How to Learn Italian with Netflix's Vincenzo

If you are looking for a fun new way to learn Italian, why not try watching an Italian TV show? Netflix's Vincenzo is a great option for intermediate learners who want to expand their horizons a little.

Watching foreign-language TV and movies can enhance the learning process and put the Italian language into a more relevant and interesting context than academic textbooks.

Enhance your grammar and vocabulary acquisition and start speaking this beautiful language with Vincenzo on Netflix!

You can also boost your language learning journey by streaming Italian-language content on Lingopie. This is the best streaming site for keen language learners.

Learning Italian with TV

You might be wondering how a Netflix show can teach you Italian. Well, this is the Lingopie-backed method for learning Italian that relies on immersion in a foreign language.

When you immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture, your brain absorbs the sounds, vocabulary, grammar, nuances, and even dialects much more naturally than if you are formally studying linguistics books.

Watching TV and movies in Italian will particularly benefit your learning style if you are a visual or auditory learner.

From Vincenzo and other great Italian shows, you will pick up everyday basic vocabulary and learn Italian sayings in context. This provides a deeper understanding of the vernacular and appropriate usage of phrases when speaking Italian.

Watching TV and movies is the best way to learn Italian in a natural context. So, start learning Italian with Lingopie and Netflix today!

Introducing Vincenzo

This Netflix show is about a Korean man, Park Joo-hyung, who was adopted by an Italian family at the age of eight and grew up in a mafia family as Vincenzo Cassano.

When his adoptive father dies, the biological son of the mafia don tries to kill Vincenzo and he has to flee to Korea.

When watching Vincenzo, you will pick up on some aspects of Italian culture and society. This will provide you with a deeper context while you are learning Italian.

That being said, we suggest that you watch Vincenzo when you are at an intermediate level of Italian study. This show is mainly in the Korean language but there are some great Italian sayings mixed into the dialogue.

Our main protagonist, Vincenzo, speaks Italian and he uses some useful Italian vocabulary throughout, but if you are looking for full immersion as a learner, it is better to start with an all-Italian show.

Now, let's talk about learning Italian with Vincenzo and how to get the most out of the gripping show.

How to Learn Italian with Vincenzo

The best way to learn Italian with Vincenzo is to make it an active learning experience. Rather than just watching the show, you can use it as an opportunity to improve your pronunciation and language acquisition.

Try to get as much practice as you can using and understanding Italian. We will now suggest some activities you can do with Vincenzo covering all language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).

Immersion in Language and Culture

Whether you are a complete beginner or an intermediate learner, the best way to learn Italian is to try and immerse yourself in the language and culture.

Hearing Italian words and phrases spoken by natives using their local language is by far the most authentic way to absorb the vernacular.

This is like taking an audio course but with more context and visuals to help you understand and create associations between vocab words and their definitions.

Try to watch some Italian TV every day to keep this immersion alive. Learning Italian involves turning up for your studies daily and keeping up the momentum.

Speech Shadow

While you are watching Italian television shows, try to repeat some words and phrases just as they are said by the actors. This is called speech shadowing and it is a great way to work on your fluency and accent when you speak Italian.

Speech shadowing will set you off in the right direction in terms of developing great pronunciation. Try to speech shadow any word that sounds particularly difficult to say, as this will help you speak with confidence.

Note Useful Words and Phrases

It is a great idea to note down all of the basic Italian phrases and fun idiomatic Italian language you come across in Vincenzo.

This will help you to develop new vocabulary for everyday situations and add some color to your learned Italian.

Of course, you can also write down the pronunciation of the new word to help you remember how to say it. For example, dodici ("do-dee-chee") means "twelve".

The "do-dee-chee" part is not proper Italian, but it is a useful guide to remind you of the correct pronunciation if you think you will forget.

Discuss the Show with a Language Exchange Partner

Now, to put some of your pronunciation and learned vocab to good use, you should try to find someone with whom to speak Italian. If you do not have any Italian friends, you can find native speakers online who offer tutoring services.

This will help you to build your Italian vocabulary with the new language your partner uses and even gain a deeper insight into Italian grammar. As your language partner talks, try to note the tenses and moods, the conjugations, and, of course, any fun new language that you want to note down.

