50 Korean Terms of Love and Affection

When diving into learning the Korean language and culture, one of the most charming discoveries you can make is the extensive list of terms of endearment. These expressions of affection are not only a cornerstone in personal relationships but also a fascinating aspect of language learning. As you embark on your journey to learn Korean, understanding these terms can enrich your communication and deepen connections with loved ones.

Here's a list of 30 endearing Korean terms that will add warmth to your conversations:

  1. 여보 (Yeobo) - A classic term used between married couples, similar to "honey" or "darling."
  2. 자기 (Jagi) - Equivalent to "baby" or "sweetie," used between couples.
  3. 꿀떡 (Kkul-tteok) - Literally means "honey rice cake," denoting someone very sweet.
  4. 반쪽 (Banjjak) - Meaning "other half," perfect for your significant other.
  5. 보물 (Bomul) - Translates to "treasure," for someone you cherish deeply.
  6. 달링 (Dalling) - "Darling," borrowed from English but widely used.
  7. 오빠 (Oppa) - A term used by females to address an older male, often in a romantic context.
  8. 누나 (Nuna) - Used by males to address an older female, sometimes romantically.
  9. 형 (Hyung) - Used by males to address an older male, can be affectionate among close friends.
  10. 언니 (Unni) - Females use this to address an older female, also affectionately.
  11. 공주님 (Gongjunim) - "Princess," for someone precious and adored.
  12. 왕자님 (Wangjanim) - "Prince," a noble term of endearment.
  13. 해님 (Haenim) - "Sun," for someone who brightens your day.
  14. 별님 (Byeolnim) - "Star," for a person who lights up your night sky.
  15. 꽃길 (Kkotgil) - "Flower road," symbolizing a wish for a happy life path.
  16. 사랑꾼 (Sarangkkun) - A lover or someone very affectionate.
  17. 토끼 (Tokki) - "Rabbit," for someone cute or adorable.
  18. 강아지 (Gangaji) - "Puppy," denoting cuteness and affection.
  19. 고양이 (Goyangi) - "Cat," for the affectionately aloof.
  20. 순둥이 (Sundungi) - A term for someone with a gentle and soft nature.
  21. 마음씨 (Maeumssi) - "Heart," for someone kind-hearted.
  22. 나의 하늘 (Naui Haneul) - "My sky," for someone who encompasses your world.
  23. 달콤이 (Dalkom-i) - "Sweetie," for someone irresistibly sweet.
  24. 보석 (Boseok) - "Jewel," for a person of great value in your life.
  25. 꿀벌 (Kkulbeol) - "Honeybee," for someone hardworking and sweet.
  26. 천사 (Cheonsa) - "Angel," for a person with a pure heart.
  27. 나의 빛 (Naui Bit) - "My light," for someone who brings clarity and joy.
  28. 소울메이트 (Soulmate) - "Soulmate," directly borrowed from English, for your perfect match.
  29. 달님 (Dalnim) - "Moon," for someone who is a constant in your life.
  30. 내 사랑 (Nae Sarang) - "My love," a straightforward but powerful declaration of love.
  31. 천재 (Cheonjae) - "Genius," for someone you admire for their intellect.
  32. 보고 싶은 (Bogo Sipeun) - "Miss you," for someone you long to see.
  33. 꿀잼 (Kkuljaem) - A slang term meaning "really fun" or "super enjoyable," used for someone who's a blast to be with.
  34. 설탕 (Seoltang) - "Sugar," for someone sweet.
  35. 나비 (Nabi) - "Butterfly," symbolizing someone who brings color to your life.
  36. 나의 천국 (Naui Cheonguk) - "My heaven," for someone who makes your life blissful.
  37. 해바라기 (Haebalagi) - "Sunflower," for someone who always makes you smile.
  38. 비타민 (Vitamin) - For someone who energizes you and makes you feel better.
  39. 바보 (Babo) - "Fool," used endearingly for someone who's silly or cute in their actions.
  40. 영원한 친구 (Yeongwonhan Chingu) - "Forever friend," for a lifelong companion.
  41. 달고나 (Dalgona) - Referring to a sweet, sugary treat, used for someone very sweet.
  42. 마법사 (Mabeobsa) - "Wizard" or "magician," for someone who has a magical effect on you.
  43. 소중한 (Sojunghan) - "Precious," for someone invaluable.
  44. 미소천사 (Misocheonsa) - "Smile angel," for someone whose smile is angelic.
  45. 햇살 (Haetsal) - "Sunshine," for someone who brightens your day.
  46. 꿈나라 (Kkumnara) - "Dreamland," for someone who feels like a dream.
  47. 기적 (Gijeok) - "Miracle," for someone who is a miracle in your life.
  48. 별빛 (Byeolbit) - "Starlight," for someone who shines brightly in your life.
  49. 슈퍼스타 (Superstar) - For someone who stands out for their talent or charm.
  50. 내 포근함 (Nae Pogeunham) - "My coziness," for someone who makes you feel safe and warm.

These terms of endearment add depth and variety to your expressions of love and affection in Korean. Whether you're speaking with a loved one, a close friend, or expressing admiration, these phrases will help you convey your feelings more meaningfully. Remember, using these terms appropriately depends on the level of intimacy and the context of your relationship, so it's always good to understand the nuances of their use.


Incorporating these terms of endearment into your Korean vocabulary not only enriches your linguistic skills but also opens a window into the cultural nuances of expressing affection. For those eager to learn Korean and dive deeper into its cultural intricacies, platforms like Lingopie offer an innovative approach. Lingopie specializes in language learning through the power of storytelling, utilizing TV shows and movies to immerse learners in real-life contexts and conversations. This method not only helps in understanding casual and formal language uses but also introduces learners to culturally significant phrases and expressions, including terms of endearment.

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