9 Chinese Intermediate Movies on Netflix to Watch if You Are a Pro

Chinese movies on Netflix offer a captivating gateway into the diverse tapestry of Chinese culture, history, and storytelling.

For those who have honed their language skills and are ready to delve deeper into the cinematic world of China, here are nine intermediate-level Chinese movies on Netflix that will both entertain and enrich your understanding.

Table of Contents:

  1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny
  2. The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity
  3. Finding Mr. Right
  4. Raise the Red Lantern
  5. The Wandering Earth
  6. Your Name Engraved Herein
  7. Ip Man
  8. Upcoming Summer
  9. Shadow

1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (卧虎藏龙)

This sequel to the iconic "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is a Netflix original production.

Set 18 years after the demise of Li Mu Bai, the warrior who relinquished the Green Destiny, the narrative revolves around the legendary sword forged during the Qin dynasty, renowned for its unparalleled power.

With beautiful cinematography, it offers a visually captivating experience.

2. The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity (阴阳师:晴雅集 Yīnyángshī: Qíng Yăjí, 2020)The Yin Yang Master

The fantasy martial arts genre epitomizes Chinese cinema excellently, offering a plethora of options for enthusiasts.

This box office hit, centered on demons, spirits, quests, and adventures, provides an entertaining avenue for improving your Chinese listening skills while captivating audiences with its gripping storyline.

3. Finding Mr Right (北京遇上西雅图 Bĕijīng Yùshàng Xīyătú, 2013)

Translated as 'Beijing Meets Seattle,' this romantic comedy navigates the realms of love and relationships across China and the US.

Its widespread commercial success in China not only inspired similar movies but also boosted tourism in Seattle among Chinese visitors following its release.

This Chinese movie is also a great resource for learners, offering the chance to learn quite a few new words and gain insights into Chinese society and culture.

4. Raise the Red Lantern (大红灯笼高高挂), 1993)

Classics endure the test of time, and "Raise the Red Lantern" remains a poignant portrayal of life during China's warlord era.

Set in the 1920s, it follows a young woman compelled to become a concubine, scheming for attention as the fourth wife amidst societal challenges.

5. The Wandering Earth (流浪地球 Liúlàng Dìqiú, 2019)

If you're craving some science-fiction entertainment, make sure to prioritize watching "The Wandering Earth."

Adapted from a Chinese novel with an identical title, this film narrates the journey of a team of astronauts entrusted with the mission of rescuing the human world from being consumed by the ever-expanding Sun.

Upon its debut, it soared to become one of China's top-grossing films of all time. So, if you're curious about China's approach to blockbuster filmmaking, this movie serves as an excellent introduction.

6. Your Name Engraved Herein (刻在你心底的名字 Kè Zài Nĭ Xīndĭ De Míngzi, 2020)

Set in the late 1980s, this Taiwanese film tells the poignant love story between two male students amidst societal pressures and struggles.

Nominated for five Golden Horse awards at the Taipei Film Festival, it stands as the highest-grossing LGBT film in Taiwanese history, resonating deeply with audiences.

7. Ip Man" (2008)

In "Ip Man" (2008), we follow the narrative of a prosperous martial artist compelled to abandon his home and accustomed lifestyle as Japanese forces occupy the city of Foshan during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

This visually captivating Chinese film boasts numerous remarkable martial arts sequences and is loosely based on the real-life experiences of Yip Man, a revered Wing Chun grandmaster who famously trained Bruce Lee.

8. Upcoming Summer (盛夏未来, 2021)

This Chinese movie follows the journey of Xia Xue and He Xiang, two high school students from contrasting backgrounds, as they forge a deeper connection during summer vacation.

However, as the pair spend more time together, they develop an understanding and appreciation for each other's strengths and weaknesses. As summer draws to a close, they must confront the challenges of returning to school and navigating the expectations of their families and social circles.

The film delves into themes of friendship, love, and personal development, shedding light on the struggles encountered by young individuals in contemporary Chinese culture.

Praised for its authentic portrayal of teenage life and its exploration of the intricacies of modern relationships, "Upcoming Summer" offers a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences.

