10 Best TV Series on Netflix to Learn English [For Beginners]

Are you looking for entertaining new ways to learn English? What if we told you that you can develop your language skills by watching a great English-language TV series?

Language learning just got a lot more fun with this innovative new approach. Pick a Netflix series and binge-watch it to develop your listening comprehension of spoken English and improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.

In this post, we will explore how watching Netflix is a great way for language learners to develop their language skills. We will also recommend 10 of the best Netflix series to watch for language acquisition.

Learning English by Watching TV Shows

You can learn English by engaging with English-language Netflix shows. Enjoy the interesting stories and diverse themes while picking up new vocabulary, deepening your comprehension, and improving your pronunciation.

Watching native speakers from different English-speaking countries allows you to absorb the language organically and learn how to use phrases in the right context.

A child learns their mother tongue through immersion in the language, and this is what the binge-watching language learning technique promotes.

If you like the sound of learning languages by watching TV, visit Lingopie. This streaming service employs the binge-watching method to teach 8 different languages.

For deeper learning, you can write down common words and phrases you pick up from a TV show and try to use them every day until you start to memorize them.

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The Best TV Series for Learning English

1. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory tells the story of four 30-something-year-old men who work as physicists. They are the definition of uncool, but when a pretty young actress moves in next door to Sheldon and Leonard, they attempt to befriend her.

This Friends-style sitcom follows the work and social lives of these men and the women they date.

Three of the four main characters are native English speakers, and the fourth is played by Kunal Nayyar, who is a British-Indian actor with a strong accent. Advanced learners will be able to spot the different accents.

What You'll Learn

This show features a lot of science-related vocabulary and discussions of science fiction, superheroes, and other "geeky" topics.

2. Breaking Bad

Walter White is a chemistry teacher who is suddenly faced with the truth of his own mortality. He decides he has to start making a lot of extra money to cover medical bills and leave his family with funds when he is gone.

Due to his background in chemistry, he is able to start cooking meth with his former student, Jesse. The two make and sell incredibly pure drugs, which quickly gets them noticed by local gangs.

Once you start watching, you won't be able to stop. At times, the plot is so convoluted and intense that you're tempted to skip ahead to see how Walt and Jesse get out of a situation.

What You'll Learn

Breaking Bad will expose you to words and phrases related to drugs, crime, the police, and family. The characters have American accents and Mexican accents. The show also features plenty of Mexican Spanish.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This is a sitcom about the 99th precinct of the New York Police Department. Andy Samberg plays Jake, a clever but immature detective, and our main character. He's great at his job but can't help but get himself in comedic sticky situations on every mission.

Sometimes the main characters speak quite quickly or use made-up slang, like "noice" for nice and "toight" for tight. Some wordplay and fast-paced speech could be challenging for beginners, but the overall vibe of the show is easy-watching and with subtitles, it is an accessible and enjoyable watch.

What You'll Learn

Check out Brooklyn Nine-Nine to learn modern slang words. This TV show also covers interesting topics, such as racial discrimination and the treatment of LGBT+ people by the police.

4. You

Joe Goldberg is a young man with an interest in a pretty girl called Beck. Or, at least, this is how it seems on the surface. However, it becomes clear pretty quickly that this is going to be a different story than the typical boy-meets-girl romance.

This thrilling and at times horrific drama follows Joe on his journey from being the boy next door with a crush to a full-blown stalker with terrible impulses and secrets.

Season one sees Joe living in New York, then in the second season, he moves to sunny LA. Get an insight into both of these iconic American cities and hear a range of American accents.

What You'll Learn

A key characteristic of the show is the inner monologue of Joe, our creepy protagonist. These monologues are spoken slowly and clearly and work well as listening comprehension for beginner and intermediate English learners.

5. 13 Reasons Why

Watch 13 Reasons Why to follow Hannah's turbulent journey of moving to a new school, navigating love and disappointment, and ultimately dying by suicide.

This is a controversial series as in its season one finale we see the main character commit suicide. Some critics feel this is too graphic for viewers. However, if you can face it, the show is an interesting and moving watch.

Few TV shows have tackled mental health issues in teenagers with such frankness, and the way the characters unpick and slowly realize how Hannah was driven to make this decision is very thought-provoking.

What You'll Learn

As this series follows different young students at school, at home, and at work, you will hear a lot of everyday English, like ordering in cafes and small talk around the table. All of this is very useful for life in general.

6. Cooked

Food writer Michael Pollan explores how cooking changes food and shapes the world we live in. This documentary series is based on Pollan's book of the same name.

