Learning Languages With Disney+: How Kids Can Learn With Dubbed Content

Foreign language education is divided into two categories; teaching to adults and teaching to young learners (kids). This is because kids have different needs than adults. Their attention span is much shorter, they get bored easily, and they learn the best while having fun. Thus, content and materials are important in teaching to kids. I think learning languages with Disney+ is perfect for kids.

In this article, you will discover how your kids learn languages with Disney+, what you need to pay attention when choosing movie content, and how to turn it into a learning routine.

Choosing the Right Content

You should be sensitive about choosing a movie content for your kids. It must be age-appropriate and level-appropriate. It is not pedagogically appropriate to let your kids watch adult movies where they can learn negative behaviour.

Selecting Age-Appropriate Shows

When introducing kids to language learning through dubbed content, it's crucial to choose shows that are age-appropriate. Disney+ provides a range of animated classics and modern series suitable for different age groups.

Opting for Familiar Characters

Kids often connect more with characters they already know and love. Opt for dubbed content featuring familiar Disney characters, creating a comfortable and enjoyable language learning experience.

Making Use of Subtitles

If your kid can read and write in their native language, it is a good idea to support their language learning through subtitles when watching dubbed content.

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Starting with Native Language Subtitles

For beginners, enable subtitles in their native language. This allows kids to follow along easily while becoming accustomed to the new language's sounds and rhythm.

Gradually Transitioning to Target Language Subtitles

As kids become more familiar with the language, switch to subtitles in the target language. This gradual transition helps improve reading skills while reinforcing language comprehension.

Interactive Learning

Kids can easily get bored and distracted so it is hard for them to sit still for a long time. They should move their body when learning something because they learn more effectively when they are active. In contrast to what many people think, it won’t hamper their learning.

Engaging with Dubbed Interactive Features

Disney+ offers interactive features within dubbed content, such as quizzes and games. Encourage kids to actively participate in these activities, turning language learning into a playful and interactive experience.

Incorporating Language Games

Supplement dubbed content with language learning games. These games can focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, and simple phrases, making the learning process enjoyable and educational.

Repetition and Routine

Another learning method that works for kids is drilling and repetition exercises. Kids don’t find repeating boring and they actually enjoy doing it. That’s why lessons mostly consist of repetition and drilling exercises in kindergarten and elementary school.

Embracing Repetition for Vocabulary Building

Kids thrive on repetition. Encourage them to rewatch their favorite dubbed shows, reinforcing vocabulary and familiarizing them with commonly used expressions.

Establishing a Language Learning Routine

Consistency is key in language learning. Set a regular schedule for watching dubbed content on Disney+, creating a routine that integrates language learning seamlessly into daily activities.

Encouraging Cultural Curiosity

Rather than just learning the language, it is also important to learn cultural things. That’s why choosing cartoons or movies that reflect the target culture is better for your kids.

Exploring Different Cultures

Dubbed content on Disney+ often showcases various cultures. Use this opportunity to spark kids' curiosity about different traditions, customs, and languages, providing a holistic learning experience.

Discussing Cultural Nuances

Engage in conversations about cultural nuances depicted in the dubbed shows. This not only enhances language comprehension but also broadens kids' cultural awareness and understanding.

Parental Involvement

Kids love it when they do activities and play games with their parents. You can encourage and support your kids by watching movies with them. It will help them love the language you are trying to teach them.

Watching Together and Discussing

Parents can actively participate in the language learning process by watching dubbed content together. Discuss the storyline, characters, and any language-related questions the child may have.

Creating Language Learning Challenges

Make language learning fun by creating challenges. For instance, introduce a "word of the day" or encourage kids to use newly learned phrases in daily conversations.

Celebrating Progress

Celebrating is a crucial effect in young learners’ education. Think about how they feel happy when they get a small sticker from their teachers because they completed their homework. Rewarding is the most important thing that keeps your kids motivated.

Recognizing Achievements

Celebrate milestones and achievements in language learning. Whether it's mastering a challenging phrase or understanding an entire episode without subtitles, acknowledgment boosts a child's confidence.

Rewarding Efforts

Implement a reward system to motivate kids. Offer small rewards for consistent language practice, creating positive reinforcement for their language learning endeavors.

Want To Learn Languages While Watching Movies?


Learning languages with Disney+ provides a valuable and entertaining avenue for kids to learn a new language. By incorporating these tips, parents can make language learning a joyful and enriching experience for their children. But as an alternative to Disney+, why don’t you give try Lingopie to learn languages while watching TV shows?

Lingopie is a content-based language learning app that offers 9 languages. Thanks to Lingopie, you can learn a foreign language by watching TV shows and movies. It has a vast library of authentic content for each language including movies, TV shows, songs, and podcasts for language learners.

The best part is that it also has a Netflix extension! You can learn new words from your favorite shows by just clicking on the word. You can also add these words to  your own vocabulary lists to review and practice later.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I ensure the dubbed content is suitable for my child's age?

Disney+ offers a variety of parental controls that allow you to customize content based on your child's age and maturity level.

2. Are there specific language learning games within Disney+?

Yes, Disney+ includes interactive features and games that enhance language learning for kids.

3. Can watching dubbed content really help my child become fluent in a new language?

While it's not the sole method, watching dubbed content on Disney+ can significantly contribute to language acquisition when combined with other language learning activities.

4. What languages are available on Disney+?

The available languages on Disney+ can vary based on your location and the specific content you're watching. However, Disney+ typically provides content in a variety of languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish.

Additionally, Disney+ often includes audio and subtitle options in many other languages to cater to a diverse global audience.

5. Does Disney+ have language options?

Yes, Disney+ offers multiple language options for both audio and subtitles. You can typically choose from a variety of languages depending on the content you're watching. Keep in mind that the availability of languages may vary depending on your location and the specific content you are watching.

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