9. Shadow (影, 2018)

Directed by Zhang Yimou, "Shadow" is a martial arts film set in ancient China. It intricately weaves a tale of loyalty, deception, and power struggles, highlighted by stunning visuals, intricate martial arts, and stellar performances from the cast.

General Ziyu (portrayed by Deng Chao) of Pei seeks vengeance against the Yang kingdom for his father's demise. However, compelled by political complexities, he resorts to employing a doppelgänger (also portrayed by Deng Chao) to negotiate with the Yang king.

The film delves into themes of loyalty, deception, and the pursuit of power in ancient China.

With a stellar cast and commendable performances, "Shadow" captivates audiences with its compelling storyline and visual splendor.

Making the Most of Binge-Watching Chinese Movies on Netflix

Binge-watching Mandarin movies on Netflix can be an effective and enjoyable way to enhance your language skills.

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your language-learning experience with Mandarin Chinese:

Watch with Chinese Subtitles

Use the option to watch Chinese films with the original subtitles. This not only helps in learning new vocabulary and grammar but also enhances understanding of spoken language, thus improving reading and comprehension skills.

Explore Different Dialects

Chinese is spoken in various dialects like Mandarin, Cantonese, and Shanghainese. By watching movies in different dialects, you expose yourself to linguistic diversity and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the language's nuances.

Use Flashcards

After watching a movie, create flashcards for new vocabulary. Reviewing these words regularly aids in retention and application, enhancing your speaking and writing skills.

Enjoy Movies with Friends

Watching Chinese movies with friends offers a fun opportunity to practice speaking with native speakers. Engage in discussions about the film in Chinese, thereby honing both speaking and listening skills.

Practice Dialogues

Repeat dialogues from the movies to refine pronunciation and intonation. Focus on nuances like intonation, stress, and rhythm to improve spoken language proficiency.

Explore Various Genres

Diversify your movie selection by exploring different genres such as action, comedy, romance, and drama. This broadens exposure to various forms of Chinese-language films, enriching language comprehension and cultural understanding.

By incorporating these strategies while indulging in Chinese movies on Netflix, you'll not only enjoy quality entertainment but also accelerate your journey towards mastering the language.


learn Chinese through Chinese movies

Does Netflix have Chinese movies?

Yes, Netflix offers a wide selection of Chinese movies for viewers to enjoy.

You can watch Chinese-language films and explore various genres, such as historical drama, romantic comedy, and thrillers that showcase Chinese culture and storytelling.

Also, explore Lingopie's selection of popular Chinese films and TV series, providing an immersive environment for learning the Chinese language and delving into Chinese culture.

Does Netflix have Cantonese movies?

Yes, Netflix provides Cantonese movies and shows as part of its diverse catalog. You can find a range of Cantonese-language content to watch and immerse yourself in Hong Kong cinema and culture.

Whether you are interested in Mandarin or Cantonese, you will find some of the best movies and Chinese TV series with famous actors

Which is the most famous Chinese movie on Netflix?

The most famous Chinese movie on Netflix is "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny." This visually stunning film is a great choice for those looking to learn Chinese and explore Chinese culture through captivating storytelling and mesmerizing cinematography.

Where can I watch new Chinese movies?

Amazon Prime Video offers a wide selection of Chinese movies.

Subscribers get access to a vast library that seamlessly integrates classical treasures with contemporary China cinema's latest offerings, making it another great platform for those who want to learn Chinese.

Which movies that have won the Hong Kong Film Awards are worth watching?

For an enriching cinematic experience, consider exploring movies honored at these film awards.

Classics like "Spring in a Small Town 小城之春 (1948)" hold significant acclaim, with the 2005 awards recognizing it as the 4th best Chinese movie of all time.

Summing Up: Chinese Movies on Netflix to Watch if You Are a Pro

Watching shows and films through platforms like Netflix and Lingopie provides an enriching experience for intermediate to advanced learners seeking to learn Mandarin and deepen their understanding of the language and culture.

By immersing oneself in a diverse array of Chinese movies and TV series, viewers not only enhance their language skills but also gain valuable insights into Chinese society, traditions, and storytelling in Chinese cinema.

Ready to take your Chinese fluency to the next level? So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and watch Chinese movies with the great built-in features Lingopie offers. Sign up for a 7-day trial and enjoy great tailored resources that your needs.

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