick up on many useful and practical examples of the Spanish language. This is great for developing your Spanish listening skills, especially as Liz, who is a native Spanish speaker, has a Latin American accent.

The Spanish Obsessed podcast deals with learning Spanish as an English speaker and provides a great insight into what they call "real Spanish" that is spoken around the world but not necessarily taught in textbooks.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

6. StoryLearning Spanish Podcast

This is one of the best free Spanish podcasts for low-intermediate and intermediate learners.

Each episode of the podcast is a new chapter in a Spanish-language story. By listening to the story, you naturally take in useful new vocabulary and grammar points. Every day a new chapter is released.

You can also sign up for a paid subscription to access the transcripts of each chapter. The StoryLearning Spanish podcast teaches Spanish students to speak Spanish - "real" Spanish - through immersion in the language.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

7. Radio Ambulante

Generally, listeners with intermediate to advanced Spanish follow Radio Ambulante, which addresses various Latin American stories that everyone should learn. The podcast covers hot topics such as gender, human rights, immigration, and mental health.

This podcast is a great way for intermediate to advanced learners to develop more niche vocabulary.

The anchors of Radio Ambulante are Peruvian, Argentinian, Costa Rican, and more, so they have Latin American accents from different countries. Transcripts and notes in Spanish are available on the Radio Ambulante website.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

8. Charlas Hispanas

Charlas Hispanas is a great educational podcast that focuses on Latin American History and is narrated by hosts from Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico.

You get to hear a range of accents from different Spanish-speaking countries as you learn about South America.

The language and pace of speech are ideal for intermediate Spanish learners who want to build their Spanish skills and eventually learn to speak Spanish fluently.

Engage with this Spanish audio to boost your listening skills, absorb "real" Spanish and study how Spanish speakers use the language.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

9. Spanish Language Coach

Spanish Language Coach is a series of podcasts made by a Spanish language teacher from Spain.

He makes episodes for Intermediate Spanish, Advanced Spanish, and Spanish for False Beginners. He also provides free transcripts for each episode.

The episodes are designed to aid in developing listening comprehension skills and Spanish fluency by engaging with natural and level-appropriate spoken Spanish.

The host is a native speaker of European Spanish and is one of the best Spanish teachers online offering free content. There are so many episodes already available, and this podcast offers practically unlimited Spanish practice.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

FAQs: Best Spanish Podcasts

Where can I find podcasts in Spanish?

You can find many free Spanish podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Look for those made by native speakers that offer notes and free transcripts for better learning.

Can I learn Spanish through a podcast?

Yes, you can learn Spanish to an intermediate or advanced level through podcasts. They expose you to new vocabulary, grammar, and culture. However, combining them with other learning resources is recommended.

Through these different channels, you can practice listening, reading, writing, and even speaking Spanish. Check out Español Con Juan today.

What are the best Spanish podcasts about Latin America?

"Españolistos," made by a Colombian Spanish teacher, is great for intermediate to advanced learners. "La Mesa Con León Krauze" interviews Latin American immigrants in LA about profound topics.

Can I become fluent by listening to a Spanish podcast?

Listening to Spanish podcasts improves your listening skills, which is crucial for fluency. However, practice speaking as well to enhance your communication skills.

How do I choose the right podcast for me?

Choose a podcast that matches your language level and decide if you prefer Latin American or European Spanish. Find a topic that interests you to make learning enjoyable.


Summing Up: Learning Spanish Through Spanish Podcasts

This guide to the best Spanish podcasts for learning Spanish has something for everyone, from the intermediate to advanced Spanish learner to the absolute beginner.

Whether you like listening to the news, grammar lessons, or stories in easy-to-understand Spanish, there is a Spanish podcast here for you.

Spanish learners can further develop their listening skills by signing up to Lingopie's streaming service, where they can binge Spanish-language TV and movies. Just as listening to podcasts in Spanish builds language skills, so too does watching native speakers on screen.

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Other great way to learn and improve vocabulary is through music! If you like music we absolutely recommend Lingopie Music, a free tool which compiles playlists with all the best Spanish-language songs and provides interactive lyrics on-screen. Make sure to try it out!

So, what are you waiting for? Start learning Spanish today with your online free Spanish teachers and become Spanish-obsessed!

¡Buena suerte!

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