Learn Languages While Watching Netflix with Lingopie

Welcome to Lingopie! We're excited to introduce a groundbreaking way to learn languages while enjoying your favorite Netflix shows. Our new Lingopie extension for Netflix brings together the best of entertainment and education, allowing you to immerse yourself in a new language seamlessly.

Why You'll Love Lingopie with Netflix


Imagine watching your favorite Netflix series and movies, but with an educational twist that turns every episode into an engaging language lesson. With Lingopie, you can do just that. Here’s why our users are thrilled about this new feature:

Dual Subtitles for Enhanced Understanding: Watch your favorite Netflix shows with dual subtitles – one in your native language and one in the language you're learning. This helps you understand context and learn new vocabulary effortlessly.

Instant Translations: Stumble upon a word or phrase you don’t know? No problem! Lingopie provides instant translations, so you can keep watching without missing a beat.

Speed Adjustment: Slow down or speed up the playback to match your learning pace. Whether you need a slower speed to catch every word or a faster pace to challenge yourself, Lingopie has you covered.

Save and Practice New Words: See a new word you want to remember? Simply save it directly from the show and create personalized flashcards. These flashcards will help you review and practice new vocabulary, making retention a breeze.

Interactive Lessons and Webinars: Beyond just watching shows, dive deeper with our interactive lessons and webinars. Learn from native speakers, participate in live sessions, and enhance your language skills with expert guidance.

How to Use Lingopie with Netflix

Getting started with Lingopie is simple and user-friendly. Here’s how you can transform your Netflix binge-watching into an educational experience:

Install the Lingopie Extension: Download and install the Lingopie extension on your Chrome browser. This quick and easy step will unlock a world of language-learning opportunities.

Browse Our Catalog: Access a curated selection of Netflix shows and movies directly from our Lingopie catalog. Each title comes with Lingopie-powered subtitles and features designed to enhance your learning experience.

Watch and Learn: Start watching your chosen show. Use dual subtitles to follow along in both languages, and take advantage of instant translations whenever needed.

Save New Vocabulary: As you watch, save new words and phrases directly from the subtitles. Lingopie will create flashcards for you, making it easy to review and practice later.

Adjust to Your Pace: Use the speed adjustment feature to control the playback speed. Whether you need to slow down to understand better or speed up for a challenge, Lingopie adapts to your needs.


How to Learn a Language with Netflix [2024 Guide]
You know that feeling when you’re glued to your favorite Netflix show, completely invested in the characters and storyline? What if I told you that the same addictive experience could actually double as your language tutor? Yep, you read that right! That’s right, no more slogging through mind-numb…

Join the Lingopie Community

By subscribing to Lingopie, you’re not just getting an extension for Netflix – you’re joining a vibrant community of language learners. Connect with fellow learners, participate in discord community events, and get support from our dedicated team. Our interactive lessons and webinars offer additional learning resources, ensuring you have everything you need to succeed.

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Ready to revolutionize your language learning journey? Subscribe to Lingopie today and start transforming your Netflix time into productive, fun, and effective language lessons. Visit our website, download the Lingopie extension, and dive into a new way of learning. Join us and make every moment count in your pursuit of language mastery. Let’s make learning fun and exciting together!

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