Try not to speak English at all with your language exchange partner, as speaking English defeats the purpose of this immersive experience.

Write a Review

Another great way to use the Italian grammar rules and vocab you have acquired is to start writing in your second language.

Write a review of Vincenzo in Italian. This does not have to be a two-page spread, but just a quick writing exercise that you can do on your lunch break to keep the language alive in your mind.

As you learn Italian phrases, try to incorporate them into your speaking and writing practice to make sure you can use them in context.

Use Subtitles

Finally, as you watch Vincenzo, do not be afraid to use Italian or English subtitles to get you started. Subtitles can make the content more accessible - and if you don't speak Korean, you will need them for Vincenzo anyway.

Subtitles will help with your listening comprehension and help you follow the plot better as you learn Italian.

Remember that sometimes Italian translations into English will rephrase or paraphrase a little to make the dialogue work better.

New Vocabulary to Get You Started as a Beginner

If you are brand new to Italian, you can look over these building blocks for basic conversations. With this useful vocabulary, you can build simple phrases to greet people and get by in Italian restaurants.

  • Buongiorno - Good morning
  • Buon pomeriggio - Good afternoon
  • Buona sera - Good evening
  • Buona notte - Good night
  • Arrivederci, alla prossima - Bye, see you next time
  • Mi chiamo... - My name is...
  • Un tavolo per due, per favore - A table for two, please
  • Vorrei - I would like
  • Il conto - The check
  • Non lo so - I don't know

If you do not know where to start with your Italian study, why not try an online course or a language learning app that provides some basic context and grammar rules to get you going?

Then, when you watch Vincenzo, you will be able to spot patterns and build your vocabulary.

Idiomatic Language in Vincenzo

Vicenzo is a great watch for intermediate learners who want to learn new fun phrases, curse words, and idioms in Italian. You will uncover some colorful and imaginative language in this show. Here are some examples:

  • Tra i ladri non c’è onore - There is no honor among thieves
  • Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro - Finding a friend is finding a treasure
  • Se sono veramente cattivo, è colpa tua - If I am truly evil, it is your fault
  • La sconfitta inizia dall’aver paura - Defeat begins with fear

Break down these phrases from Vincenzo and try to identify the meaning of each word individually. This is a more useful exercise than simply memorizing phrases and not understanding each word on its own.


What are some beautiful Italian phrases?

There are some basic Italian phrases that are quite beautiful, such as la vita è più dolce con te ("life is sweeter with you"), il dolce far niente ("the sweetness of doing nothing"), and amore mio ("my beloved"). As you learn Italian, you will come across many more examples of beautiful phrases in this romantic and poetic language.

Can I learn Italian in 3 months with Vincenzo?

If you watch Vincenzo every day and incorporate other language-learning techniques into your Italian learning efforts, you can get to a basic conversational level in 3 months.

Studying Italian works best when you use multiple resources, such as online courses, grammar books, and, of course, TV! The best way to learn Italian with Vincenzo is to make it an active learning experience.

Is the Italian language easy to learn?

The Italian language is generally accepted as one of the easiest to learn, especially if you already speak a Romance language or know the Latin alphabet.

A few months into your learning journey, you won't be completely fluent, but you will be able to communicate simple questions and answers to people in Italy.

Can I teach myself to speak Italian?

You can learn Italian to a basic level by watching TV and using the methods explored above. Supplement your learning by taking online courses like Preply or Intrepid Italian. The more methods you use for learning, the faster you will acquire the language. An online course is a great way to develop your understanding of grammar patterns and more complex linguistic ideas.

Summing Up: How to Learn Italian with Netflix's Vincenzo

So, Italian learners can watch Vicenzo on Netflix to deepen their language learning and develop their sophisticated vocabulary.

The best way to learn Italian fast is to immerse yourself in the language and TV shows are a great way to achieve this. Of course, you can also rely on other learning resources alongside the TV.

Kick off your Italian learning journey today with Netflix's Vincenzo and any of the great shows on Lingopie. Before you know it, you'll be booking a trip to Rome to use your intermediate Italian in person!

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