Learn Italian With TV Series [a Guide]

In this post, we reveal an exciting way to master the Italian language, all through the world of Italian TV shows.

From drama to comedy, crime thrillers to soap operas, Italy's television landscape offers a diverse array of content to help you immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture.

Learning Italian with TV shows provides an engaging and immersive experience. By watching Italian TV series and films with Italian subtitles or even English subtitles, you'll not only enhance your language skills but also gain insight into Italian culture, history, and society.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, these shows offer a brilliant opportunity to expand your Italian vocabulary, practice listening comprehension, and connect with native speakers.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the best Italian TV shows to learn Italian, providing you with an enjoyable and effective way to make progress in your language journey. If you want to check out our guide on how to learn Italian check this post.

So, grab your remote and get ready to dive into the world of Italian television while enhancing your language skills along the way.

So, andiamo!

Table of Contents

  1. Learning Languages with TV - Is it Possible?
  2. The Best Italian TV Shows to Learn Italian
  3. Benefits of Watching Italian TV Shows For Kids
  4. Top 5 Italian Kids Shows for Language Learning
  5. Lingopie - Watch Italian TV Shows With Italian Subtitles
  6. FAQs
  7. Summing Up: How to Learn Italian with TV Shows

Learning Languages With TV - Is it Possible?

Is it truly possible to learn a new language just by watching TV? The answer is a resounding "yes" when it comes to doing so through immersive experiences (like watching Italian TV shows).

While it might sound unconventional, the benefits of watching Italian television extend beyond entertainment.

By consistently watching and engaging with Italian TV content, you expose yourself to the language's rhythm, pronunciation, and colloquial expressions.

Whether you're actively watching Italian dramas or casually enjoying sitcoms, exposure to real-life conversations and diverse accents is invaluable for language learners.

The key is consistency, as your Italian TV show becomes a fun and effective way to supplement your language studies you will get much better knowledge.

So, if you've ever dreamt of mastering a new language while being entertained, grab the remote and start watching Italian TV shows—it's a real and rewarding language-learning strategy.

The Best Netflix Shows to Learn Italian

In this section, we present five popular Italian TV shows that not only entertain but also enrich your Italian vocabulary.

Get ready to watch Italian TV shows and dive into the heart of Italian culture.

1. "The Life Ahead" (La vita davanti a sé)

The Life Ahead stars the iconic Sophia Loren, an Italian native whose magnetic charisma deepens the film's impact. Delving into the story, you'll experience the intricate facets of Italian culture, language, and day-to-day life.

Loren portrays Madame Rosa, a Holocaust survivor and ex-prostitute, who looks after the children of other prostitutes. When an unexpected bond forms between her and Momo, a young immigrant boy who had once stolen from her, it paves the way for a profound journey of affection, recovery, and absolution. The movie poignantly touches on compassion, ties between generations, and the enduring strength of the human spirit."

As you watch, you'll encounter rich Italian dialogues, local slang, and a suspenseful narrative that will keep you hooked while expanding your Italian vocabulary.

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2. "Luna Park"

This Italian drama unfolds in a blue-collar district of Rome, centering on the Ciraulo family, operators of an amusement park. Amidst financial challenges, they grapple with individual and familial dilemmas. Each character in Luna Park brings a distinct personality and tale to the mix.

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3. "An Astrological guide book for broken hearts" (Guid a Astrologica per Cuori infrant)

The series delves into the life of Alice, a budding assistant producer working at a modest television station. As she confronts both career and personal hurdles, the show masterfully interlaces elements of comedy, drama, and romance, painting a vivid narrative that consistently captivates its audience.

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4. "Suburra: Blood on Rome"

"Suburra: Blood on Rome" is a crime thriller that explores the corruption and criminal activities intertwined with politics and the Vatican in Rome.

The show's complex characters and plotlines offer a compelling backdrop to absorb Italian vocabulary and cultural nuances.

5. "Romanzo Criminale"

Set in Rome during the 1970s, "Romanzo Criminale" follows a group of young criminals who rise to power through organized crime.

This gripping series is not only a thrilling crime drama but also an exploration of the Roman underworld and its language, making it a fantastic resource for expanding your Italian vocabulary.

Indulge in these popular Italian TV shows, where language and storytelling intertwine, and you'll find yourself on a captivating linguistic journey while enjoying some of Italy's finest television productions.


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Benefits of Watching Italian TV Shows For Kids

Beginners can greatly benefit from watching kids' TV shows when learning a new language like Italian.