Each episode, named Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, deals with a different concept and way of cooking. Various cultures and traditions are explored through food and the elements.

This is a great watch if you want to practice listening to English but learn about cultures and ways of life beyond the English-speaking world.

What You'll Learn

You will learn a lot of English vocabulary related to food, as well as much about the world's diverse people, belief systems, and culinary habits.

7. The Office

This iconic comedy TV show is one of the English-speaking world's most loved. It is about a group of people who work at a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The office's boss, Michael, is a lovable idiot, who often crosses lines and gets himself in trouble. There is also a budding office romance and a host of unusual characters in this seemingly unassuming office.

The premise is that these people are being followed by a documentary crew, so they are living their daily lives, but also giving interviews.

What You'll Learn

The talking heads scenes are particularly good for developing your English skills as you can focus on just one character and note their body language and mannerisms as they speak.

8. Sex Education

This show was designed to impart important educational content about sex and relationships to teenagers and young adults, but it is actually worth watching at any age.

Otis is a teenage boy who is still working out his sexual identity. Otis' mum, played by the wonderful Gillian Anderson, is a sex therapist.

The show follows Otis and his mother, as well as a host of other school-aged young people, as they navigate the challenges and tribulations of sex, love, and relationships.

Some of the themes covered are heavy, while others are comical and light. The show does a great job of being funny and engaging, but also educational and honest.

What You'll Learn

If you are trying to learn English with a British accent, this show is a good pick. The accents are generic southern English and fairly easy to understand and mimic. You can also learn a thing or two about the human body!

9. After Life

This TV show tells the story of Tony, a middle-aged man who has recently lost his wife and as a result, is very depressed and angry. He takes his anger out on those around him, like Matt, his brother-in-law and boss, and his colleagues.

Despite the overarching theme of mourning and loss, Tony finds himself in many funny situations that provide light relief from the sad tone of the show.

Moreover, Tony's dog brings a lot of light and love to the screen, and she is his reason for staying alive.

What You'll Learn

This Netflix series deals with real-life situations, such as feelings of loss and loneliness, working in an office, and visiting a forgetful elderly parent. You will pick up a lot of great British English practical vocabulary relating to daily life.

10. Our Planet

Finally, if you love shows about the natural world, this fantastic series is a must-watch. Each episode focuses on a different habitat or region of the Earth, from jungles to coastal seas and frozen worlds.

The slow and soothing voice of Sir David Attenborough guides the viewer through the different corners of our incredible planet. You can mimic Attenborough's steady voice if you would like to practice speaking, as he talks so clearly.

Repeating words back to the TV is a great way to work on pronunciation and build brain connections between vocabulary and images.

What You'll Learn

You will learn a lot of new words relating to nature, such as animal and plant names, and climate and habitat terms.

If you want to learn more vocabulary related to nature, wildlife, and the Earth, then you're in luck. Netflix boasts a huge collection of nature documentaries.

FAQs: Learning English with TV Shows

What is the best way to develop my English listening skills?

One of the best ways for language learners to develop their listening skills is to watch English-language TV with English subtitles on. This helps you to recognize all the words you are hearing and associate them with their spelling.

Can I learn English just by watching TV?

You can significantly improve your English by watching a TV series or a movie featuring native English speakers. It is a good idea to use the binge-watching method in conjunction with other resources, such as language classes or reading books. This way, you will also develop your other language skills.

Which are the best Netflix shows for learning British English?

There are a lot of great shows on Netflix for English learning set in the UK, but you should start with The Crown and The Great British Bake Off.

The Crown is a historical drama that tells the true story of the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal family. The show will have six seasons in total, and five are currently available on Netflix.

The Great British Bake Off (The Great British Baking Show) features a range of British accents and will give viewers an insight into British culture and cuisine.

Should I use English subtitles or subtitles in my native language?

You should try to use English subtitles, or two subtitles if you are struggling to understand just the English translations.

Netflix has a Chrome extension that allows dual subtitles, and Lingopie also offers a dual subtitle feature. Lingopie's dual subtitles are interactive, so you can save new words and click on them to hear them spoken aloud.

Summing Up: How to Learn English with Netflix

So, if you want to learn new vocabulary and improve your listening comprehension while having fun, you should check out these 10 English-language TV shows on Netflix.

In this post, we have discussed how language learners can develop their language skills, particularly listening skills and pronunciation, by watching TV shows featuring native speakers.

Check out Lingopie to try out the binge-watching method for learning Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, or Korean.

For more tips on language learning with TV and movies, visit the Lingopie Blog. Have fun watching awesome TV!

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