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Binge-watch your way to English fluency by catching the best of British and American content right here, on Lingopie.

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No matter which genres you love, thousands of hours of binge-worthy English-speaking content are at your fingertips.

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With dual-subtitles, learning English has never been faster or easier. Click on any word or phrase you want to remember or hear again and trust Lingopie to save it for you.

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Review and learn

Visit the ‘review’ section and your personal pack of ‘flashcards’ to remember everything you’ve learnt. This is just the beginning of Lingopie’s language-learning features.

The Best of English-Speaking TV Available Right Here

Master the English language simply by watching TV and movies. Countless hours of comedy, horror, drama, sci-fi and more, are available to you right here, right now.

Why is Lingopie the best choice to learn English?

Lingopie is elevating your language-learning experience by offering you the chance to immerse yourself in the authentic English-speaking world through popular entertainment.

TV Shows

Whether you’re looking for a reality series or seasons of drama, we provide original programmes from across the English-speaking world.


Do you prefer the suspense of sci-fi or the absurdity of rom-coms? Choose your favourite movie genre and learn authentic English accents and pronunciation.


There’s no better way to train your brain than by having fun singing in English, along with the most famous bands and singers in the world!

Audiobooks & Podcasts

Listening to audiobooks and podcasts on your way to work or when washing up gives English words the opportunity to bury themselves in your ears forever.

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Learn English and much more with Lingopie TV. With 8 other languages, you can take your pick and start binging.

Lingopie is for Everyone

Whether you’re just starting out, already know how to get by or use English professionally, Lingopie provides the space and tools for anyone at any level.

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Watch and learn on the go

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Phone, tablet or good old-fashioned desktop, Lingopie is available online or on the app so you can watch and learn on the go, wherever you go. With dual subtitles and the interactive video player, you can slow down, loop or repeat and study at your own pace.

Dramatically increase your vocabulary

Learning with television instead of simply repeating words drastically increases your level of comprehension. The Lingopie method is a far more efficient way of language absorption. No other language learning system helps you learn this efficiently. 

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The Best TV from around the world

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Benefits of learning English

The language used by writers, artists and influencers across the globe, I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that English is the most spoken language in the world. Although there are only 360 million native speakers, over 1.35 BILLION people speak English fluently. That’s 17% of the entire world. So no matter where you go, you’re guaranteed to make new friends if you can say “Hey there, how’s it going?”

English is the official language of 67 countries and is even the official language of the ‘air’ - the universal language used on aeroplanes and flights. If you add together all of the regional dialects from the UK and US, there are a total of 70 different accents to get your head around.

Becoming fluent in a second language, especially a popular one like English, instantly opens up a new world of opportunities in your career, with exciting job prospects such as being a translator, interpreter - and even being able to work in any field or with any number of clients who happen to speak the languages you speak!


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Users love us

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Jay R.

Learning Spanish

I learned more Spanish in one short cartoon than I did with months of Duolingo, and I just started! I can't wait to learn more.

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Debbie R.

Learning Italian

This is genius. What you always wanted to do while watching a show in a different language to learn it. They figured it out.

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Gautnier D.

Learning French

I’ve always wanted to learn French. It's safe to say that I never really got around to it  but thanks to Lingopie I've never had a more fun time learning another language.

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Heather A.

Learning Portuguese

The speaking is clear and easy to understand. The subtitles are very easy on the eyes. Great production value.

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You are not alone

Join our community of language lovers and participate in webinars, read helpful articles from our blog and deepen your language skills with private lessons.

Learn More

How to learn English with TV in 8 easy steps

These 8 simple steps will elevate your English learning experience and give you better, faster results:

Try to find a show that you find engaging and entertaining. Learning English through TV is much more effective if you are engaged and immersed in the content.

Watch a little bit of English TV every day, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. It’s only possible to become fluent if you establish new learning habits on a daily basis.

Get a good understanding of Lingopie’s amazing language learning tools. It will be very helpful for your English learning if you know how to repeat, pause and listen to words again and save them to your personal flashcards.

Repeat the dialogue you’ve just heard out loud. If it was too fast, you can use our tool which reads it back to you slowly. Don’t be passive in your learning; make sure you comprehend the content. This is a must when wanting to learn English as effectively as possible.

Make notes and write down any English vocabulary that you find important or useful. Writing down words and phrases will significantly increase your ability to remember them. Lingopie saves the words you click on, but hand-writing them will make you remember it even better!

Retell the plot of the show or the movie out loud - to yourself or to someone who understands the English language. Even speaking in front of the mirror will help you! Speaking out loud is an important exercise to establish the contents you’ve downloaded into your brain.

Once you are a little more advanced and feeling confident, you can turn off the supporting subtitles and just leave up the English ones. This ensures that you count solely on your own understanding without a helping hand. But don’t worry if you’re struggling because you can still click the words on the English subs and see the translation displayed!

Don’t stop practising. Learning a language is like playing an instrument; you can never be too good at it and you can never be ‘finished’. So don’t stop revising, learning and listening!

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