The reason for this is simple: These shows are tailored to young audiences, making the language simpler and more accessible. Here's how:

  • Basic Vocabulary: Kids' shows introduce fundamental Italian vocabulary in a clear and repetitive manner, making it easier for Italian learners to grasp essential words and phrases.
  • Clear Pronunciation: Children's show characters often articulate their words distinctly, aiding beginners in understanding proper pronunciation and enunciation.
  • Simplified Grammar: The language used in kids' shows is typically straightforward, helping beginners build a solid foundation in Italian grammar.
  • Visual Context: Visual aids and gestures used in these shows assist learners in associating words with their meanings, reinforcing comprehension.
  • Engaging Storylines: Even though designed for children, these shows often feature captivating narratives that make learning enjoyable and memorable.

Top 5 Italian Kids Shows for Language Learning

1. "Geronimo Stilton": Join the adventures of the mouse journalist Geronimo Stilton as he travels the world, introducing young viewers to new places and Italian vocabulary.

2. "Winx Club": This animated series follows a group of fairies, combining fantasy with everyday life situations, offering a rich source of Italian language exposure.

3. "Peppa Pig" (Peppa Pig - Peppa è un maialino molto curioso): Young viewers can learn Italian alongside Peppa Pig and her family as they explore everyday activities and experiences.

4. "Mia and Me": This show blends live-action and animation, taking viewers to a magical world while incorporating Italian vocabulary and phrases.

5. "Lupo Alberto": Follow the adventures of Alberto the wolf and his friends in this animated series, which provides entertaining language learning opportunities.

These kid's Italian shows offer a fantastic way for beginners to build their language skills while having fun with engaging and educational content.


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Lingopie - Watch Italian TV Shows With Italian Subtitles

Lingopie is a superb platform from which to explore Italian culture and language in an innovative way.

With Lingopie, you can watch a diverse range of shows and series while enjoying the added benefit of Italian subtitles.

A subscription enabales you to immerse yourself in captivating Italian shows, from thrilling Sicilian murder mysteries to heartwarming Italian series.

By watching these programs with Italian subtitles, you unlock a treasure trove of new Italian vocabulary related to the context of each show, which you can save into a vocabulary bank.

Discover the nuances of the language as you follow the storyline, and enhance your listening and reading comprehension simultaneously. Lingopie's unique approach makes learning Italian not only educational but also entertaining.


FAQs: How to Learn Italian with TV Shows

In this section, we provide answers to frequently asked questions relating to how to learn Italian with TV shows.

Can you learn Italian by watching Italian TV?

Yes, watching Italian TV shows is a valuable tool for learning Italian. It exposes you to native conversations, enhances pronunciation, and helps with vocabulary. While not a sole method, it complements other language learning resources effectively.

What should I watch to learn Italian?

You can watch a variety of content, from Italian series and dramas to children's shows. Choose content that matches your language level and interests. Subtitles can assist understanding.

Can you learn Italian on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix offers a selection of Italian TV shows and italian movies with subtitles. It's a convenient platform for learning Italian while enjoying popular Italian content.

How can I watch Italian Rai TV in USA?

You can access Rai TV through RaiPlay, Rai's official streaming service. However, it may not be available directly in the USA due to regional restrictions. Consider using a VPN to access it or check if it's available through a streaming service that offers Italian channels.

Rai (Radiotelevisione Italiana) is one of the most popular Italian TV channels. It's a state-owned network that offers a wide range of programming, including news, entertainment, and cultural content, making it a top choice for Italian viewers.

Summing Up: How to Learn Italian with TV Shows

In this article, we've demonstrated how and why learning Italian through the medium of TV shows is not just advisable, but also effective.

Whether you're drawn to the suspenseful Sicilian murder mysteries, heartwarming family tales like "Un Medico in Famiglia," or the dramatic allure of Italian soap operas, these shows provide a rich and immersive experience for Italian learners .

As you watch Italian shows, you'll not only improve your language skills but also delve into the diverse cultural and historical landscapes of Italy.

From Italian history to contemporary issues portrayed in Italian media, TV shows and movies offer an engaging lens through which to explore Italy's rich heritage and modern society.

Furthermore, by tuning in to these shows, you'll gradually bridge the gap between being an Italian learner and becoming a somebody able to converse with native speakers.

So, embrace the world of Italian TV, where every episode is a step toward mastering the language and connecting with the heart of Italian culture. Sign up for a free trial with Lingopie today, and start your journey towards fluency in Italian.

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