New Service Alert: Portuguese, Italian and German are Coming!

Attention Lingofam: If you're looking to pick up an extra language this summer, we just launched three new services: Portuguese, Italian, and German!

If you are already a Lingopie subscriber, then you'll be getting twice the value for the same price.

Just like with Spanish, French, and Russian, our three new services all have their own catalogues of foreign language content, ranked by genre and difficulty level.

You will also get the super-useful, science-backed double subtitles, instant translation, and the ability to create your custom flashcard sets.

What's New in Portuguese Lingopie?

In our new Portuguese content catalog (you need to be signed-in to see it), we've added a set of Brazilian and Portuguese TV series, travel vlogs and movies.

Some of the highlights include:

Cat Girl

Yes, Brazil also has crazy cat ladies. But Catarina is actually the opposite: she was a real cat who abandoned her furry soul in order to learn how to be a human girl.


This very short, but very intense Portuguese film shows a friendly favor gone wrong. Don't watch it if you're staying home alone.

Do You Want to Practice Italian Tonight?

Lingopie's Italian catalog offers a good combination of thrillers and cultural content.

Get started with these:

The Lady with the Black Veil

This hit TV series, set in the late 19th century, was produced by Italian media giant Mediaset. It follows the story of a rebellious noblewoman from Northern Italy. Forced into an arranged marriage and surrounded by polite enemies, she hides behind a black veil in order to defend her inheritance.

The Adventures of Jules Verne

Ever wondered where genius stories come from? In this adorable animated series, Jules Verne and his motley crew of fellow explorers travel to the oddest corners of the world – and invent science fiction in the process.

What's Good in German Lingopie?

The German language is as logical as its series are quirky. Lingopie's German service shows it:


If food is love, can a homemade pizza diagnose the health of your relationship? For Julian and Miguel, it should.

Tiny House

Have you ever dreamed of loading everything onto a converted container and traveling the continent? This documentary series shows the reality of the "Tiny Home" dream – from the smart engineering solutions it requires, to the feelings of freedom and vulnerability that come with the lifestyle.

What Lingopie is All About

If you are not a Lingopie subscriber member yet, it's time to learn why you should:

Lingopie is an on-demand subscription service created to help you learn new foreign languages by binge learning – that is, watching foreign TV series, movies, and documentaries.

Instead of requiring you to memorize vocabulary lists, drilling different verb conjugations, or playing "fill-in-the blanks" exercises, binge learning allows you to learn a new language just like you learned your native one.

Research shows that, through this constant exposure, your brain will eventually start tying together words, phrases, and syntax in a natural way. At the same time, the video and plot will help put everything in context and keep you entertained. The more time you spend immersed in foreign content, the more you will learn.

And just to make it all easier, we also provide you with some extra perks: slow replay, transcripts, loop repetition, and a few others that you can read about here.

Otherwise, just sign up for a free trial and start learning!

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