What is Shakira's New Song About and What Spanish Vocabulary Can You Learn from It

Colombian singer Shakira’s new song is taking the world by storm and breaking records. Despite already being an extremely successful singer, the success attributed to ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’ (the title of the new song) has more to do with the singer’s personal life than with the actual music itself.

‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’ is Shakira’s response to all the drama surrounding her tumultuous separation from famous Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué. The singer didn’t hold back and seriously dissed Piqué and his mistress (now girlfriend), making it obvious that the end of the relationship was anything but friendly.

In this article we’ll clue you in on all the hot gossip but also highlight some interesting Spanish phrases and words for all those trying to learning Spanish with lyrics out there.

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The Story Behind the Song

Shakira is, of course, one of the most recognized and accomplished Latin artists in the world. The 45-year-old Colombian singer was married to World Cup winner Spanish footballer Gerad Piqué (35). He is known as one of the most important players in FC Barcelona’s history.

After 12 years of a seemingly perfect marriage that resulted in two children, the stars ended up in the tabloids after allegations of Piqué’s infidelity began to spread around.

It is said that Piqué had a long history of cheating on Shakira. There was even an infamous episode in which Piqué’s supposed mistress appeared at the background of a live stream he was doing.

However, the rumor the internet is truly obsessed with involves the couple and a strawberry jam jar! Yes, you’ve read it correctly, Shakira supposedly found out about her husband’s infidelity because of a jam jar.

The tale being told is that Shakira was out of town promoting one of her songs and when she came back home she noticed her favorite strawberry jam partially eaten, but Piqué apparently hates jam and never eats it, so who else other than a mistress could be the culprit?!

Whether the jam story is true or not it matters very little, it has already gone viral and is fueling memes left and right. What is true however is that Shaki and Piqué called it quits in June 2022 and the former football player is now dating 23-year-old student Clara Chia Marti, said to be his mistress before the official separation between Piqué and Shakira.

How to Learn A Language with Music

In very broad terms, learn a language with music can be a fun and engaging way to practice listening and speaking skills, as well as helping to memorize vocabulary and grammar.

Additionally, the rhythm and melody of a song can make it easier to remember the lyrics, which can help to improve pronunciation and comprehension. Listening to music in the target language can also expose learners to different accents, colloquial expressions and cultural references, which can help to improve understanding of the language and culture.

Listening to music from different cultures can give insight into their history, beliefs, and traditions. It can also expose listeners to new instruments, musical styles, and forms of expression.

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BZRP Music Sessions #53’

On January 11 Shakira’s new song was released and it quickly became a record breaking phenomenon. But what makes this song different from other diss tracks?

Usually diss tracks are not exactly straightforward and leave a lot to the imagination and interpretation. Shaki’s song however is direct, fingers are pointed and names are named.

Let’s take a look at some interesting parts of the song with highlighted vocabulary and translation in bold.

Tanto que te las das de campeón
Y cuando te necesitaba diste tu peor versión

You pretend so much to be a champion
And when I needed you you gave me your worst version

Campeón = champion

This obviously refers to Piqué being wildly revered and successful in his line of work but apparently he wasn’t as much of a champion as a husband.

Una loba como yo no está pa' tipos como tú
A she-wolf like me isn't for guys like you

This is a direct reference to one of Shakira’s big hits She Wolf or Loba in Spanish. The singer is rightfully confident and knows how much she’s worth.

It’s worth noting that the word tipo in Spanish can have many meanings but in this case it’s a colloquial word for man.

Yo solo hago música, perdón que te salpique
Me dejaste de vecina a la suegra
Con la prensa en la puerta y la deuda en Hacienda

I only make music, sorry if it splashes you
You left me with my mother-in-law as a neighbor
The press at my door, and a debt with the Treasury

Perdón = sorry
Suegra = mother-in-law
Deuda = debt

This is one of the pieces of lyrics that are gaining the most attention because it references Piqué directly. Shakira pronounces the word salpique (which means splash) with a noticeable pause and emphasis on pique.

She also references the fact that the couple used to live next door to Piqué’s parents in Barcelona as well as the infamous accusation the Spanish government made against Shakira. She was accused of defrauding the country of roughly 14 million dollars.

Tiene nombre de persona buena
Claramente no es como suena

She's got the name of a good person
Clearly, it's not how it sounds

Nombre = name

Another very direct shout out here to Piqué’s now girlfriend and former mistress who is called Clara. Once again Shakira makes sure to pause when pronouncing the word claramente (clearly). It’s also worth pointing out that Clara is the name of a saint.

Cero rencor, bebé, yo te deseo que te vaya bien con mi supuesto reemplazo

No hard feelings, babe, I wish you
Good luck with my so-called replacement

Rencor = hard feelings
Que te vaya bien = expression with the same meaning as “good luck”

Let’s be honest, Shakira absolutely does have hard feelings about all of this and we doubt she actually has well wished for the new couple. No judgments, though.

Ah, mucho gimnasio
Pero trabaja el cerebro un poquito también

Ah, so much time at the gym
But work out your brain a bit too

Gimnasio = gym
Cerebro = brain

Not much we can add on this one, Shakira is being brutal.


This was just a little taste of all the gossip Shakira dissed on her newest song. We recommend you go listen to the whole thing and read all the lyrics because they’re sure entertaining.

In addition to being up to date with one of the hottest songs at the moment and with all the conversation it’s sparking up, you can also pick up new vocabulary and expressions in Spanish.

If you want to learn more Spanish with amazing movies, TV shows and music consider signing up to Lingopie and benefit from our 7-day free trial.

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